Sunday, January 30, 2005

A woman and I are using magic to try to conjure up Bjork. We go into a cabinet and find a jar of water lebeled Juliya Bjork. The woman asks if it's the right name and I tell her it is. She's surprised that Bjork is named Juliya. I pour the water into another container and open the container. Inside are lots of envelopes. I open one and count a twenty dollar bill and a bundle of ones. I ask the woman why we're bothering to run the store when we can just conjure up money.

Friday, January 28, 2005

I'm on a pirate ship w/ a cohort trying to plot a way to stay ahead of a rival. We're slightly ahead at the moment and need to stop at a upcoming island. As we discuss strategies, it appears we can't stop without losing our time adventage. I suggest we make a quick stop at an island and mak e it look like we're still there to lure our rival onto the island. My partner objects to the idea & says hed rather quit than do that. We look back to see our rivals having brunch at a outdoor table. One of them is John Garcia. I hurry by them & notice they're both having crab cake sandwiches. I also notice that other people have been seated at their table.

I walk by them and pick up some leftovers from another table. I head to the kitchen and ask for another takeout container. A waitress hands me a tupperware container that has some rice crumbs in it. I also see Rae Lyn & her mom waiting to pick up takeout.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I'm traveling with a group of people through a zombie infested area. I move to the lead as we walk through a school. We enter a cafeteria where sme children are gathered. I approach the principle and ask him for the keys to get out. He's frightened and confused and asks me what we should do. I huddle with him and whisper, "Do you think we can defend this place?" I look around at the glass windows and decide not to try. I say to a man who's been traveling with me, "I want to start with a small group of people & find some place safe."

We exit the building & immediately see a zombie overtake someone. We run across the courtyard, throwing rocks at the zombies. A few approach us and my friend tells me to "not worry about the shambling dead." I see one standing near a door and I start throwing rocks at it. Through the glass door, I see a young woman trying to fend off a female zombie. I keep throwing rocks to break the glass so she might be able to escape. Many of the rocks just bounce off the glass.


I'm watching an aerial view of the arrival of the Presidential motorcade. Several of the cars start skidding and crashing into each other. Barbara Bush runs out of the one of the cars and wanders off. I try to get Susannah to call after her (since she's her granddaughter).

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My mom & I are walking through a Chinese mall. We walk over a pedestrian bridge to another section of the mall. She wanders off into a restaurant and I call her back. I tell her that this floor is all restaurants & we should go into the shopping area. I also wonder if she would want Korean for dinner. She's dressed in a red Subway shirt & I wonder about restaurants' dress codes.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Susannah, Adam (from the store) and I are are talking with a woman about a murder. I walk slowly around the woman and accuse her of murdering a man. She listens nervously. I show her a knifer and make sure she knows we're willing to use it on her. The knifer is dropped on a table and she glances at it. I grab it before she can take it and put the blad to her bare shoulder. I tell her I'm barely touching her with it and grace her with the tip. Tiny trickles of blood form on her shoulder like sweat. She asks me if people think the man's wife killed him. I tell her that's the "official theory" but we know better.

Later, Susannah is stitching a pattern along her hairline. The woman asks if we'll kill her. I ask Adam (making sure to call him #2 instead of by name) if he's willing to do it.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Friday January 7th, 2004

I’m running through a cattle pen full of zombies. I see the exit ahead & run like mad, leapfrogging several lumbering undead. I also try to outrun other living people and be the only one to make it out alive. As I sprint towards the door, a woman my age makes it out at the same time. We both grab clothes off a display table outside and continue running. I grab her hand along the way & we continue running, even though I’m exhausted.