Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm walking down the middle of the street w/ some friends & family in a deserted part of town when a middle aged woman approaches us. As we're sitting by a curb, she asks us if we've seen a wedding ring and something else. I look on the sidewalk and find a wedding ring, engagement ring and something else and hand them to her one at a time. As I wait for a thank you, the woman fiddles w/ her things. We start moving down the street (I'm in a wheelchair holding Beckett). The woman stops us and says, "First off, you should probably not feed him (referring to Beckett) any more rice..." "Whoa," I interrupt her, "What makes you think we don't know what we're doing and need your advice?" She looks genuinely surprised and is speechless. I give her a wry smile and start moving again. She stops us again, this time looking chagrined, and asks if we have a pen. "Why?" I ask. She point sto a piece of paper as if to say she wants to thank us. "You're welcome." I say as I start to roll off. I see the rest of the group lagging behind and I tell Beckett to tell them to hurry up. "Hurry up!" Beckett yells in a raspy toddler voice.