Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm in a record/electronic store walking the aisles when a bunch of people come in carrying large stereo systems and boom boxes.  They're trying to decipher a tape or CD.  I walk to the front of the store and stand by a display.  A frantic female employee comes to me and yells, "Can I help you?!"  I tell her I'm a new employee on my first day and she seems pleasantly surprised.  I tell her I own the video store down the street and wanted some extra money and to get back into music and games.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm in a huge DVD/record store when someone makes a racist remark to me.  I start challenging their views on race.  Soon a crowd has gathered and I'm preaching to them (like an old-time preacher) about changing their views.  "Don't do it for me, do it for yourselves.  Do it for him," I point to a man, "Do it for her, do it for the kids, do it for them."  I run around the room throwing DVDs into the air & into the people still browsing in the aisles, trying to get their attention.  Once people starting noticing me, I try to lead them into the front of the store where others are gathered.

Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm a woman with a group of adults & kids after some major planetary incident.  We go outside and see giant monsters & robots on every horizon (Gamera, Ghidrah...).  A giant bus pulls up and re try to talk to the refugees inside when a giant robot appears & dumps a ton of cornbread/cornmeal onto the truck.

We run back inside and someone suggests we go up to the roof for a better look.  A couple of kids look out the backdoor (we're in a school?) and see a giant lizard stalking the playground.  I tell the kids to back up and not to go outside.  We see a woman with a kid approaching the door and I tell everyone to back up so she doesn't see us.  She starts walking away and I notice she has a pistol.

Later, I'm getting a seat at a sporting event and my seat is taken up by an older guy sitting backwards & dealing cards to his friends.  I tell them to finish the hand and scoot down and deal me in, "Poker's my favorite sport anyway." I tell them.  I watch one player slowplays his set of fives and the other players laugh about it.

Later, I've been captured by another group of survivors and they want to ask me a series of questions to determine if I'm human.  Someone starts putting clips in my hair & I'm afraid they're going to hook me up to shock treatment.  I push the person away and demand they just ask me their questions.  "Ask me two!"  One person in the crowd ask, "Where you playing with slinkies while the rest of us suffered?"  "No, I'm not a kid so I don't play with slinkies!" I retort.  Another asks, "Are you on the executive list for evacuation?"  "No, but I trained someone who was on the list."  

I head into the bathroom and forget to lock the door.  I go into a stall and open the back door.  There's a window covered in hard plastic and I kick it in and slip outside.

I'm seeing myself from the outside.  I slip out the window and am not sure which way to go.