Monday, June 30, 2003

Friday, March 14th, 2003

I'm in bed with Susannah trying to sleep. We live on a high floor above a courtyard between two projects. It's late at night (2 or 3 AM) and we're awakened by the sound of young kids yelling. I look out the window and see a bunch of schoolgirls on one side of the courtyard yelling at schoolboys on the other side. I yell for them to shut up, that people are trying to sleep. They start yelling back at us. Suddenly, a brick comes through one of our windows. I look out a different window and see that a man (maybe one of the kids' parents) threw it. I dial 911 and report the incident. As I describe the situation, a woman on a nearby roof below us starts repeatedly throwing bricks through our windows. I'm sneaking peeks at her and trying to describe her to the police. The 911 operator tells me to hand up and they'd call me baclk. They said to make sure the woman outside could hear it ring. When it rings, I hold it near the window. I let it ring too many times and end up missing the call. I call the police back but don't get through the first time.

Now I'm in a neighborhood bar, still on the phone to the police. One of the people who yelled at me is in the bar (but doesn't recognize me). I'm trying to duck behind the bar to make my call. The young bartender shakes up a bottle of champagne and shoots it all over the room, getting my shirt soaked. A guy I know walks by and says blithely, "This isn't even the wettest I've been." I say, "Well, I guess my life sucks less than yours." I sit down at a booth with two Latino guys. One of them teases me, saying, "There are some more Martinez (a Latino cowboy clothing company) shirts waiting for you at the mall."

Now the brick-throwing woman is also in the bar.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Thursday, March 13th, 2003

I'm flipping through a newspaper, reading about my former high school classmates and what they're doing now. I get occasionally surprised at their ages and have to remind myself of my age.


I'm getting out of bed while listening to a girl tell a story about how someone was calling her by a different name. The bedroom turns into a bar (and involves dice throwing). She tells the bartender (who doesn't know her) that the dice cup has her Chinese nickname on it (but not her adult name). A guy at the tables who's old enough to have known her as a kid puts 2 & 2 together and figures it out.


I'm playing a video game where I'm commanding an orc/elf army as it sieges a castle/arena. I'm fully immersed in the game as I order all soldiers to storm in and all the war dogs to melee with the enemy cavalry. As we successfully take the fort, I walk about the seats of the arena/coliseum and see some people seated, watching the battle. I grab a young woman and demand to know why she's there. She claims imidly that she's an elf. I knowledge her and let her go.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

March 12th, 2003

I'm bing checked into a prison/hospital by an older woman (Kathy Bates?). Later, I'm wandering around the place alone. I'm trying to find a private place to shower & masturbate. One bathroom has a moldy hot tub. I try the shower to make sure it works. There are three doors leading ito this room and I don't want to have to close them all. I eventually find a few smaller shower stalls.
March 11th, 2003

I'm in a small town where Kathy Bates is staging a pro-union rally/strike. She's speaking to a group of fishermen and going around collecting union cards from everyone.
March 10th, 2003

I'm with an old Chinese man in Chinatown, looking for a place to eat. We duck into one place to read their menu. He takes a piece of lettuce from another patron's table and eats it.

Later, AJ and I are going by bus to an Indian restaurant. We ring the bell as we get to our stop but the bus just keeps going. It passes many stops before finally letting us off. We're now quite far from the restaurant and have to trudge back in the rain. Lisa, Josh/George is also with us as we make our way back. We finally come across a curtained entrance. We go through to find a Middle Eastern market/food court. We're just happy to be indoors and decide to eat here. We sit down and the waiter brings us a small dish of pickled vegetables. We're also carrying leftovers from an Indian restaurant.


I supposed to take a space alien out on the town and show him/her/it a good time. I rush to gather my clothes and run out the door. The alien is waiting outside (in the form of a light-skinned young black man with dreadlocks). He smiles and says, "I love you. Call me." Gauging my reaction, he asks, "Too early?" "Yeah." I say. As we head to a subway entrance, we see a bunch of male tourists lining up for a group picture. Then they start to form a weird, sexualized cluster (with one person on the ground, one on top of him and another simulating fellatio). The alien joins in.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Sunday, March 9th, 2003

I'm shopping at a large Home Depot-type grocery store, trying to get stuff to fix/furnish the house. I leave momentarilyd overhear two men outside talking as they head inside. They're talking about renting either Jaws or Roger Dodger. I go back inside ahead of them (it's now the video store) and set those two DVDs aside for them.

It's now the grocery store again and I'm putting more things in my cart. A man with a small dog comes by and I stop to admire the dog. The dog leaps at me, taking me by surprise. I step on the dog (or only pretend to) in self-defense. The owner gets pissed and yells at me. We shout loudly at each other. I say, "I don't care that your daschund is the size of a squirrel, it's still a strange dog leaping at me. I don't know what he may have!"
Saturday, March 8th, 2003

We're at a bowling alley/athletic club with a gay Latino guy we know. We's dressed in a shirt, very short shorts and a bowling /varsity jacket emblazoned with lots of club and band patches. We're a little embarrassed by him because he's pretentious and a bad bowler. Our bowling rivals keep trying to reconfigure teams and keep dissing him. There's some bet about the losers getting tattoos. I finally get fed up and come to the guy's defense. He's not that offended and tries to calm everyone down. he removes his jacket, revealing his shirtless torso strewn with band tattoos from his shoulder to his belly on one side of his body.


A large group of us arrives in Hawaii for vacation/conference. I've reserved a room for four days and need to check in and extend my reservation for 7 to 10 days. I talk to a middle-aged woman at the counter about it. She gives me my room info and part of my room deposit back in cash. She apologizes for the employee who took my reservation and charged me two deposits. A bunch of other guys my age are crowded at the counter trying to get their rooms. Susannah and another cute girl (who's showing some cleavage) are wading in the lobby fountain. I get my keys and wander through the hotel (a Holiday Inn I've stayed at before) to find my room. I go through a large game room full of pool tables and video games. I end up outside, still not being able to find my room. I look on my reservation form and see that my room is called "Swamp Deck" or Swamp Balcony". I walk along the coast and keep looking for buildings or rooms with that label.

I end up near a building where the rooms are labeled "Craigslist Reserved". I head back to the Holiday Inn to search some more. I walk up a hill where some parents and kids in beach gear are walking on the side of the road.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Friday, March 7th, 2003

I'm in China standing on a large bridge over a wide river. Below me is a long canoe/boat and two men I recognize wading into the water. I make a long dive and swim to them in a few strong strokes. It turns out they are my grandfather (or great-uncle) and one of my dad's brothers (one I've never met). I hang on to the boat sa we travel.

Later, I'm in a room full of my relatives. All attention is focused on me as I make a call to my dad. I tell him excitedly that I'm standing near so many relatives. He asks me who's there and I try to tell him. I tell him that mom, Li Hong & May, two of his brothers (one of whom I refer to as Li Hong's dad due to the resemblance) are all here. I tell him we're coming to visit him in the US.


I'm going to a music festival/convention. I'm in the parking lot trying to decide which of my cameras to take. I end up with a small digital camera, my SLR and a Polaroid. I lug everyting to the entrance with a black ticket taker tears my ticket. The first area I enter is full of sunbathers and people sleeping in very little clothing. A few women even have their panties off. I also see Phillip Seymour Hoffman lying there in his bikini briefs. The woman next to him says something to him. He says to her, "Sure, as soon as the asshole leaves." I go up to him and say, "Don't worry, I'll be gone soon enough." I tell him I'm putting my stuff down near him for a bit. Suddenly, I notice I'm missing two of my cameras. I start frantically searching. Then I spot a young Latino guy running off with them. I give chase but have a hard time catching up. I see him in the distance. I'm charging up my camera flash to use against him when the stolen equipment explodes in a burst of grapes. The thief is perplexed and I give up chasing him.
Thursday, March 6th, 2003

I'm sitting with Ewan MacGregor watching one of his movies (Trainspotting?). I say, "You know, overconfidence is very unattractive." He asks, "What do you mean?" I tell him, "There are moments when I watch this movie that I think 'God, what a great performance' but then I catch a glimpse of this arrogance on your face." Ewan ponders this while I continue, "I think you deserved the Oscar that year... did you win it?" Ewan thinks for a second, then answers no.


I'm reading/living a book that starts in the 2nd chapter and skips the 3rd & 6th chapters. We're all going to some rally at a school. We wander around the school a bit with some food. We're looking for the kitchen. We end up in a nearly empty science classroom where the teacher offers us some pizza. Susannah is starving and starts having a piece. I sit down even though I want to leave. Lynnette says she thinks this is either Cathy's (Tom's mom) or Sue's (her mom) classroom.


I'm in bed with Khue (a friend of Lynnette's) and someone else. We begin having sex. I'm able to switch positions withour exiting her. I kiss her breasts (which are much bigger than in reaity).

Meanwhile, two people I know and Ed O'Neil (as a Brit) keep getting sucked into a refridgerator.

