Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm driving down the highway w/ Susannah when the car slows to a complete stop. I try to hit the gas but can't do it. I step out of the car (it's small like a dune buggy) and back into it and it works but we can't get up to a decent speed. I think we're out of gas and we go as fast as we can. I see a sign for gas at the next exit and we try to get over.

Now I'm on a skateboard & I grab onto a passing bus. The skateboard starts to wobble from the speed and I step off and into the grassy median. I can see the exit and we (my mom & I) decide to walk from here. We carefully go down the steep hilly median and see that we have to cross another 5 lanes of traffic.

We ponder our options when suddenly a bunch of people are crossing from the other side and traffic comes to a stop. We start to cross but see that we have to go down a sheer drop of a brick wall first. I point us to a flight of stairs where all the people (North Korean refugees) are coming up. We keep trying but have trouble at every turn with obstacles, barbed wire and walls.