Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm in Eduardo Kac's class in the Reynolds Building. He's looking over everyone's (mostl) unfinished projects. I realize I haven't even started on it. In fact, as I peruse the instruction sheet, I realize I don't even know what the project's about. As we pass around all the projects, I see some woven pieces and decide that's what I'm going to do. We break for lunch and I set off to find Arturo's class.

I head outside to look for a lunch spot. I'm looking for good takeout but instead walk into the Asian buffet distict. I stand in front of one buffet with a Singaporean or Malaysian name. There are no menus and I can't see the buffet through the window so I leave. I look at the menu of another place but it doesn't look good to me (lots of sweet & sour, cabbage and also cat on the menu). An older classmate grabs a menu and leaves, saying Hi as she passes.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A guy is working on the computer and talking to me about actors and awards. We discuss why Michelle Williams wasn't invited to be on the Academy Awards membership but Amy Adams was. I can see Amy Adams talking about Michelle Williams and how she's intimidated by her.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm getting off a subway car with the folded up stroller. I head up the stairs and realize I left Sofia on the train. I leave the troller at the first landing and head back downstairs. The train has pulled out of the station & I panic. I run up the stairs to the booth and frantically tell the woman in the booth about it. She gets on the system & calls the V conductor. The conductor immediately says that, "There's a baby ready to get off here, looks like the parents left her." The booth attendant tells her that I'm here and the conductor says she'll head back. The attendant starts giving me some statistic on missing children. I feel very relieved.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm with a few people including Paris Hilton. She's being her usual annoying self and I try to avoid her. I go into a dressing room/bathroom and she's there lounging with her shirt pulled up. I go up to her and suckle her tits briefly. I also let her suck me off briefly (she's not very good). For some reason, I think it's okay to do this since the one in the bathroom isn't the "real" Paris Hilton.

I also imagine that I might be able to live an alternate history of my life and sleep with other people. All the people I fantasize about in one reality would be the people I actually went out with or slept with in the other.

Later, I'm back in a house and I see Sofia walking around with a colorful diaper cover, headscarf and matching sling on her right arm. I ask someone about the sling and they tell me it's to cover up her little cast. I pick her up and go to look for come clothes.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm in an old house needing to go to the bathroom. The guest bathroom on the first floor is occupied so I head to Mike's room. My grandmother rushes out as if she's been chased out. I go in & ask Mike if I can use his bathroom. He says yes and that I can even use the bathroom in the closet. I go into the tiny bathroom and see that I have to aim really carefully to hit the tiny recepticle under the sink. I notice there's a small bucket hanging under the sink and it has a turtle in it. I move the bucket to the floor and see that there are a bunch of lizards in the "toilet." I run out of the bathroom while more lizards drop from the ceiling & doorframe. I yell at Mike about the lizards and he seems disbelieving.

Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm in the center of a small town watching a Vietnamese woman with a parachute float to the ground. A white woman who knows her approaches and they begin talking in Vietnamese. The conversation starts to sound like Mandarin after a while. I gather my things and look for a doll. I find the doll soaking wet and pull its diaper off. The Vietnamese woman asks me if I have everything and I answer yes in Mandarin. We talk briefly and Sofia (a 10 year old boy) points up to the sky at something.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I've just gotten out of bed and see an M-60 machine gun on the floor. I pick it up and note that it's surprisingly light. There's a small ammo belt and a couple of bullets (they look like 9MMs). I try to insert the ammo belt through the feed and pull the trigger. The whole setup feels like a toy. Susannah brings Sofia up to me and I set her down beside the gun.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm in an office high-rise trying to evade someone. As I run through the corridors, a husky guy runs out with a suitcase handcuffed to him. The suitcase is beeping like a bomb and I stop and help him out of the handcuffs. He returns the favor by opening one of the windows for me. I squeeze out and try to get him to come with me. He think he can't fit through it and I convince him he can. Once outside, we explore the roof ledge and try to find a way down to ground level. We see an old stairwell and I tell him that's our only way down. I tell him we should hurry since we're in front of the glass walls of the office and people might see us. He tells me to huddle into the ground and wait out the plague.

He starts explaining the plague to me, how food sources are contaminated and that many people (mostly poor and black) are being irridiated with light in stead of being fed to keep them (barely) alive. I do a little digging and begin to discover a vast conspiracy (ala V For Vendetta) where minorities and the poor are beign experimented on to become super soldiers. The experiements had gone wrong and created a strain of virus that is killing people.

Friday, July 07, 2006

David Spade is "interviewing" Brandon Routh & Kate Bosworth on Saturday Night Live. He has them both in headlocks & is heckling them about Superman Returns. They both seem to be topless though the TV cuts them off just above the nipples. Now the TV shows them wide and Kate Bosworth is completely naked (and more buxom than in real life). Brandon seems distressed and Kate seems very ditzy. The camera roams around them, focusing mostly on Kate's large breasts.

Kate wanders off the show (which was shot in a prison) and walks by the release desk. She's acting like a complete idiot (reminds me of Jeri Blank from Strangers with Candy) and is talking to the desk officer about being more crack. She's looking at a picture of a beard man in a robe on the counter and says that with a little makeup she could play that guy. She also says to me that if I can get her that role, she'd blow me, too.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm in a student apartment complex talking with AJ (or some other Japanese American guy) and his brother/roommate. He's trying to blame me for the damage in his unit. I get really angry and start yelling & pointing towards all the damage. "Was I the one who let the walls get like this? Was I the noe who set this paper towel dispenser on fire (I vaguely remember being responsible for that)?" I look around and see the devastation (the place has no ceiling and almost no walls - like a bombed out building in Kosovo. AJ's mom's also there trying to blame me for damage.

I walk out into the hallway to look for a mechanic. I see several young Mexicans guys hanging around. One of them goes into a mechanic's shop while the others razz him about it. I follow him in, looking to have my oil changed. I realize that I'm naked and carrying a pillow and run back into my room to get dressed.

I walk through a doorway and into another part of the building. There are maids leaving for the night. They are all dressed in cheap-looking trenchcoats.