Later, I'm back in a hotel room/apartment just across the street from the school. I'm not sure when Susannah & Lynnette will be back. I'm looking for a magazine or something to masturbate to.
Wednesday, March 5th, 2003

I'm a prep school student on a school trip. We're nearing the end of the trip and need to head back but our group is scattered and disorganized and we can't find our headmaster. I get frustrated and take over. I yell to a group of students and tell them to gather more students and wait by the gates (we're at a crowded monument packed with tourists). I spot a few more classmates and recruit them to find the rest of our school. We quickly pull more classmates from the dense crowds and yell for them to meet outside. We're still missing a few more. I turn to our adult tour guide and ask him what the name of our school is. He says "Santy (something)." Before he can say another word, I yell into the crowd, "Shanty students over here!" A few more faces appear from the crowd and I lead them out. Outside, the crowds are still thick and I consolidate the various student groups loitering about.

I notice we still have a few arts & crafts booths we need to close down. I run up and down the crafts area and ask our booths how many people they think they'll need to help shut down. A couple of rastafarians grumble loudly about us leaving early and not helping the rest of the vendors shut down. I consider the possibility of helping but decide it's more important for us to get our things and go home since there's still a long drive ahead of us.


AJ and I are discussing food while images of food being cut & eaten dominate the dream. I can't focus on what he's saying because he's speaking in fragments. I tell him to "Say it again in a good sentence." He says 99% of "traditional food" is French based. I disagree with him.
Tuesday, March 4th, 2003

I'm driving on a highway when I police sirens behind me. I start slowing down with the rest of traffic and see a police car pulling out from behind us. It goes towards an off-ramp. In the distance, a bicycle race is heading away from us. A huge flock of pelican-ike giant birds are walking on the off-ramp toward us. The cop gets out and tries to herd the birds.

I get out and start going up a steep hill. I encounter a few of the giant pelicans. one of them runs into a cat and gets scared. I continue up the hill. Now I'm with Tom looking for a new place to live. he says there's an express commuter bus that can get us to NYC in about an hour.
Monday, March 3rd, 2003

I'm playing/living a violent video game. I've got one of my enemies by the throat and I'm dragging her through a mall, trying to force her to give me the name of the person's who's trying to have me killed. She resists but I eventually get the name "Andy" from her. As I try to find out which Andy, We see Andy Kahn (NBCi coworker). I approach him, making sure he sees me. I shoot the woman and confront him, saying that I've just killed his sister.

Later, I'm watching AJ play a game where he's chasing/being chased by a truck. He jumps onto a tractor/bulldozer and jacks it, using it to ram the truck.
Sunday, March 2nd, 2003

I'm in a field with Josh and Uju from work (AOL). I'm trying to get a room in a basement (which seems like the inside of a boat). Uju is farther behind somewhere in the field and I'm trying to lose her. Josh goes with me into the basement where another of our coworkers is in bed. I get into bed with her and prepare to seduce her. Josh starts talking to me about us and women. he says I'd have a better chance with women because he ends up acting like a sad sack and smoking too much pot. He says the girl (who's also black) would like me more because I'm more like a confident, regular guy. I ask him, "Are you calling me conventional?" I'm trying to seduce this girl without Uju's knowledge since I've been together with Uju already. I'm waiting for Josh to leave the room so I can get it on, though his presence doesn't feel that awkward.
Saturday, March 1st, 2003

I'm at a Hollywood party. I'm new to the industry and am trying to meet everyone. There are a few people with young kids. I'm playing with one of the kids (a multiracial kid). We hear the sounds of motorcycles outside and see a couple of teenagers riding stolen bikes past the house. There are several tough looking hoods chasing them, trying to get their bikes back. A few of us rush to the windows to see the action. The tough guys see us through the window and barge in. They pull out weapons and start threatening us. They assault a few of us and begin robbing the rest of us. My mom is there and they try to humiliate her. I want to fight them but they have guns drawn on us.

I wake up the next morning in the same house. Several people from the party are injured, a few even dead (though the facts are vague). I wander into the street trying to find out more about the incident and other survivors. I end up in the waiting room of a hospital where one of the people I met last night is sitting. He's carrying a bunch of DVDs. I somberly reintroduce myself to him. I ask him about one of our injurd acquitances.

Later, I (as Michael Jeter) am trudging through a snow bank when a man starts talking to me. he knows something pertaining to the incident and wants to make a deal with me. I am afraid of him and tell him to call me at the Bureau. I suddenly spot a woman (who looks like Frances McDormand) from the party. She calls us over and invites us to her place neatby.

We go through several doors and locks and enter her apartment. We start taking off all our winter gear. I complain about the weather and how I even have to wear a baseball cap. The woman seems interested in me, but not the other guy. She has a multiracial baby (who I'd seen at the party) and begins to draw milk from her breast to feed him. She then goes into the hallway with me to do it away from the other guy. She says, "(the other guy) said he'd wait in the bathroom to give me privacy. Does he think what happened last night is going to happen here?" The overall mood is tense, realistically nerve-wracking and a little sad.

Later, I'm in a park and I run into Jennifer Milich. She's been taking care of the daughter of one of the victims. She's also painted a portrait of the girl. She then shows me some police sketches of the house layout of the place we were attacked in.

Later, I'm watching a History Channel program about WWII. They're showing how Japan bombed New York. As the reenactment planes flies over the docks, the fighters mow down civilians on the ground. I start thinking about the house where we were attacked.

Now, I'm down at the docks, in the snow. I'm next to a house where Christine Kim is lying in the snow outside. I talk to her briefly as she keeps watching TV or listening to the radio out in the snow.
Friday, February 28th, 2003

I'm inside the house getting ready to leave with a bunch of friends (Ethan, Susannah's mom and others). My mom was supposed to have travel documents sent to me but they hadn't arrived yet. As we head out, I ask if anyone has a car with them. No one has. Ethan says they left their rental car at their hotel. I run back inside to get a wad of money I'd stashed inside a phone book. Once outside, one of the friends spots a bus and run towards the bus stop. He and two other people are almost run down by a forklift and a dump truck. One of the two other people (a black man) grabs his white friend and they barely miss getting hit. Our friend gets his foot caught on the front of the dump truck (which keeps driving). We all yell angrily for the driver to stop. The truck finally stops and our friend free himself. The bus passes the stop and rounds the corner to pick up my friends. I run for it and squeeze myself into the back door. I'm carrying a small green pillow. the inside of the bus looks like a Greyhound.
Thursday, February 27th, 2003

I'm in a high-rise building trying to get from the 1st to the 7th or 9th floor. I stand at the elevators and wait when the express elevator arrives. I'm in a hurry so I get on. It only goes to certain floors, 6, 10, 17, etc. I hit 6. Everyone else gets off before me. It takes a long time before arriving at 6 but something doesn't seem quite right. I ride it to 10, then hit 6 again to ride down. The elevator feels like it's going sideways, then down again. I end up on the 18th floor. I get fed up and get out to find the stairs. There's an alarm sounding throughout the building and people are evacuating. I start darting down the marble circular stairwell towards 7. As I go, my headphones slip out of my pocket and ne of the fuzzy earphone covers falls out. I stop to retrieve it. I end up on a floor where the stairs end (even though it's not the ground floor). I look for a secret staircase entrance. Britney Spears is there as the Devil incarnate (though she's also known as Alura).
Wednesday, February 26th, 2003

I (as James Franco) have been told I'm being pulled out of high school on mental health leave. There is a voice over narration in Franco's voice. As I leave, I have to remember to turn out all the lights. I enter the hallway and go down a plastic kids' slide into a science classroom. I'm looking for a math class I can sub for. The classroom is full of teachers doing projects with small groups of kids. The room turns into a large and crowded schoolyard where lots of older high school kids are playing various sports. I walk around like a transfer student, trying to get into a game but too shy to talk to anyone. I'm at the edge of a girls' double tennis match. A ball comes at me and I hit it with the short racket in my hand. The girls giggle. I stand around and wait to see if anyone will play tennis with me. Nothing happens. The voice over says, "Again, my name precedes me. It's as if everyone already knows me."
Tuesday, February 25th, 2003

I'm at a nice restaurant having lunch alone. The couple next to me (Asian girl & white guy) are being obnoxious to the waiter. They keep demanding stupid stuff and complaining about the service. Their waitress comes out and says, "Ok, the kitchen can (so whatever it is you asked) and (turns to me) this guy will oversee your order until he's done. I tell the waitress I'm about to leave. As I get up, I overhear the couple talk about Joe Millionaire. The woman says the Japanese/Chinese version of the show makes Sarah & Melissa M look really bad.
Monday, February 24th, 2003

I'm on a roadtrip with my mom, dad, Susannah and a few other people my age. We're in a large, cheap motel. I'm in Susannah's room and I'm trying to have sex with her. At first she doesn't want to but then feels bad and relents.

Later, I'm in another girl's room (Anna Paquin) and she and another girl (Rosario Dawson?) are trying to seduce me. I end up in bed with both of them and they merge into me.

In the morning, I'm about to take a shower when I hear my parents getting dressed to leave. They tell me to hurry up and take a shower. I try to masturbate in the shower but can't concentrate. I'm wearing a t-shirt in the shower but only the bottom edge is getting wet.

