Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm aslee and dreaming that I'm talking to Gus Van Zant. He tells me he wants to make amovie with good anal sex in it. I tell him I'd like to have some good anal sex. He tells me that Shannon Doherty is the only actress interested in doing it with a guy. I tell him that I'd LOVE to have anal sex with Shannon Doherty.

I wake up and tell this dream to Susannah. We've been sleeping on the street for some reason. I pull my pajamas on as we gather our things. I'm annoyed and demand that we not sleep on the street again. I see a minivan parking on the curb near us. Inside are two men with their faces painted with white skulls. There are also pinstripes and NY Yankee logos painted on their faces. They get out with baseball bats and I realize they're going to rob us. As they approach me, I tell them I have no money. As they yell at me, I pull my pockets out to show them. They hit me in the back with the bats and tell me get down on the ground. Then they tell me to run. I grab Susannah and beg them to let us both go. They tell us to run but I see them pull out pistols. We start running for our lives, hoping they won't kill us.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm heading back to our house to meet Bobby & Andy's girlfriend Amy who are helping us move. I get into the elevator in our building and see Bobby collapsed inside with orange vomit all over him. I help him up and we get off on our floor. Amy is there also and we go inside our apartment (which is the size of a hotel room). Everyone gets into bed to recuperate. There are 2 queen beds and Amy & Bobby are in one while Susannah's in the other. I go around turning on lamps. I then ask Amy if I should turn some of them off. She tells me she wants a yellow light and I try every light but find they are all white lights. I tell her we can go to the art building and get some yellow paper to put over the lamps.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm in Lexington visiting with my old high school classmates. We're in a restaurant or banquet hall inside a hotel. Some of us are lying in beds as we joke and chat. I'm telling jokes and being the life of the party. Rachel Schankula chimes in about her life, joking about how weird her fathers/stepfathers are. "One is an agnostic Rastafarian..." She breaks out laughing and cannot continue.

I walk to the bathroom and notice I have no pants on. Inside a stall, as I begin to pee, I'm talking to someone about Hollis. "If Hollis were here, she'd give us all the gossip. In fact, she wouldn't need to hear from you guys, she'd already know it all!" Now I'm talking to Hollis in the stall about Rachel. "Boy, leave it to Rachel Schankula to bring a party down, huh?"


I'm in a high school classroom where a young student (who is both a teenager and an 8 year old) is being bratty. The saucy female teacher says, "I know what will soothe you," and lifts up her shirt. The boy starts breastfeeding and she continues the lesson. The other students shake their heads but are otherwise not shocked. I sit down next two a couple of guys who are sketching in their sketchbooks. One is doing some very high quality superhero battle scenes (which remind me of Alan Davis's work). I compliment him, "These remind me of the Brood War era X-Men." I flip through the other guy's sketchbook. The beginning and end of the book are pages from an actual graphic novel - a dark sci-fi horror story. I'm not sure if the guy is the author/artist. I get a notion that I could write a story w/ either of these artists.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Susannah & I and a few others are in a foreign country (Tuva?). I get separated from the group & wander the streets trying to find them. My phne rings & it's a music promoter telling me about a show in L.A. I tell her I'm overseas, "I'm in... damn, I forgot the name of the country... Mongolia, no, it was in "Genghis Blues"... Tuva!"

I trek up the side of a hill towards the road & a young woman comes up and tries to get me to go with her. Despite her urgent pleas, I can't go with her for some reason. I end up in a bar where a lady is trying to give me directions. She also tries to tell me about the currency exchange. She asks me how much money we have and separates our bills. We try to find out where the hotels/hostels are and she directs us to a nearby city.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'm sitting w/ Hollis and her boyfriend/husband talking about the cost of schools & daycare. I'm talking about how right now in Lexington, we can afford to send Sofia to Yale. The boyfriend asks what we would do if we couldn't get in. I want to suggest that he and I get together to hang out w/ our kids. I ask him, "What do you do..." and look down to see that he has 79 offsuit and a flop of 779, "Besides catching good flops?"

