Sunday, October 23, 2005

A little toddler has run loose and is scurrying under some counters in a restaurant kitchen. I run around trying to find her before she gets burned or hurt. I see a line of children and I keep pulling kids out of the line until I find the right one.

Later, I'm kidnapped a toddler from a family and I'm about to have my way with her. Her family comes to me and consents to my wishes. I have my way with her on a pier as they discuss her financial future. We look through some family reunion pictures. There are lots of very tall people in the photos, including lots of women in some sort of cultural garb. I note to Tom that he has a lot of tall relatives. I also comment that the people look like rednecks even though they're from Indiana.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm on UK's campus trying to find my way to a class. Eventually I get to the store where I work and begin training a new guy. As I show him the ropes, I have to climb up onto a wire shelf and put on music. As I throw on some industrial music, I'm actually DJing a show at WRFL. I tell the new guy that I can train him on this board, that it's an exact replica of WRFL's board. He calls me down to help a customer. She's a rich middle aged woman who asks me how to do something on a SIm City game. I attempt to show her but she gets impatient. As she leaves I tell her that it's a very addictive game. "Addictive? Really?" She asks. "Yeah." I say as I follow her to the door, "Sometimes I get obsessed with ROIs and get excited when my city makes a lot of money."

The songs on the stereo keep ending early & I have to keep climbing back up to put on another song. I find a CD by Afemi Toure and throw on a long track. I ask Susannah if she minds if I go to WRFL to do a show. "I'd love to go." She says. "Oh, you want to come with me?" I ask. I climb down and we head out, leaving the new guy by himself.