Later, I'm in the old house of a friend/acquaintance, talking two cute lesbians, each holding a baby. I start playing with one of the babies (who has a huge head). Both babies are very pale, with light hair and light eyes. I wave goodbye to the babies and they disappear. The lesbians start making out on the bed while one of their other kids, a 10-year old girl, looks on. I feel awkward and get ready to leave. I pull on a pair of pants, grab my bottles of water and newspaper and start heading out. I ask them about all the doors in their house so as not to open them and disturb their parents. I leave the room and head down the stairs where I run into Ethan.

On the first level, I enter a huge game room equiped with ping-pong and pool tables. I get very excited, "Man, I haven't played ping-pong or pool in a long time." Ethan says he'll play a game of pool with me. I can see through a doorway into a tavern-style bar in the next room. A brunette Lucy and Susannah are sitting at the bar.
Saturday, February 22nd, 2003

I'm playing with someone's babies.


I walk into a friend's room to find the friend and his mom being accosted by Pauli Walnuts (Tony Sirico). He pours a large glass of orange juice, then coerces my friend into doing a research project.

Later, my friend (Nate/Tom) and I are heading to the library to start the project. I look at my watch and there's a small black plate covering the face of it. As I fiddle with it, tiny screws start falling out and the whole watch starts coming apart. I pick up all the screws and put everything in my pocket.
Friday, February 21st, 2003

I'm in a competition/race/battle with a man and a woman. We're all magicians and I hold the key to an alarm clock. We're in a darkened living room and I've already defeated them both. The man is sitting on the couch with me while the woman has turned into a cat and slipped under the coffee table. I kneel down by the coffee table and begin speaking to the cat. The man tells me to speak to her like a servant. I say to her, "Listen to me very carefully, you have 70 minutes... no, 10 minutes to put the master (the other man) to bed and then you must set the alarm." The cat was ignoring me but suddenly starts paying attention. I continue, "Neither he or I was meant to hold the key. It is you. Now hurry and begin. Do not delay." I stand back up and wait for her to begin.
Thursday, February 20th, 2003

Kate, Susannah & I have quietly agreed to have a threesome and are waiting for a good time to do it. We made plans to come back to this performance venue late at night. Once we get there, we realize there's a midnight movie playing. I feel stupid for having forgotten. While I'm trying to figure things out, an old friend (Max/Tamara) greets me. She's over 7 feet tall and picks me up like a child and hugs me. I slip away with Kate & Susannah to discuss other plans. Our theoretical plans digress into slapstick situations where we disguise ourselves in order to sneak in somewhere.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Monday, February 17th, 2003

I'm seeing myself (as a white guy) canoeing happily down a river. A voice-over says "I was out to all my friends and family back in the states." I'm now in a house, saying good morning to everyone as I walk through the house (now in first-person again). I go to pet my parents' (or in-law's) lab and the dog (having forgotten who I was) attacks me. I fall back on the couch and feel him bite me on the neck. A warm sensation rushes over the area.
Saturday, February 15th, 2003

I'm somewhere just outside New York City with Susannah, my dad, my grandmother and a few other Chinese family friends. A few of them get up to leave. One guy (who I've met once before) says to me in English, "Nice to meet you, see you again." and leaves. My grandmother gets up to leave, too. She says that all the men in the room are her sons (and god-sons). She sits down on a couch across from us and starts to dress to leave. I go over and help her put on several sweaters. I ask if anyone is escorting her home to NYC on the train. My dad says she got here on her own and can manage just fine on her own. I try to find the bag of groceries that she wanted to take with her but instead only find a few oranges. As she heads out, a family friend helps clean up. He lifts an empty box off the floor and reveals a mass of ants. I step on some of them.


I'm taking pictures with someone else's Leica camera.

Wednesday, February 12th, 2003

I'm in a large house searching for a secret and discreet place to have sex with Susannah in. I head toward the back of the house in search of a shed. Jessica is with me (though she is also Susannah). I open up all the dressers in one room but find them too small to fit into. Meanwhile, a Luis Guzman-looking guy starts having sex with Jessica/Susannah. I give up on my search and head back to my room. Jessica/Susannah says she'll be there shortly.

Later, I'm having a discussion about an older woman who won't get a divorce or admit to an affair because she's too concerned with what other people think.
Tuesday, February 11th, 2003

Josh Weill and I are on a bus. He's trying to get to an indie rock show. We get to the Bergen stop and I ask him if this is his stop. He hesistates and misses it. We get off at the next one and walk into a park. A group of indie rocker kids are sitting around the jungle gym area. I say sarcastically, "What is this, poetry slam camp?" Josh and I sit down and I sort out my stuff and get set to leave.


I'm on a motorcycle with a bunch of other people trying to catch a bus to a baseball game. We arrive at the small stadium and sit in seats that seem very far away from the game. There are a bunch of Chinese people playing cards nearby. We watch some of the ball players (a few of them are female) warm up. One tall, cute girl keeps staring at me. Another player brings out a banner that says TIGERS. I figure they're from San Diego.
Sunday, February 9th, 2003

I'm in the store complaining about how it hasn't done well since I changed locations.


We've stolen a computer program and brought it back to a big house to work on. While Tom works on it, Lynnette's mom stays with him while I try to keep an eye out for the bad guys. Our enemies start appearing outside all around the house. They're all old men with submachine guns. I dispatch a few of them but get overwhelmed from running all over the house (ala Night of the Living Dead).


I'm at the store (which shares space with a women's clothing store). Jonathan Schwartz (a short, long haired customer of mine) asks if anyone has rented or borrowed his book "Specialists" (about special forces and terrorists). I say, "What a coincidence that you's ask me about your book, I just had a dream about that." I check in the computer and saw that one person had checked out his book. I told him it was Coolio.
Saturday, February 8th, 2003

I'm in bed with Arturo Sandoval (or some other gay, older Latino man) about to have sex. he goes down on me very aggressively. I grab his ass and wonder if he's a top or bottom. I hear a noise outside (that sounds like my dad cursing) and stop. I go out to check. In the bathroom, I notice the toilet's gone (there's no plumbing showing either, just a clean wall). I go to the other bathroom but Adam (who's visiting) is using it. I go to the living room and find my dad angrily packing his stuff. He says, "Don't worry about me, I'll only be here another month or month & a half." He says he's moving out since my mom is moving back in. I tell him it's probably for the best and offer help in packing or moving. AJ's nearby listening. My mom is now here and things feel a bit awkward. She tells AJ he'll have to help her set up a large tile swing fixture in the yard for the Sen's (like the Lui's - our neighbors/landlords). She also says the toilet's gone because she wasn't able to keep it from going bad.
Friday, February 7th, 2003

Susannah and I are getting matinee tickets at a movie theater. She ends up getting tickets for the wrong film, a Hal Hartley movie I didn't want to see. We go down many flights of stairs in an old warehouse building to the basement screening room. Once there, we have to grab metal folding chairs and set them up ourselves. Instead of a projection screen, there's only a flat-screen TV. Susannah gets pissed and demands that we leave. She also demands that I give her $10 for the tickets. I get mad at her and storm out. The way back up is very laborious.
Thursday, February 6th, 2003

I'm watching as the city gets hit by a nuclear bomb blast. Instead of incinerating everything, it triggers a series of earthquakes and slowly destroys all the buildings. I'm trying to stand out in the open to avoid the falling bricks. I run into the occasional person and try to guide them to safety. I run into a retarded young man and tell him to sit in an open area and wait for me.


I'm walking on a pier where a bunch of older folks are sitting around. I walk by and someone I know says "Hey" and reintroduces me to everyone. He says "Everyone here is disgruntled." I say "Yes, but are they armed?" - referring to the katana I'm holding.


I'm walking in a grassy area near some apartments. I'm slashing at some tress with the katana. A young woman named Lydia comes out and accuses me of hunting and trapping her animals. She points to a large ferret near our feet. I tell her I'm not hunting it and that she should stop feeding it because now it's not at all afraid of people. I even nudge it with my foot to prove it. I notice a burn scar on her shoulder blade. It looks like a one-eyed skull. I show her my burn scar in an effort to bond with her. She is of a higher class and I'm trying to win her favor. She tells me her scar is the result of a burn by the acidity of an old can of coke.

I return to a temporary shelter where some people are staying. I realize I'm back too late for lunch. I ask nicely if I can still have some. They joke that they'd have to charge me more. I tell them I was on a mission to kiss up to someone who could get us some food - like 10lbs of ground beef.


I'm in a grocery store looking for snacks. I'm looking at a loaf of wheat bread labeled "pumpkin & oil".

