Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm in some scary situation or movie with a companion. As we anxiously await the next thriller/scare, he starts describing to me a scene in the movie Underworld where Kate Beckinsale's characters is taken into a dark dungeon.


I'm lying on the pavement with a girl looking up at a bread truck with three young people inside. The woman is asleep and her legs are dangling out of the truck and almost hit me in the face. I roll away and laugh about it. I start walking up to (my) house with the girl and the group in the truck splits up. The remaining guy tells me my girlfriend (Michelle Williams) is cute and ask me if she's "young young." "You mean like 16?" I ask. He nods and I reply, "Well, yeah!"

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm going into a building trying to evade some nefarious authorities. We hide on some unfinished steel beams as the evil fire inspectors & officials go by. I continue along down a long flight of stairs with a Chinese man. When we get to the bottom of the stairs, someone throws down two chairs to prevent us from coming back up and then tosses an incendiary. We run as the the fire spreads. We run through a large Chinese restaurant kitchen as all the staff panic and scatter. In the huge basement complex, there seems to be no escape. I jump onto a counter and begin trying to batter down the window frames. Once broken, I jump out the window into a courtyard. I begin helping others over the ledge and to safety. Someone hands Sofia over the ledge and I tell her not to argue or fuss and to run to the far wall. I help another kid and an old man over and the old man insists on helping. I tell him to be with his kid. After a few more people, an androgynous young man who has been helping me seems to be giving up. I drag him over the ledge and carry him on my shoulders to the far wall. I drop him there and ask him/her to watch Sofia as I go back to help more people.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm in a house with Susannah and Randy Fine (a guy I didn't like from high school) and he's showing me his AK-47. He's got a large silencer and on it and he's setting it on on a bipod in front of a target just inches away. He fiddles with it forever and I ask if I can see it. I adjust the bipod and ask Susannah to move the target farther away. I fire one shot and the bolt hits me in the face. "That must be annoying." I say. It's out of ammo and I go through his ammo box but find nothing but broken crayons. "Come downstairs, I have a range set up and my own AK." I tell him.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm hanging out with a mom after a day of daycare (or a few weeks of day camp). I'm playing w/ her baby daughter and ask to "borrow" her. The mom is fine with it and we keep playing.

Later, it's time to go home and the mom is nowhere to be found. I panic briefly as I do not know the kid's name or the mom's name. I take the baby and Sofia back to the daycare center to sort it out. I go inside with Sofia to find some help. It's an elementary school w/ a daycare in one section. We can't seem to find any help and I realize I'd left the baby in the car. I head back out & see the baby lying in the backseat in some vomit. I take her out to clean her up. I see a roll of paper towels on the curb and run her over to it and start cleaning her off. As I finish up, Tisha Maynard walks by and I tell her I'm glad to see her. She seems bemused as I tell her the situation and together we go inside. She starts going through pictures of kids on the computer as I describe the baby's older sister who was in the camp. I put the naked baby in a play pen and ask Tisha if they'd taken any group pictures of the class.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

I'm going through an airport/train station looking for my flight/train. I finally get to my destination and ride my small motorcycle out of the station to my apartment/sublet. I park it near the building entrance and lock it to some scaffolding with a bike lock. I head upstairs and run into Michelle.


It's late at night and I'm in a large wooden house on the pier trying to find a place to sleep. People are setting up makeshift beds everywhere and I have my own large bed to sleep in. "I have half a bed if anyone needs it." I announce. A large teenage boy takes me up on the offer. "Are you planning to toss and turn all night?" I ask half-seriously. "Yeah..." He replies.

I head into the basement to look for my backpack. Lisa & Linus and dozing on the bottom step and I try to hop over them but end up rattling the staircase and disturbing them. I tell them they should find a real bed but Lisa says something about the way Linus sleeps. I find my backpack & dig through it for something to read. I tear the plastic off a new Time magazine. It's stuffy in the basement and Lisa & Linus are both a little red. I tell them it's hotter in the basement than the rest of the house and suggest opening some windows. Lisa says it's okay but I open one anyway.