Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm talking to Steve Baron in his house. He shows me his new car (which is in his living room) which looks like a speedboat. I ask him about his other cars & he says he still has them all. I check out the boat & how it opens up to a sleeping compartment inside. We joke about me staying over in his boat.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm part of a police task force trying to track down one of our own agents who has gone astray. He's a tech expert who may or may not have been scapegoated. Several of us are sweeping the building, making our way to the basement, guns drawn. I make sure to keep my finger off the trigger. In the basement, we take a look at all the equipment we've been developing. We're pretty sure the rogue (Kurt Russell) will come back for them. I instruct a fellow agent (Bob from poker) to disassemble or seperate the equipment from the batteries. As we're doing so, I see a shadow creeping outside the window. I take one other agent and we head outside to intercept him. As we approach the storm door to the outside, we see several men carrying a bodybag among large bags of mulch. They are loading the bags into a warehouse above us. We run out with guns drawn and tell them to drop the bags. We order the other men (all Russians) to come out of the semi trailer. Several young children are milling about and we tell them to sit with their hands visible. A young man comes out of the truck and begins to sit with the smuggled children but we wave him over to sit with the abductors (just in case he's an accomplice). We keep our guns on them and wait for backup.


I'm leading a large ragtag group of people through hostile territory (not sure if we're people wading through zombies or vice versa). I keep counting our numbers as we travel.

Later, once we reach safety, I encounter a metalsmith who's trying to repair a lead ball I'd lost. He didn't have the right size and is looking at a blueprint to make sure.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm in art school w/ some classmates as we get set to go to lunch. I ask a few others if they also have Lang (a professor we don't like) for both Mondays & Tuesdays. A classmate walks by pushing a stroller and a weird kids' toy. She walks by a large hole in the ground. As I'm chatting with the classmates, a young woman walks by the window. From the back, it looks like she's wearing a tank top but the front is exposed. She's turning heads everywhere she goes. "That's some hot shit," I say, "I haven't even seen (her breasts) and that's some hot shit." "There's Oliver Babish," one guy says, gesturing out the window. Oliver Platt is walking on stilts down the street. The guy yells for him, "Hey Oliver!"


I'm going into a dry cleaner's next door to my dad's Subway. The old man at the counter seems to be asleep. The lights are our and he ignores me as I try to talk to him. I suspect he's being robbed and I nonchalantly leave. After I step outside, I take my phone out to call the police. I try to sneak a look at the dry cleaner's awning for his phone number but only see my dad's Subway awning. Inside the old man's shop (which is now also a Subway), employees have appeared and are busy making party subs & platters. I'm confused about what to do.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Aliens have invaded the earth ala War of the Worlds. I'm in a basement with some woman and I try to escape through a tiny window. I carefully pry off the pieces of broken glass and open the window. I crawl out & help a woman up with me.

Now I'm with a friend as we run down some stairs into a basement to escape the aliens (who look like plants.algae spreading over everything) but find there's no way out. We hear something coming down the stairs & we latch the door. A small creature runs through the crack in the door, followed by a woman. We see it's a dog and her owner & are very relieved. I run through the basement looking for a weapon. It looks like an old person's house and I'm convinced that I'll find a samurai sword or something. I rummage through some things that look like weapons but they're all too flimsy or fake. I grab some kind of retractable weapon and we head upstairs. On the main level, I rummage through a teenager's room for something more lethal. All the while I'm convinced we need to head to Henry Clay where I have stashed a bunch of guns. My brother has them in his locker and I have his cell # to get the combination. As we head out of the house, we're harassed by several members from a gang. As we try to ignore them and walk away, my friend (who reminds me of Duane) says something to them and we have to run. I reprimand my friend, saying, "As long as their gang has more than 3 members, you should shut the fuck up." I tell my companions that we must outlast the aliens and survive.

We talk by some home made signs recruiting for a people's army of resistance fighters.