Wednesday, February, 5th, 2003

I'm about to leave campus and go home with Lucy when her science professor stops us and asks to see Lucy for a minute. It's late and I'm getting irritated. He apologizes and says he'll pay for our delay. I tell him we're just taking the subway. I wander around and wait for Lucy. She reappears with a graded test and goes over it with me. She got a 59% and I'm not too interested in what the answers are.
Tuesday, February 4th, 2003

I'm in an apartment in a secluded part of town. Nate Chinen (from AOL) and I have moved our office into this tiny little room. It's cluttered with our stuff (a bed and lots of boxes). There's also a woman there who is temporarily stationed here for work. Chi-Hee (from NBCi) and another girl is there. They're both after Nate but he has no interest in them. He says to the woman from the other company (who doesn't speak much English) "I'm going to bring you dinner tomorrow night." Chi-Hee and the other girl get annoyed and leave.

Later that day, I'm talking to the other woman about Nate and Chi-Hee and the whole situation. I also have a crush on this woman but don't make it known to her. Throughout the conversation I refer to Nate as Oliver.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Monday, February 3rd, 2003

I'm with a group of people being processed at an office. One person in our group is a cop. We're all seekign asylum or something. Some of us have filled out our forms while a few of us are walking toward some jail cells. Some one says, "What you have to do is seek asylum from a state other than your own, then they can't touch you." I watch the cop from our group run into a cell to seek asylum. After filling out some forms, he's cuffed and led away. I wander into another cell where three of the others are waiting to be processed. There's a guy in a smaller cell within our cell (which looks like a dorm room). A guy under some blankets and a girl I know are also in the cell. She has some New Age posters up in the room. I say, "Fuck these form-filling motherfuckers, I'm gonna get into..." "Fistacuffs." the girl finishes my sentence.
Saturday, February 2nd, 2003

I've infiltrated a compound of an African militia leader who's raising an army. For some reason, I'm investigating a plagarism charge against a wealthy white woman in his midst. I'm in a room meeting with her and asking about her book. She denies everything and lounges about nonchalantly.

An older woman in my team starts speaking to me in a different language. Insread of words, it comes in captions like comic book dialogue. She tells me to notice the other woman's face - how it's been worked on, how it has puckered area and how she keeps pursing her lips.

Later, I'm in a compound yard where many soldiers are gathered. Most of them are African, with a few Arabs and Europeans among them. Two young African Americans wander in carrying their afro shavings in a box. One of them lays his jewelry on a pile on the ground and looks for the leader. He points to a tall, imposing man in royal trible garb and asks me if that's the leader. I tell him the real leader dresses like a common soldier but has a great presence. I tell him he's know the leader when he saw him, that he looks like Ving Rhames in fatigues.
Wednesday, January 29th, 2003

I'm standing on the edge of a building, just outside an apartment unit waiting for a friend to come out. The ledge is right next to a train track. My friend has packed up all his belongings and is about to hop a train. As a bunch of disconnected train cars go by, he slips his bags onto them. We keep trying to jump on them but keep losing our nerve. We end up missing our chance to board. We start running down the street and see a cop/train worker stuck in a cherry picker. We feel like it's our fault and start trying to avoid the cops. I ask my friend (Bill Nguyen from high school) if he still has his car. He says he got rid of it. He asks me if I still have keys to George & Beth's car and suggests we start toward their house. We venture along a grassy/marshy area trying not to be noticed. We crawl through some wet muddy pathces, getting our clothes dirty. I feel good doing thid, especially after having ditched all my possessions. I also worry about the police going through our bags and finding out who we are.


We're at a wedding dinner. There are 3 large tables of people, mostly Susannah's family. Finally my family arrives - my dad, Li Hong and May, Mercedes, a new baby boy and my grandmother.
Tuesday, January 28th, 2003

I'm near a pier/beach with Richard Harris and a bunch of young women I've worked with or gone to school with. We're heading down the pier toward the water to take care of something. Richard says something about the water - that there must be nothing between him and the waves. There's a lot of light rain or mist as the six or seven of us venture to the water.

We're now on a campus and I'm rushing to class. I walk through some winding pathways to the basement of a classroom building, trying to find room #728. I get there a few minutes late but the previous class is just letting out. I wait there wondering if it's the right class. I see Mark Pittman and Adam fo in and I feel more reassured. I grab a seat behind Adam and tell him I don't even know if I'm supposed to be here. I motion to him that I need to borrow some paper. I ask the teacher if Adam can talk to me while she takes roll. She says no.
Friday, January 24th, 2003

Susannah tells me that she used to be deaf and still is hard of hearing but got to go to law school on a scholarship as a result of it. She only had to pay $5000 total.


Susannah, Tom and I are just finishing watching a movie. Tom asks me about Gangs of New York. I tell him it wasn't so good. I make fun of it for a bit and say that after three hours, I still didn't know what it was about. I said it was trying too hard to be a narrative and a historical document. I said it was unsuccessful, unlike Black Hawk Down. As the credits rolled on the film we're finishing, we see a shot of an Indian restaurant called Roti. I call Susannah over and ask her if we've been to that place. She says yes but we can't quite remember if it was in Lexington or San Francisco. We realize it's actually in Richmonf since we saw some empty barrels nearby it labeled Montgomery County. We're now inside that scene walking away from our car. We're on the tail end of a road trip and are happy to be back in NYC. We walk a bit along a riverbank and then head back to the car. We're with a few other people.
Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003

I'm walking through a grocery store talking to a group of high school students. They're scattered about and I'm shouting advice about the future. Later, I'm talking to them about all the jobs I've had since college.
Saturday, January 18th, 2003

I'm in a taxi with Susannah & another friend. We're all superheroes travelling along a snowy interstate. Along the way, we loose Susannah and the other guy and I keep telling the cabbie to stop. He keeps telling me it's not a good place to stop. We finally pull over on a bridge. I step out of the car naked and start stomping the snow. It doesn't feel cold to me. My legs are dyed purple and the color bleeds into the snow. I also have several scabby injuries that start to bleed. After we wait a while, the cabbie gets out to search for them on foot. I realize that we're very close to the town we were returning to and decide to just to go on foot.


I'm in the corner of a room masturbating. I cum all over the wall and floor and have to clean it up. My mom is in a room nearby.


I'm walking across a pedestrian bridge and down some stairs. The stairs shift forward dangerously. I call for the paladin to come and fix it. He strides up with weapons in hand, sheathes them and fixes the bridge telepathically.


I see Susannah trudging through the snow back into town. I greet her and ask about our other friend. She says he's injured but the cabbie's bring him back.


Susannah and I just had a baby along with with Tom and Lynnette (who's had two babies, a boy and a girl). Our's was fat and had reddish hair and blue eyes. He was large and could speak like a 4 or 5 year old. There were lots of family members all around us. I was scrambling to come up with a name for our boy. I grabbed a baby name book and tried some names out. We both liked Miles, Ink and Spell.

Later, we noticed all three babies could undo the straps on their chairs - which impressed us more than worried us.

Tom and his father leave the room briefly and return in the nude. A few people laugh and Lynnette says, "I thought we weren't going to spring this on them until they were at least 10." The nude men tried unsuccessfully to get everyone else to join them.

Monday, June 23, 2003

Friday January 17th, 2003

I'm on a busy street when I see a wanted criminal being chased by Jackie Chan. They dart around a corner into Chinatown. I round the corner and ask some young Chinese women where they went. They point to an escalator that leads into a basement restaurant. I step into the escalator as it turns into a dummy waiter and I have to lie down in it. I squeeze myself out before it reaches the bottom to prevent my head from getting caught in it. I enter the restaurant and go into the bathroom. Tom Owens walks out of a stall talking to himself about recruiting more WRFL DJs. I avoid being recognized by him. I enter a stall and can see Dave Aberdeen (from Amoeba) in the next stall playing a different version of Baldur's Gate on a computer. It looks more like a first-person shooter. I watch as his main character chases a monster into a modern city-like area and shoots an arrow at a security guard standing by a building.

meanwhile, back at the restaurant, AJ and I are asking the waiters about Jackie Chan and the guy he was chasing. I have a small coffee table and a pack of Chinese pastries under my arm. I pay for the pastries with exact change since they couldn't change my $150 bill.

We walk out of the restaurant and try to find Jackie & the bad guy. I spot them fighting down the street. I think to myself that Jackie should be able to handle this guy. Armed with spears, we run towards the action. We get waylaid by two black men throwing small javelins at us. I defelct them one by one with my spear and eventually get the drop on one of them - my spear at his neck.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Wednesday, January 15th, 2003

I'm in Lynnette's house with my mom. She's asking me about my relationship with Max Hatton/Lynnette and whether or not we've been an on-again/off-again item. I tell her we've always been friends. I show her the new computer monitor I got for Lynnette. It has a black exterior. I pu the glare guard down and adjust the contrast and color with a series of animated menus.

