Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm in a parking garage trying to protect someone from two guys in a car.  They try to get around me but I stand in their way and let them hit me (at a low speed).  I get on the phone and dial 911 and the guys are astounded and not sure what to do.  I realize I've dialed 991 and dial the right number.  They back up and try to get around me again and again I block their way.  This time they hit me a little harder and I go down on my knees.  The 911 operator answers and I ask, "Is this 911?  Some guys in a car are trying to run me down in a parking garage.  It's the garage attached to a seafood restaurant.  They're in an old car, like a Studebakker."

I hang up and gloat at the men in the car.  The passenger pulls out a pistol w/ a scope and I say to him, "Go ahead, add murder to your charges."  He hesitates and looks at the driver.  He finally steps out of the car and shoots me (I can't tell if I'm hit or not).  I pull out my .357 Magnum and shoot him 4 times in the chest.  He stumbles but doesn't drop his weapons so I shoot him again.  The driver now has blood stains on his chest tries to make a move and I point the gun at him, saying, "I have two more rounds for you."