Friday, November 23, 2001


dreamt I was lying on a bed in a hotel room waiting for Susannah. When she showed up, she was covered in a black burka, escorted by a couple men and a women (without a burka) with a machine gun. I asked them when this burka thing started again, they didn't answer. Susannah started getting on top of me & I asked (sort of impatiently and rhetorically) if we could take off the damn thing. I started to take the robe/burka off and the other people in the room began to fade away. We then had some of the most incredible (dream) sex I've ever had.

how bizarre.

Monday, November 19, 2001

slept late today, had some dream...

I was in a house having a meeting with a group of Native Indians. We were planning some rally that involved us being armed. I wasn't sure but I think it was on a college campus. I asked when we would leave and the leader of the meeting, an older Indian said 200 miles, which I understood as 3 hours or so. It was around 2 at the time. Everyone started to leave and I rushed to give three of them my film. I also assumed they should have already gotten them. I also had to remove post-it notes on the tapes (addressed for other people). I also made some comment saying that I seemed to be working on a lot of Indian-related projects.

Then i started cleaning the house (like a typical SF flat) with Cathy Nguyen. We talked about making dinner and I told her that I didn't have much in the fridge, some eggs, tomatoes. She said she could make an egg & tomatoe dish but didn't know if that was my specialty or something. She was standing near the fireplace mantle where the floor was inches lower for some reason. We joked about her being short. I also suddenly realized I only had a t-shirt on and no pants. She said it was okay, that she liked to drop her pants and "push the poison out" now and again.

I went back into the living room to clear the table and told the other people there that I would clean the floor (which was damp with rabbit pee).

Then I was in a car trying to get through a busy intersection when tons of parents and kids streamed through the streets. I took a light-change or two for me to get through. I was very irritated that parents would endanger their kids.

that's that.

Thursday, November 15, 2001


I dreamt about some fight or conflict with Matt Mahnke (an ex-coworker form Amoeba who I saw on the street the other day). There was also something about a guy who came around to threaten another guy. He held the other guy's pet pig and threatened to kill it with a knife. Then he picked it up and sliced its (strangely-long) tail in half. But the pig already looked like it was dead (and prepped for a butcher shop's window).


This morning I had some tumultuous dreams, too but they're lost.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

I've been late with my blogs lately,

A few mornings ago, I dreamt about being over at a house full of Pacific Islanders. I followed one of them outside to the overpass (like the one near my house). the guy (who somebody said was a WWF wrestler from the '80s - but not Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka) wanted to kill himself and did a huge backflip over the razorwire of the fence and landed on the freeway below. Though the landing seemed painful but there were no cars there to kill him. Apparently some of the other people knew about it and had cars cleared off the road.

Monday, November 05, 2001

had a very sweet dream about my grandmother today:

I was at my parents house and we were about to have people over for dinner. I went down (or up) to my grandmothers room to help herup (or down) for dinner. As I sat on her bed and talked, I noticed she had flies in her room. I saw that her window screen was off a bit and proceeded to fix bother windows. She was happy about that. Then I asked if she really wanted to eat with our guests. She said not really. I told her I could just bring some food up and eat with her in her room. She thought that'd be really nice. She also said that she could talk for a long time today on the phone with othe relatives. We talked about other stuff as well (relatives, her health).

It's very rare for me to get "visits" from my grandmother. In fact, this is only the 3rd or 4th dream I've had about her since she died.

Thursday, November 01, 2001

Here's a weird one:

I'm hanging out with Susannah at her workplace, trying to kill time. She seems bored but not into entertaining me. We both spot Tamara a few cubicles down. She looks very conventional, in an office-y outfit and without her bangs. Kind of a '70s scientist look. She's also wearing glasses and hair barretts. Susannah & I think it's kinda funny. Somebody from IT came to get Susannah to talk to her about something. I went over to talk to Tamara but she seemed annoyed and distracted. I started wandering around the office (which was dark and had low ceilings). A couple of guys came over (who I thought were C3P0 and R2D2) and asked if they could see the secrets. They are ushered away. Then, some guy pulls a gun out and points it toward the ground, saying he saw something, maybe a fox. We pulls the curtains (walls) back and walk into a supermarket (Safeway?). The armed man and others fan out to search for the animal. I spot it running down an aisle. It looked like a scruffy weasel. I telled for the others and we chased it around the store. Then it became a lizard and headed for the bakery. I suddenly realized the animal had a cord attached to it and I grab the cord, reeling the beast in as it tried to climb up on some cakes. It was now an alligator. I pulled hard on the cord and yanked the gator towards us as the others gathered around.

that's it.