I'm doing the dishes when the doorbell rings. I open the door to see a short older man running up the stairs, followed by Lynnette and some of her older relatives. They've been doing something out in the rain. as they enter, we notice a huge roach/water bug in the foyer. My mom goes to stomp it but doesn't want to do it in front of everyone so she kicks it aside. I grab some 409 and spray it to death. Chutney & Mango come in and Chutney takes the roach in his mouth, jumps into the sink and rinses the roach off.
Tuesday, January 14th, 2003

We're going back to NYC over the weekend for a visit. As we drive from the west side of Manhattan toward Brooklyn, we are told that most of NYC is closed off every weekend to prevent congestion. We get frustrated and head toward the airport. At the airport, there are lots of people in line to get into the terminals though it's not too hard to just get inside. Susannah grabs a map that shows what streets are still open and suggests we backtrack and go home to Lexington. AJ is also with us. We get into a long cab with two passengers already inside. A petite Latina introduces us to her boyfriend, Layne Staley. I tell him I'm a big fan of his music and offer him condolences on the death of Jerry Cantrell. He seems cool with it and starts telling us some story. We complain about how NYC is shut down, even to natives like us.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Monday, January 13th, 2003

Susannah and I are visiting San Francisco. We're walking around at night near a busy intersection where lots of people are out and about. We cross the street a couple of times and I'm reminded of how dangerous SF was. I bump into some guy and have to make a concerted effort to apologize (since he's acting so aggressively). I also run into Tony Robles - who is surprised I didn't give him a soul-brother handshake. We end up on the sidewalk under some small tents where people are hanging out. It's raining as we go to s section of tents where some of our friends are. We say hi to Oliver (who looks like he'd rather be somewhere else). I say, "Well, looks like the rain didn't keep all the assholes from coming out to play." I say something else to not make it sound like I was referring to Oliver. Someone asks what we should do now since it's New Year's Eve. Oliver says with a sigh, "I was hoping to go home with somebody." I jokingly start to pair people up. Beth Moberly says, "Well, it is procreation..." I want to add "Or recreation." but don't want to offend her religious beliefs.
Sunday, January 12th, 2003

I'm in a large dormitory on moving day. There are lots of movers loading furniture into trucks.
Wednesday, January 8th, 2003

I'm playing a role playing game with digitally-created characters. Instead of a screen, they're all acting out their parts on a stage. As I play, I notice two cute female characters. One is elf-like with small, bare breasts. The other girl looks at me and smiles flirtatiously. I marvel at the lifelike realism of these CG characters and the realistic AI of their behavior. I walk onto the stage to touch the girls. As I introduce myself to one of the girls, she shakes my hand enthusiastically as if she knew and admired me. Her hand feels like rubber gloves. I ask her if I can touch her breasts and she says sure. They feel like an oversized bra under a shirt. She shows me around the CGI-populated stage. She points out a guy at a DJ booth and says, "Look, the guy playing Black Dragon is a black guy." I ask her what I look like to her and she says I'm just a formless black shape.
Saturday, January 4th, 2003

I'm inside a live action role playing game trying to get somewhere with another guy. A kid is following us. We stop at the other guy's house to pick up stuff for the trip. The kid brings us a couple of Beastie Boys CDs. There's a small dog in the back yard.

Later, in a courtroom, a woman stands next to several men in suits and says to the judge, "I don't like how you've designated your executives as 'the smart one', 'the friendly one' and 'the one people can have sex with' (referring to herself).
Friday, January 3rd, 2003

I'm playing a live action video war game. There are dozens of Medieval armes crowded around, preparing for battle. Most of the soldiers are on horseback, some with swords, some with spers, some with ancient rifles. My group has tree branches with rifles hidden inside. I manuever my unit so it's flanking another army. As the battle begins, my mom and I are in the thick of it. As enemies approach, we can't seem to figure out our weapons. As one enemy soldier comes up, I end up bludgeoning her with my branch while frantically breaking the branch up to find the rigle inside.
Friday, December 27th, 2002

I'm in a large meeting hall just off the garage of a firehouse. I'm part of a group of people shouting instructions to a mass of people. Among other things, We're trying to get people to register their vehicles with us. One official announces that a random winner from all registered persons will get a late-model Pontiac Grand Am (though the actual car looks like an early '90s American sedan). There is also mention of a better price as well (a newer, fancier car). I run around the room taking notes. In another room, I'm running around trying to get things organized. one of my bosses comes to see how things are going. He asks, "So, is anyone against us?" I answer, half-jokingly, "Just me." I'm writing in a notebook I got from another employee. In it are two photos of two young male employees. One photo shows a young white employee nude with an erection. There's also a erect black penis in the shot. I tell my boss, "I didn't take these." We both know who did and are appalled by the pictures.


Tom and I are taking trains to go out of town. Tom has to go to the bathroom - which is on the opposite side of arriving trains. I try to listen to the announcements about arrivals and departures. I tell Tom he doesn't have time to go to the bathroom but he gets in line anyway. I end up getting on a train alone but realize I've gotten on the wrong one. I ask a large female train employee how to transfer to the Hamilton train. She has lots of tattoos that look like meat brands. The train is travelling high above the water ad goes down fast like a rollercoaster. As we hit the surface, water comes flooding into the quickly but is quickly flushed out. I get off the train and step into an Asian mall. AJ is there (as if he was with me the whole time). We read menus for a Japanese/Korean restaurant we'd been wanting to try. A waitress comes out to tell us we can't read the menu.

We put the menus down and wander the food court. We stalls with garlic broccoli on rotisserie spits and stalls with roasted potatoes. We walk up to a stall where an old Chinese man is rolling cooked pancakes in raw fish paste, then frying them. The posted price is 12 cents each or 10 for a dollar. We decide to get some. I ask AJ if he wants some broccoli and potatoes too but he says no. As he's ordering, I look up at a large TV screen. It's a commercial where Imperial spaceships are flying about, then turning into Lego-like toys.
Thursday, December 26th, 2002

I'm walking through a giant building supply store. I walk by a few contractors who are doing some large-scale construction for me. one of them asks me rhetorically, "So you're going with a Messina, huh?" I nod yes and keep walking.
Wednesday, December 25th, 2002

After attending a post-class dinner party with some classmates, I go back into a classroom to find two black women sitting there. They'd been the last to leave class for dinner earlier. I ask them if they went to dinner at all. They laugh and say yes. One of them is studying, the other is reaading a paper. I go back to my desk to gather my things. I pack away a Rolling Stone/Entertainment Weekly year-end issue but decide not to take the Sunday comics.


I'm getting ready to go to Tom & Lynnette's but need to call Aj first. I dial his number but someone else (who seems to know who I am) answers. I talk to them awkwardly for a few minutes before I realize I have the wrong number. I tell them I'll check the number and apologize if I call them again. I then realize I dialed the wrong area code.
Monday, December 23rd, 2002

I own distrito federal, the Mexican craft store next door to the video store and had to fire my Pia because business wasn't so good. I'd also just lost my dayjob and now had the time to run the store.
Tuesday, December 17th, 2002

I dreamt I got up to write some game-related dream down.

I'm in a street corner with some other people as a war is about to start. A superior officer is showing me how to set up a heavy machine gun on a tripod. I get settled and lie down on the roof so I can look down on the enemy. I fire as a tank rolls by, hitting one man on the top of the tank. Susannah (or someone) crouched next to me asks id someone was just hit. I confirm that I scored a kill. I keep firing, killing more soldiers and enemy civilians. I feel sick and uneasy as I mow them down. I yell for my companion to watch the entrance to the roof. "If you don't watch my back, we're done for."


I'm walking to a cafe with some friends, including a woman I like. We sit at a table as the others leave us. I tell her I'm a small business owner but that I have a lot of free time and want to spend it with her.
Monday, December 16th, 2002

I'm one of several Russian soldiers returning from the war. We've hatched some money-making plot. Unbeknownest to one of the soldiers, the rest of us were going to plot to kill him and take his money. Back home, the two other conspirators and I meet up and try to discuss the plan. We're all coworkers in an office and try to find a quiet place to discuss a new development. We go into a hallway where an older guy is standing. One of our groups says we can talk here because he knows the old man. As I frantically talk about the plan, the old man (Jack Palance) comes around the corner and starts harassing me - calling me Bookwrom and other names. I defend myseld, politely at first, then yelling back. My two pals drag me away. We go somewhere quieter and apologize, "Look, I know I was supposed to keep quiet but why'd he have to start on me like that?"
Saturday, December 14th, 2002

I'm walking into an Office Depot with a list of stuff I need for the store. Just ahead of me I see Steve baron. He's walking fast and I'm trying to catch up to him. I finally approach him in an aisle as he looks over some price guns. "Need a new price gun, huh?" I ask. "Dan-o!" Steve says. As I start talking to him, Jill Jacobs (from Amoeba) comes up to talk to me. I continue shopping as she tails me. I'm a little irritated with her. She mentions something about me moving to Louisiana. I say, somewhat patronizingly, "No Jill, I moved to San Francisco, then New York." We walk around the huge store as I look for scissors and other stuff. As we approach a turn in the store, Jill runs for an exit, then comes back. The three of us start down a hallway marked "exit". I say to Steve, "I still have stuff to get, I'll see ya later." Jill hesitates, obviously wanting to come with me. I turn and start back into the store, saying, "If you want to walk with me, feel free." She continues walking with me as I look for scissors. I walk through a part of the store that looks like a doctor's waiting room.
Wednesday, December 11th, 2002

After getting off work, I come back to the store to let Brian get something to eat. The store suddenly gets busy. As I'm talking to a customer, Sarah Durant comes in. She smiles at me and I'm surprised to see her. The customer is a white guy my age with a goatee. After buying a couple of videos, he comes back up to the counter with a huge stack of stuff to buy and rent. In the rental pile is a ton of DVDs, bargain videos along with some of my personal audio tapes. I tell him the audio tapes aren't for sale and that we have a rental limit of five. He tells me he was just curious about these titles and wanted to burn them onto DVD. Meanwhile, another customer wants me to order three obscure titles. Then Beth Moberly comes in. As I continue dealing with the customers, I clear the counter of my personal things. I start getting nervous about Beth and Sarah being here at the same time. Beth comes behind the counter and gives me a kiss on the cheek and says she wants to ask me about something in the store. I follow her as she points to one of the shelves. On it sits her youngest child, a baby I had not yet met. Sarah stands nearby not saying anything. I feel awkward and and really want to talk to her.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Monday, December 9th, 2002

I'm in a large open area watching a red military helicopter make strafing runs. It flies backwards while unleashing a salvo of rockets. Finally, it gets shot down and crash lands. The crew hurry out before it explodes. There are other military vehicles nearby, all painted either red or blue. Someone asks me what's going on. I tell them, "It's a military exercise, they're practicing for WWIII - urban combat scenarios. Our tax dollars at work."

