Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm staying at someone's apartment (in NYC?) when a young gay man & an older straight woman (two of Tim's theater buddies?) come over unannounced. They take over the large queen-sized sleeper couch & I'm forced to spend time elsewhere. I'm very stressed out about something as I wait for the apartment's true tenants to return. I hear someone at the door and I rush to meet them. The tenant ( a yong man) and his friend come in and I pull them aside to tell them that something bad has happened. "You remember what almost happened a while ago? Well, he finally did it." (One of his roommates once apparently almost killed his girlfriend). "And what's worse, two of your friends are sleeping in the bed right on top of her body!" I tell the tenant that he has to distract the two people while his friend helps me move the body. His friend looks unwilling but I strongarm him into it. I hear the two from the couch get up and I rush back into the room. The couch/bed is pristine & made and there's no body in sight. I pull it out from the wall and see only clothes on the floor. I suddenly realize it's late and look at my watch. It's 7:19pm and my flight is at 9:30. I begin to panic since I haven't even packed. It's the last day of my sublet and I can't stay any longer.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm on an organic farm that has its own restaurant. I'm talking to one of the managers about how they can improve their waste management, recycling & composting operations. He takes me around and shows me where some of the composting is done.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm in a high school classroom after hours with a female classmate. We've both either served or just avoided detention and we're getting set to head home. We both have a paper soda cup and we stashe them under the sink in the room, saving them for later.

I head to my locker and find Lydia Harris working my combination. I nudge her aside and open it (36, 36, 18) to get some of my things out. I go find my Beth Moberly and tell her about Lydia's snooping. I offer Beth a ride and she thinks about it briefly. I tell her, "It's a limited time offer. I don't always have the car. And it's child-free for the moment, though seeing the baby might be incentive TO ride with me."

As I start to head out of the building, I try to remember which parking I parked in. It's raining & flooding outside and some of the jocks are playing catch football. As I walk past them, I see Phoebe Cates among the footballers. She's half-naked and looks at me.

As I head downstairs past her, I go to say hello. She comes close to me and I hold her, my hands under her perfect ass. She seems desperate and lonely and asks me if I'd sleep with her. I tell her she's the most beautiful woman I've seen in a long time but I don't want to wreck my marriage. I ask her how she'd like it if and affair broke up her marriage. She tells me that's exactly what happened and brings up sleeping with Oliver's dad. I say, "Wait, I though it was the other way around. Didn't he have an affair on you?" We talk and I continue to caress her body.