Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm walking around a natural rock formation with some members of my extended family. There are strange bodies of water and abandoned buildings all around.

Later, I'm with a large number of people outside & we're starting a new society. We bow to our elders in the crowd & begin to celebrate with pot smoking & drinking. I explore the area, talking to one woman about how we will deal with food for everyone, "Pretty soon, the party's gonna end and we'll have to figure out how much land we need to plant crops, raise livestock, etc. You want to start the committee, well, let's not say committee, but you want to start planning it with me?" She doesn't say anything but begins measuring some plots of land with a string on a stick. Another woman & her dog runs by and her dog pounces on me, giving me several bites. Someone comes by to clean & treat my wounds and my mom comes over to see. I'm still more concerned about getting a committee started to think about food.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm back at WRFL filling in for the 3-6AM '80s-themed show. I'm not quite sure how to use the new digital equipment and want to ask someone. I see Jeff Holland in the adjacent studio. He has his usual black hat on so I take my similiar one off. I go ask a woman how to use the system, saying, "I'm a newbie/oldbie." Nick Cave, who's finishing his set, starts helping me drag & drop songs into my playlist (they are all videos instead of songs). He drags them with a flourish and does his on-air announcements without his headphones on.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm working inside a secret headquarters filled with computers & large monitors. I venture into the parking lot & see 6 or 7 suburban moms suddenly all pull out of parking spaces & start to drive off. I scramble up a small hill and get right into the path of traffic but all the cars just part around me. I turn around and notice that I'd left the door open to the HQ and exposed our clandestine operations. I run back inside & announce, "I don't know if this is anything or not but I just saw 6 or 7 suburban moms-types pull out of the parking lot simultaneously." Before anyone can react, I spot a missle headed right for the HQ. I immediately know it's locked on me and I make a run for the ravine outside. The missle passes over me and I consider diving into the nearby lake to avoid it. I also consider turning into my Human Torch form to lure it away from the HQ.

I escape to a rooftop where I meet up with the Fantastic Four (who are all in various states of night dress). We compare notes & realize we've all been targeted. Johnny Storm has burned up all his clothes & is looking for his suit. Ben Grimm jokes that this is the first time the president has been evacuated.


Susannah & I are Chine getting married. A bunch of people are gathered at our hotel (which is like a house) preparing for the festivities. I see Nicole Kidman in her small villa across the street. Suddenly, the lights in her villa go dark & I begin to worry it's haunted. I wait & watch awhile anxiously. I see Renee Zellwegger & her daughter go inside to check on Nicole. A little while later, they all come into our suite. Nicole is trying hard to act normal but is obviously very distraught. Fighting back tears & forcing a smaile, she says that she'd love to come to China again to meet my family & wished we would have a great wedding. I suspect that she's been haunted by the child she lost when she was with Tom Cruise. She wanders through the room in a daze as everyone sits in awkward silence. Susannah tries to break the tension & talke to Nicole, "So, you were the top salesperson..." "...In January." Nicole says, forcing a smile but still not looking at anyone.

Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm in a large gymnasium trying to set up a huge group portrait. Lots of people are standind to the side and out of frame. I keep barking for them to stand in the back or the front & not to the sides. I even have to physically push some of them into place. One kid wanders off and I ask him if he's in or out. He mutters, "I guess." I chide him, "What kind of answer is that? You're either in or out." Once I get my camera ready, I realize I can't get the whole group into frame no matter what I do. I begin shooting portions of the group, planning to collage them together in Photoshop later. People keep moving about (including people w/ long dreads & people pushing bicycles) and I keep shooting.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I go to the video store with Sofia and see my dad ringing people up at the counter. He's yelling for the other two employees to so something. I try to explain something to him and he yells at me. Angrily but calmly, I say, "You yell at me again and you can get out of MY store."


I'm in a bedroom checking my email with the teenage girl from 40-Year-Old Virgin sitting by me. She's a little sullen and impatient waiting for her mom to finish doing something in the house. I look over at her and notice she has her hand in my lap. I say, "You know you're in a room alone with a naked man, don't you?" She looks coy & fondles me. I close the door and start turning out the lights. We start kissing & making out but I'm paranoid about being discovered (there's a window in the door and I can see her mom rummaging nearby). There are still lights on in the room and I try to turn them off. One light stays on even after I've unplugged it. I tell the girl we're just not meant to do it tonight. We both get dressed & leave the room. The mother is carrying some things she got from the house (my mom's house) and is distractly talking about something. I suddenly remember that my mom called earlier to have me pick her up but I decided to make out the girl instead. The girl's mom walks out of the house to her car & we follow. She gets into a van and starts pulling out. My mom is kneeling in the driveway fiddling with my shoes and the van nearly misses her. Then the woman reverses and drives right over my mom. I run to check on her, screaming for the girl to get the police (though no sounds come out). The girl runs to two nearby cops who are towing another car. My mom looks uninjured but immobile. She says something about my luck. The cops finally come over & I yell to them about how she was run over (by the front left & back right wheels).

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm in an office waiting for somethine. The receptionist calls me up to look over some paperwork. The name at the top is a guy (or the brother of the guy) who's leading our crew of criminals. But all the information on the sheet is for Jun Naito. The form also says that Sofia is his biological daughter. I tell the lady that everything is correct except for the name. She asks if I'm disputing the custody of the child and I tell her no. I tell her that Jun had agreed to help us conceive a child. I try to remember why and recall that we'd had trouble getting pregnant but that it wasn't Susannah's fault. I assume it must've been because I was sterile. The lady seems skeptical but I try to convince her it's ok.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I'm a superhero and I've just arrested a master criminal in the grand lobby of a huge building (like a futuristic airport or the UN). I'm trying to figure out who the real culprit is in a battle of wits (very Clue-like as we banter back & forth politely). As a couple of my teammates begin escorting him away, I go and check on a few of his mind-control victims. I give this woman a hug and ask if she's okay. She's relieved that the villain is captured. I tell her I suspect we haven't gotten the right man. "I didn't think it was you when everyone thought it was you and I don't think it's him now."

Suddenly, his escorts turn out to be traitors and they begin walking out of the building brazenly, smiling defiantly. My only ally in the room is Captain Marvel. I yell for someone to summon the Justice League and I follow the villains outside. There, I face off against them and many more of their cohorts. I'm very tense & nervous and praying for my friends to arrive. I summon a bolt of lightning and strike down one of the villains. Other superheros begin appearing as I call them out. "The Flash!" a red blur speeds into view & takes out several enemies. It's raining hard outside and a huge wave of water comes crashing down on them. "Aquaman!" I call out. I call for Wonder Woman but feel like I've skipped a few people (like Hawkman & Green Lantern).