The other person becomes Susannah and we head out of the area together. As we walk, our way is blocked by a destroyed vehicle. We go up an embankment and have to manuever a bit to get around it. Eventually, we go down some stairs and enter an elementary school. Since we're not students, we feel like we can't go through the courtyard. We go up and around and enter a room with lots of kids' drawings on the wall. Susannah asks me if any of them are mine. I tell her I never went to this school. We eventually end up in the same courtyard again.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Saturday, December 7th, 2002

I'm playing a Mario brothers-like video game where Homer Simpson has to jump around and eat various things.


I'm with my mom outside a multistory Chinese mall when we hear an explosion inside. I venture in to look for survivors. I hear a boy's voice from deep inside. As I enter the mall, it becomes a dark subway tunnel. I find the boy, who's jumping around carelessly. I tell him sternly to not jump on the wrong tracks. He ignores me and I have to grab him and yell, "Don't step on the fucking rails! Do you understand?!" I begin making our way out.


I'm in a house holding a check for $5537 from the government. I'm trying to find Tony Soprano to ask what to do with it. I knock on a bedroom door but no one answers. I finally go in and find Tony in bed with some woman. I back out, saying, "Ok, we'll deal with this later."
Friday, December 6th, 2002

I'm at home in the dining room. My mom's in the living room folding laundry behind the couch. She's talking to someone on the phone about my dad. "I had to tell him about the soy sauce under the sink. If it weren't for me, I swear he's starve to death."

I yell into the room, "You shouldn't tell him anything at all."

Mom: "Dan says I shouldn't tell him anything at all."

I enter the living room and keep criticizing dad. Mom gets defensive for him suddenly. She's picking up raw chicken pieces with towels and drops a few on the floor. I pick them up with a towel and storm off into the kitchen. As I rinse off the chicken, I realize I have to leave for work soon. I do a few dishes and get ready to head out.


I'm in a laundry room when a girl with no pants comes in. She stands by the washing machine and starts to pee. She asks if this turns me on. I (I'm now a blonde girl) tell her yes. We both get very aroused. Suddenly my dad (the blonde girl's dad) enters the room and starts talking to the other girl. He's obviously got a crush on her. He sees me and starts yelling about us being perverts.
Thursday, December 5th, 2002

I'm in a radio station (WRFL?) talking and flirting with a girl. She's talking about her various projects. She tells me she's going to Carmen, a nearby town, to work with children.

Later, I'm walking with Susannah toward 60th St. to a restaurant. I suddenly realize the restaurant is in Harlem and that we should've taken the subway.
Monday, December 2nd, 2002

I'm at a mass slumber party. I follow some girls (including one I like) into an apartment and crash on the floor. They tease me and try to kick me out. I finally take my stuff and try to find my unit and my roommates. One girl follows me. I enter another apartment in the same building where a bunch of computer geeks are staying. I'm not sure where the girl and I can sleep. There are lots of rooms with lots of dorm-style beds. I go around introducing myself to all the residents in this dorm. Most of them are hardcore computer gamers. They tell me about another dorm full of all girls who are avid Age of Empire players. I see them in a virtual reality room shooting arrows over a wall. Another girl, who doesn't like the game, is conjuring mah jong tiles and raining them over the other girls, to their irritation.

Later, I'm in a space station when a "bender" (alien shapeshifter) slips by me and into a corridor. I arm myself and grab two other people to go after it. I enter a corridor but have trouble finding the bender. It's Halloween and many adults and children are milling about. A female guard asks me how I can spot a bender. I tell her they always have their heads down. I eye one guy suspiciously but can't be sure about him.

We enter what looks like a department store and my female companion wants to give up.
Sunday, December 1st, 2002

I'm leading Imperial Storm Troopers in a battle to take over a multi-racial planet. A small team of us take a classroom of people hostage. As my teammates secure the exits, I go around the room calmly but firmly giving orders to the hostages. I tell them to give up any ideas of interfering. A guy tries to hide a pair of scissors from me. I wrest them from him and knock him out cold with a palm strike to the temple. I go around the room (a futuristic lab) and take valuable tech items, putting most of the small objects in my pockets. I go to the corner and start unplugging cords. One of them turns out the main lights in the room. A woman starts to hide a weapon. I rush over to subdue her and make an example of her. As one last teammate patrols the room, I exit quickly through the side and hurry down many flights of stairs, jumping down most of them instead of walking. Several flights down, the stairwell is sealed off and I exit onto that floor. It's an old warehouse (like the Reynold's Building). I wander into a large space where art students are working on a project at a large table. There are many older students, mostly women, that I've had classes with before. I walk through the room, greeting them.
Wednesday. November 27th, 2002

There's a USA versus UK kids soccer game where the USA kids are winning. Two of the UK kids (one black, one white) are particularly dissappointed. After the USA team wins, the dejected Brit parents collect their kids. The pair of boys are missing. I find them down the hill from the soccer field riding away together on a bicycle/motorcycle. I follow them on a parallel path but can't keep up with them on my bike. I tell myself it's a dream and I can drive whatever I want. I switch to an ATV and continue following them. I follow them all over the country, down interstates and over country roads. At times I pas them, at times I'm covered in dust from all the off-roading. There is a time lapse and a epic feel to the whole thing.

Later, I see the boys (now older) sitting at a picnic table with Julianne Moore (who's playing a trampy older woman). I realize I'm in a Todd Haynes movie.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Sunday, November 24th, 2002

I'm riding a bike through a dirt-covered area (like a vineyard). An Indian/Latino kid on a bike tells me I'm riding on burial grounds and to stop. he asks me if I know the way to some place. I tell him to follow me. We ride fast down winding roads. As we approach the end of the road, I brake hard and yell for him to do likewise. As he comes around the last turn, he jumps off his bike safely as the bike hits the wall. The impact is so great, the paint comes off the wall. I say, "Wow, look at that!" We approach a large wooden door and I look to see if I have a key for it. Just as I'm about to try a key, the door opens slowly. I push it open cautiously, drawing my scimitar. Another adventurer, Annie Koh, comes to the door. I let her in with us, then put the scimitar to her neck. I ask her for any valuables. She demurs that she has none. I ask her, "What about all the nice jewelry you're wearing?" She seems embarrassed rather than afraid. I also notice that her nose is chipped (like crystal) and ask her about that. She admits that she did that accidentally. I laugh and lower my scimitar.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Tuesday, November 19th, 2002

It's winter. Susannah and I are in bed in an older single family house. We hear a cat meowing and we're puzzled since we have no cat. We look down and see a long-haired orange and white cat begging for food. I chase after it and grab it. I carry it downstairs and put it outside into the snow.

The cat is suddenly Susannah. Still in her PJs, she frolicks through the snow with the neighbor's dog, oblivious to the cold. I'm on the roof watching her. A young girl's voice cries out, "Be careful up there!" I turn to see a little girl (my little sister or neice) standing on a lower section of the roof. She's on a sloped area and slips but doesn't fall to the ground. I yell for her to stay there and quickly lower myself down the side of the house. As I descend, I tell myself how important it is that I get down safely. I also yell for Susannah to come to the back of the house. By the time I get to the girl, Susannah is already there, lowering her down. I ask/chide her about being up on the roof.
Monday, November 18th, 2002

I'm a mobster sitting in a house with an ex-military mob guy. Another mob guy has just taken a shot at him from a building across the street (even though they're supposed to be on the same side). Sean Connery (a mob boss) comes into the apartment to check on us and asks the other guy what he's doing. The other guy is making a sniper's nest on the deck to fire back at his assailant. As they talk, I look for a bathroom and find three closets instead.


