Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm standing on a sloped cobblestone street with Josh Weill when Alexandra Litow-Phillips walks by.  Josh notices her and says, "Is that..."  "Uh-huh," I reply.  "Yeah, definitely." Josh says, referring to what I'd said about her being cute before.  We turn around and see her again.  Josh says, "When you first wrote about her, I only Saw Alex and my eyes went straight to Phillips which I read as Fiero."  Alexandra hears us and joins the conversation, saying something about last names that sound alike.

A woman interrupts us to ask about a movie title, something about dinner and a movie.  "Dinner With Friends."I tell her.  She asks me if it's good and I say somewhere between ok and eh.  She tells us she can't go the movie theater and I ask her why not.  She walks us around the corner and points to the skyline.  In the distance we see 3 huge plumes of smoke.  I can see the block where one of the fires is raging.  "Oh no!" I yell, "Is that the Kentucky Theater?!"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm inside a huge mall when I see two men having an altercation.  Others get involved and soon there's a fistfight.  Tom, Lynnette and Susannah are trying to help as I run off to find police.  I get on my cell and call 911.  "I'm in the end of the mall where Pieratt's & Best Buy meet and there's a fight."  

By the time I get back, the fight is over and the men (one of them mall security) have been subdued.  T & L & S are busy looting the Best Buy.  Tom has stacked guitars vertically in several guitar cases and Susannah is running out with arms full of loot.  I tell Tom I won't be a part of this.  "I've stolen stuff before but this is just foolish."

I head outside to find Susannah and Lynnette.  They're loading up our Honda and I head toward the car just as Lynnette leaves.  I get in the car and demand to know what happened after I'd gone to call the police.

Monday, December 08, 2008

I'm walking around outside with someone when I spot judy Dench hiding behind a tree.  We crouch down beside her and she tries to shoo us away.  I see Hillary Clinton and another woman coming after her.  I tell my companion to get get Dame Judy to safety and I emerge to confront the women.  I find a long branch and head toward them.

Now I'm indoors and assaulting the women, beating them into submission.