Friday, February 17, 2006

I'm hacing a good time in a large house on New Year's Eve. I head out of the bedroom to find a restroom. Down the hall, I enter a huge master bathroom. I turn on the lights and looks for the toilet. I find instead a couple of miniature casino tables. Lucille (Jessice Walter) is there, boozed up and rude. I sit down by an old European upholstered chair that has a craps table pattern for a seat. I grab a couple of dice and try to roll on it. Lucille says something disparaging to me. I go off on her, telling her how I'm her best son-in-law and don't deserve her ire. I look outside and see people partying in the adjacent building.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I've fallen asleep on the A or C train and wake up just as we pull into a station. I grab all m bags (they look like artist's supplies) and head off the train. A sign tells me that I'm at the end of the line (somewhere in upstate New York) and I'm really irritated that I'd overslept. I start walking through the station but realize that I'm barefoot. I stop and start to put on my shoes. I look up and see a Subway restaurant inside the subway station (which feels like a huge airport) and see my dad behind the counter. At first I turn away to not let him see me. But then I decide I should talk to him. I put on my shoes and approach him. He seems surprised to see me. He puts his arm around me and leads me to a table to talk. He tells me he thinks I've been a bit aimless in my life (I sense that he wants to make a business proposal to me). I interrupt him and say that I've been running my own business for several years. He asks me what I do and I tell him I own a video store. He says that it's not a viable business and that DVDs are on their way out. I get furious and start yelling at him. I ask him why he can't just say, "That's great, I'm so proud of you, son." I storm off into the station. As I head down a corridor, I stop and think about making up with him. I turn to see him looking for me. Instead, I continue on. I walk by the entrance of a grand concert hall and I ask the ticket taker for directions. He asks me first where I'm trying to go and makes fun of me once I tell him I'm trying to get back to Brooklyn. I head on, walking through a science lab and a large antique furniture showroom and outside in a cold & snowy parking lot. I feel lost and really wish I could've hit my dad up for a ride home. I start heading back into the station, feeling very lost & frustrated.

As I head back in, many people are leaving, including a frazzled looking David Strathairn. I want to stop and say hi to him (with the hope of maybe getting a ride from him). I also contemplate saying to him that I know George Clooney. Instead I keeping heading back instead. I head back through a department store and make my way back to the Subway restaurant. My dad has left and I have no way of finding him. I also realize I don't have my bags and get really frustrated at the whole situation.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm hanging out with some Hollis/Sarah Durant. She starts taking off her clothes and scoots into my lazy chair. She seems very tall and has Cindy Crawford's body except with large breasts. I'm not sure what to make of this as I thougth Sarah was a lesbian. She starts talking about being a couple and doing things that a couple does. I hint at being able to get physical with her and she hems and haws on the subject.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Susannah & I are traveling through some ruins with some others. We puch Sofia along in the stroller through lots of connected construction sites. Most of the rooms and corridors are only studs and partial walls. Some of the rooms have lights and I turn them on as we go through. One room has a toilet that's constantly running. We get to one room where we have to crawl through a small space. Susannah goes through quickly and I ask her how deep the crawlspace is since I'm claustrophobic. She says it's not bad and tries to clear some of the sand & rocks to make it easier on us. I ask her how we can get Sofia through. She says, "Worry about your suits, my daughter will be alright." I notice that I'm wearing my blue suit. I take Sofia out of the stroller and hand her through a small hole to one of our companions. I'm thinking about breaking down the stroller but we manage to fit it through the crawlspace as is.

Later, I'm trying to sneak out of school w/ Roark. We pull the fire alarm and hurry through the crowds. We make it out side and head to a nearby building. We go down a couple of steps and try to pull open a large metal door. I peek through the crack and see that's it's a sculpture studio with a couple people in it. I pull the doors open and we hurry in, trying to look inconspicuous. We talk among ourselves as if we're students. The other people don't notice us. We we make out way through the building, we're not sure what we're supposed to be doing.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm in a little dive in Chinatown for lunch. I check out the menu on the board on the wall and order noodle soup w/ fish balls. I notice a party of 6 or 7 at the next table making some noise. Two or three of them have hoods made of raw meat on their heads. For some reason this doesn't seem weird to me. Then I notice that they are teenage children chained together. I'm suddenly very disturbed and decide to call the police when I'm done eating. I'm now eating by myself outside. I finish up and go inside to pay. In line are three people from that group behind me in line. Two of them talk about being divorced. The other one gets a broom and says, "Well, if you're paying, add that to the bill." I pay for my lunch and get a bottle of water.

Later, I'm working at a store and head out the back to go on break. The owner runs into Matt Dillon and they talk and walk out of the store.

Later, I'm in a mall walking around looking for work. I come back and tell my friend that I've applied at several retailers.

Later, I'm on a bus with Sofia and a bunch of strangers. Sofia (who's a bit older) runs off down the aisle. A guy intercepts her and holds her. I tell the people in my row that sometimes she only wants to be held by a man instead of by a woman.