I'm at a celebrity benefit where the cast of the Sopranos are being honored. I see James LeGros and Kathy Bates (who are also cast members). Bates is looking chic with short hair and a Kangol. She's speaking to the audience, "Some of you came to see us, some of you came to see Andre Braugher." I sit down near some celebrities auctioning off stuff. I flip through a magazine. Emily Perkins (from Ginger Snaps) is featured in a photo spread. The first picture shows her face, standing at a celebrity function, looking a bit morose. The next 3 or 4 pictures, you can only see her dark, luminous hair. One photo shows her sitting at a sound mixer, her hair blending with the thick black audio cables. I wonder why they don't shoot her face. Then I see the last picture where she's sort of smiling.
Sunday, November 17th, 2002

I'm in downtown Manhattan on 9/11. I look up from a courtyard just as the towers collapse. Most of the lunchtime crowd around me don't notice. I look for someone I know to talk to but everyone is busy getting lunch.


I'm in the side of an old house made of large bricks (like a castle). A large group of parents and their kids are there. I'm dressed as Batman and some of the kids are also in superhero costumes. A few of the parents are convinced their kids can climb up the wall. I feel sickened that they would endanger their kids. A few of the kids try and can't even get one foot on the wall. A bland-looking 007-villain looking British guy shows the kids a sticky pad that will help his kid ascend the wall. His boy is someone I'd seen and tried to help before. I try to talk the Brit out of it but he assures me it's okay because the kid's a big-shot back home. As I talk to him, I become Adam Sandler. I wander down the driveway and try to flag down an emergency vehicle. I finally wave down an ambulance. it screeches into the driveway. I try to corner the Brit but he has the kid hostage. Suddenly I have the Brit in my grip (he's turned into Susannah) and I struggle with him. He/she tells the medics that parts of his/her skin is cracking and that he/she's not doing so well.
Thursday, November 14th, 2002

I'm in an underground parking garage when I see a little girl almost get hit by a semi. As I walk along, I step between two semi truck trailers and almost get dragged under one's wheels. I slip out and feel relieve to have not been killed.


I'm watching a live interview with Forest Sawyer and a younger ditzier Celine Dion. As they wrap up the casual, jokey interview, Diane Sawyer comes in to give Celine a pumpkin. They laugh about it for a while and Diane tries to take it back. As she lugs the heavy pumpkin away, she mumbles, "shit, this is heavy!" I yell to Susannah, "Diane Sawyer just said shit on national television!" I go out to find Susannah on the roof playing volleyball with herself.

Later, we're in my parents' basement late at night. Susannah has to go but says she'll be back around midnight or one. I try to give her my set of keys so she can get back in.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Friday, November 8th, 2002

I'm in a movie theater where some young people near us keep talking. I shush them to no avail. The digital picture on the screen starts to get pixelated and weird. It's obvious the projectionist is trying to fix the problem but a woman keeps complaining loudly about it. After unsuccessfully shushing her, I lean over my seat and ask her, "What the hell's wrong with you?" She says something rude to me and her boyfriend threatens me. I get really pissed off.

Later... Susannah and I are walking and I complain to her about the rude moviegoers. We pass a stand on the sidewalk where people are getting orange huice icees spackled on their torsos. I worry about them going out into the cold without shirts on by apparently the coating of ice keeps them warm.

I remember a scene in the movie with a bunch of talkng M & M's. I ask myself how I missed such an obvious product placement.

Later... I'm in a room with some friends, one of whom is a redhead/brunette named Jessica. We flirt for a while then go off alone into another room. After much sexual tension, we start having sex. She brings out some lube andI ask her if I can go anal with her. She says yes and I enter her. It feels tight and amazing as I'd expected. For some reason, I can't cum. I stop and apologize. I feel very guilty for cheating on Susannah. We're awkward with each other as I get dressed. I tell her I've never done this before. She asks me when I'm moving back to San Francisco. I tell her it's unlikely due to the store. She leaves the room while I get my stuff together. She comes back in with her boyfriend and gives me a note with her number. The name on the note is Gail.

I go outside and head home. It's raining out and I'm getting wet under my broken umbrella. There's a mecha
Thursday, November 7th, 2002

I'm in a Chinese kitchen at closing. They have a lot of food left over and are cleaning up. One guy scrapes all the food (corn on the cob and some vegetables) out of a put and into a deep fryer basket. He dumps the basket in the oil and the corn starts charring (as it would on a grill). Another guy scrapes the remaining pieces of onion and peas and dumps them into the hot oil also.
Saturday, November 2nd, 2002

I'm in a small 2-3 level used bookstore that I own. A friend and I are staging a martial arts fight for fun. We fight our way up and down a very narrow flight of stairs, laughing and talking all the way. We also wonder about the financial effect of our fight, about whether or not it drums up business.
Tuesday, October 29th, 2002

I'm in a classroom or computer lab using IM. I guy comes over and tells me I'm not supposed to be able to get online. He disconnects me and tells me the connection will be up again soon. He also lectures me about playing games. I start yelling about my right to be online. Two black men sitting in office chairs are listening to me. I yell at them for a while, then defiantly get back online.


I'm in a crowded bar at a large table with friends and someone's family. There's a fan by the table that isn't working properly. I fiddle with it. As it begins working, the entire room brgins to spin. We early collide with another bar across the street. As we come to a stop, the room is in chaos. Two men run in and try to grab guns off a rack behind me, yelling, "Are those real guns?" I fend them off, yelling for the cops in the room to help me. I grab a garden hose from the rack and use it to keep people back. I yell, "Just because the room started spinning doesn't give you license to act crazy." I show one man out the door. He walks out tentatively and I watch him with suspicion.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Monday, October 28th, 2002

I'm at home sitting on my bed in my room about to masturbate to a Dido video. It's the segment where she begs Eminem to go down on her. Eminem starts out as a young boy but morphs into a full grown man as he goes down on her. I close the doors, sit down on the bed and pull my shorts to my knees. Suddenly, AJ comes in to get some of his clothes. I pull my shorts back up enough to cover myself and pretend to peruse a newpaper. Oblivious, he asks me if I'm getting ready to leave for work yet. I tell him I need to change first. He leaves the room.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Sunday, October 26th, 2002

I'm in a school where I've killed dozens of people. I'm walking around, finishing people off with some weapon. It's after school hours and the doors are locked (thought I can get out). I pause and wonder if there's anyway for me to escape. I decide that since everone's seen my face, they'd eventually catch me. I walk outside and see my mom sitting on a picnic bench. I approach her, in tears over what I'd just done. She is blind and reaches out to me. She seems concerned and seems to already know what's happened. I wonder if New York has the death penalty. I think about leaving Susannah behind.

Later, I'm back inside the building looking for a bathroom. I walk into a laundrymat but it doesn't have a bathroom.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Friday, October 25th, 2002

Adam is in town and we're at the video store. We hang out for a bit until I realize I have to move the car. We end up driving the car home (I'm driving the Dodge Colt - a manual shift - with relative ease). We go home and watch a little TV. Later, I realize I left the store open with no one there. I panic and run outside to get the car. As I run out (with Adam behind me), Susannah comes home. I run around frantically searching for the car. I find it, get in and start heading toward the store. I circle around the block, trying to avoid kids playing in the street. I end up back at the house to pick up Adam. As I pull up, I have to reverse and get around an oncoming bus. Adam tries to tell me where the car is. I yell to him, "It's here, I'm driving it!" We speed off to the store.
Thursday, October 24th, 2002

I'm in Chinatown, wandering through a supermarket. I come up to the counter with a suit and a sweet snack. The woman says the suit is $150, not the $10 marked price. I begin to argue with her. A white guy speaking perfect Mandarin comes up with an invoice/shipping label and talks to her about a shipment. I'm getting annoyed with her ignoring me. I decide the suit's not worth it and go elsewhere to shop.
Monday, October 21st, 2002

I'm in a room talking to a young brunette, wanting to sneak out with her for a fling. She finally reads my signals and walks out with me. Then she feels guilty and doesn't want to go. We go back into the room and find a large older guy there. He threatens me with an object and I dare him to attack me. The brunette is helping him put on a kimono-like outfit.

Later, the young woman is in bed with another young woman I like when a bunch of their friends burst in. The large older guy and I run out laughing. I say to him, "I bet they all think the two girls are together." We run back in and tease them.

Later, I see a bill from our condo for a $35 monthly maintanence charge. I wonder if we should cancel that service and just have Joe Mazza do our repairs as needed.
Friday, October 4th, 2002

I'm back in Lexington trying to meet up with Tom & Lynnette. I head out of the house on foot to meet them at a restaurant for dinner. Since it was Lexington, I figured I could just show up without a reservation. I wanted to go to Panda Garden and decided to kill time at the nearby mall. I walk up a steep hill (so steep sometimes I have to climb). A woman is half walking, half dancing up the hill with me. Her moves resemble a stripper's table dance and I have trouble getting past her. I suddenly realize I'd lfet my cell phone at home and couldn't call Tom & Lynnette. I let myself down a ledge and into the top floor of a bookstore. I think about asking to use their phone. The stripper/dancer woman is talking to someone about how this dance/walk she does helped her kick all her bad habits.
Tuesday, October 1st, 2002

We're in a darkened nightclub after getting back from a boat trip. Two girls were born to a woman in our group during our trip aged 5-7 years by the time we got back. They're mixed African American twins with blue eyes. Their mother bought them cheap shoes from Chinatown.

In the club, a DJ set up some equipment and tried to start a set but had trouble with his sound system. He finally starts DJing and throws peanuts into the audience. Another DJ (who looks like an African Brit) starts talking to him about making his name as an old school DJ before getting his digital turntables.


Lucy & Ethan are in another room talking to some people about trying to have a baby.
Sunday, September 29th, 2002

I'm in a large house, my mom is upstairs. I see some of her competitors downstairs plotting to take her business down. I also overhear a plan by some comic-book-type supervillians to destroy the world. I go upstairs to warn my mom. She's interviewing a group of black teenagers for jobs. I pull her into another room to talk. Her eyes are bloodshot and she's frustrated and angry. I tell her about the plot to destroy the world but she doesn't seem to care. I start thinking of ways to stop the plot. I head outside and lots of characters from GI Joe leaving a parking lot in a mass exodus. I get into a small tank-like vehicle and squeeze through traffic. As I roll along, the vehicle turns into a bicycle. I realize I'm already balanced and all I have to do it pedal. I begin pedalling (with some difficulty) and feel elated that I've always known how to ride a bike. I think of how proud my mom would be if she knew.
Sunday, September 22nd, 2002

I'm sitting in a nook talking to three young women about other women. Two of them are Indian, one of whom has short hair. We talk about how some women are really large. the short-haired Indian woman comments on how she is slender and tender. I joke with her about it, "What, you just sit around kneading yourself?... Like a good tenderloin?" They ask me about eating meat. I tell them I've only ever been to McDonald's about 20 times and try to keep my number low. I tell them I don't eat red meat that often and when I do it's mostly pork or the very occasional steak, rarely ground beef though I do have a weakness for pork ribs.
Saturday, September 14th, 2002

I'm traveling to a town in a cold and rural area. It reminds of Alaska or Iceland. The town is an arts and craft community. I wander around, looking for something or someone. an older, official-looking guy comes up and tries to guide me, though I'm wary of him. I go into a supermarket but it requires crawling through a very small and claustrophobic tunnel to get in. I refuse to go it.


I'm on a campus and see lots of Henry Clay people. I don't really talk to them but acknowledge some of them with a nod or "Hi". I'm walking through an artsy gift shop when I see Max Hatton. I'm very happy to see her and give her a big hug. She's wearing a beautiful gown and looking very elegant. I tell her she looks good. She's being followed by a 3-person spanish-speaking camera crew. I ask her what she's up to and she says, "Interesting." I ask her what she's doing here and she says she likes it up here because there are lots of good restaurants and much to do. I mention that there are a lot of Henry Clay people here. She seems distracted and not into talking to me. I'm very dissappointed and wonder how I'm going to spend my weekend in this town.
Friday, September 13th, 2002

I'm in my parents' house when the gas company guy is there to read the meter. He lets himself in, saying how I didn't let him in last time. He's a young white guy who creeps me out. I keep telling him to leave but he won't. He's polite and insistent and keeps smiling at me. He sits on my bad and I try to keep him at a distance with a knife. He acts innocent and surprised. I yell for my dad but then realize he's not around. I yell for my mom to come and be a witness in case anything happens. He goes downstairs and I get on my cell to call the police. I walk around trying to figure out which part of the basement he's in. I also have a younger brother in the house who I'm trying to keep quiet.

Suddenly the creepy guy and I are in a mall. I stop him and say, "Let me make it very clear to you: I WANT YOU TO GET OUT... NOW!" He still won't leave. I tell him we can wait until the police get here.

Cut to... the outside of the mall. A group of cops are walking through the parking lot to see the suspect (the creepy guy) they're holding. Al Pacino is with them, as me (the homeowner). It seems Pacino was posing as the homeowner to ensnare this guy.

We're watching all this as a movie. In the row in front of me, a woman is straddling her man, wearing nothing but bra and panties, feeding him popcorn. I joke to my friend next to me that it's probably hard for this guy to focus on the movie. An older woman on the other side of me says, "Well, you did say you'd rather turn this place into a bowling alley." I say, "Yeah, a nude bowling alley." The movie ends and we head out into the street. I'm with Tom and Lynnette and a few others. Lynnette looks several months pregnant. I walk too fast and have to stop frequently to wait for the others.
Thursday, September 12th, 2002

I'm in a park looking for a public restroom. I find one and see Tom just inside, looking for a baseball schedule. I find a dress and take it into the showers with me. The shower stalls are divided by wet curtains. I hang the dress nearby but need to find something else. Just outside the showers, there's a line of women waiting for a signing or a sporting event. I hurry out of the restroom, wearing only swim trunks. I walk into a bookstore and a female acquaintance spots me. She talks to me and I respond, very distractly. I'm also talking to a black male acquaintance of mine (who later becomes White/latino/Filipino). I don't pay much attention to either of them and excuse myself, leaving them to talk to each other. The man starts to tag the wall and an employee comes over and tries to dissuade him.
Tuesday, September 10th, 2002

Susannah and I are in an office of an older woman we know. We're on a hight floor near the World Trade Center. The planes have already hit them and people are standing on the scaffolding outside. I motion for them to get down. The people who notice me start making their way down.

There are police, military and other officials on the deck of our building. I also tell them to get down to the ground. I start to leave but the woman and Susannah are trying to nap. I make my way down some stairs, stopping on every floor to warn people. There is a large room full of people doing yoga. I tell them the WTC towers are likely to fall and may bring down our building too.

Susannah and I eventually make it to the street and try to orient ourselves to get away from the towers.
Sunday, September 9th, 2002

I'm in NYC looking for The Wiz or a Circuit City to shop for electronics. I browse through one store but find their TV section closed. As I walk over to the video section, three security guards come out of nowhere and start watching me. I turn to them and shrug like "what?" All the videos are too expensive, even the no-name titles are $4.95.

I leave and take the subway dowtown. It's in the form of a fast elevator. I accidentally end up going uptown a few stops. I get off and cross the street with a cute Euro/Brazillian Mother/Daughter couple. I cross the street a couple times and watch as a female jogger runs across the street, barely avoiding traffic. I walk into a plaza where Bret "the Hitman" Hart is sprawled out at the top of a flight of stairs. I go to say hello like an acquaintance. he tells me he's tired and not feeling well and doesn't want to perform. I tell him I can relate and that I've had days like this too. he says, "It's not even like that." I say, "Well, right, nobody cares if I don't come to work. You have to, no matter what." A group of girls I know walk up the stairs and are starstruck by Bret. Bret admires them and smiles at me as if to say "Good work!" I sit by and act cool as they get his autograph.

We go with him into a huge wedding party. Some of the people I'm with are treated like guests. We head to a gigantic theater where there are doors in the screen where actors enter and exit. I gesture to Susannah and point out the enormous screen. There is a tense scene of two Russian or Czech lovers righting in the resistance. The man has been captured inside a building while the woman stands outside with a rifle. The man is being foreces into coercing his woman to surrender. He tells her in Russian or Czech that he loves her. She tells him goodbye and rushes in, gun blazing. Cut to... inside the room as it's rocked by a huge explosion. The woman playing the rebel is a first-time actress that I like.

Cut to...

the woman quits her dayjob , throwing her files into the trash and cleaning out her locker. She's aware of some company scandal.
Thursday, September 5th, 2002

I'm interacting with the undead (ala The Sixth Sense). I'm trying to figure out if other people are also experiencing it. I ask Susannah and AJ to to do something to a few passers-by on the stairs of the subway station near us. I open a fridge and grab a soda can labeled "salsa". It contains a lemon-lime soda. I follow one man and spill some of the soda on his shirt. The spill shows, proving I can interact with reality.

I'm in a vehicle with Robert DeNiro flying over a dark landscape. I tell him I need to infiltrate some stronghold to deactivate something in order to reverse the way things are. he tells me I'm working with Jonathan Pryce. I tell him I only work alone.


We're on a submarine that's just surfaced in a hanger/dock in enemy territory. The 3 of us are trying to figure out a safe way off the boat. We lower a beam and discuss riding up into the hanger on it. Then I notice a large bullet hole on the beam and realize there's an ambush waiting. We raise the beam but don't get on it.

In the hanger we see a blonde woman with a gun come out of hiding. Another woman (one of our agents) sneaks up behind her and holds her at gunpoint.
Thursday, August 29th, 2002

I'm watching a basketball game on TV. A teenage girl is trying to shoot a 3-pounter in a contest. She shoots it and an extremely tall player alley-oops it in to the cheers of the crowd. The ball goes into a special basket behind the backboard. Then the tall player and the girl squeeze themselves through the basket from the bottom up.

Then I'm watching a TV segment about a fan who had made lots of parody paraphenalia relating to the tall player

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

wow, I think I have about a year's worth of dream logs to add... eesh.