Saturday, August 30, 2003

Saturday, August 30th, 2003

I’m in a room late at a night. A tall guy suddenly wakes up and gets up from the floor. He’s a little dazed or drunk. He goes into an office to talk to the sheriff. He asks the sheriff to help him out. The sheriff says he has one last chance to stay out of trouble. The sheriff then says, “I don’t even know why I’m giving you another chance, you’ll just fuck it up.” The guy gets serious and says, “Look, you can help me if you want. But I’m going to try my best to straighten out.”

Friday, August 29, 2003

Friday, August 29th, 2003

I’m going into a house of someone I know. I think I’m house sitting or visiting. I go through the mailbox and pick up a ton of mail. Much of it is a bunch of zines from a zinester I know and like. I’d found one of her zines a while back and wrote her for more (since we hadn’t traded in a long time). I’m very delighted to have so much of her work.

I go inside and realize I’m at the house of two women I know. One of them reminds of Marilyn Oliva (a VFB customer). I offer to make them dinner and they’re pleasantly surprised. I dig through their fridge and find a zip-lock full of tofu. The tofu is mixed with peas and little bits of pork and mushrooms. There are also sliced shitakes in the bag. I suggest we coat the tofu w/ flour & panfry them, then stir-fry them. I ask them if they have any bok choy. They say yes, but then seem unsure. “What does it look like?” one of them asks, picking up a wilted punch of green onions. I look through their fridge and find a small bag full. I ask, “Does anyone know their hot peppers?” One woman says yes and I tell her we have 2 bags full that a friend (Chris Hapka) gave me. We go through the bags and I tell them I think the big ones and the jalapenos are safe but the small green ones and small red ones are really hot. One woman puts a big one to her nose like a fake mustache.


I’m talking to a friend whose father is a farmer. He’s telling me about how his dad’s crop is premature and he had to artificially speed up the maturation so he could sell the crop. I ask him if that worked out ok. He says no. He says it’s like buying a car that breaks down on the way home instead of simply not starting on the sales lot.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Wednesday, August 27th, 2003

I’m in a classroom with some friends. The teacher asks me to come up and teach the lesson. It’s some fairly simple math but I have a little bit of trouble explaining it. From the back row, George raises his hand and asks if he can have some water. I point him to the water cooler in the side of the room. The bell rings and the teacher nonchalantly tells me I did a good job. The class disperses and I look for my friends to have lunch with. Out in the hallway, I see Susannah coming out of another classroom. She’s walking with Lucy or Elise to one side and a crutch to the other. She’s has one foot up, not touching the ground. I go to help her and ask everyone where they want to eat.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Monday, August 25th, 2003

I’m on a cruise ship being confronted by a drug dealer. He’s a combination of Milton from Office Space, Tobey from American Splendor and a street thug. He’s talking about ratting me out to the authorities. I knock him down and press my fist (or foot) against his head. I then write out a contract stating that he’ll not rat me out. I also stipulate that if/when he sees me in the future, he’ll turn around and walk away. He is defiant and says he won’t do it.

I finish writing out the note and he looks at it. It has a prescription written out for him. He’s suspicious of me and I smile slyly, trying to make him think I’ve gotten one over on him.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Sunday, August 24th, 2003

I’m holed up in an apartment on a high floor with someone else. There are lots of female assassins outside about to make their way in. We’re trying to lock all the doors and load our guns.


I’m in a bedroom with a young Indian woman and two young guys. We’re talking about all the women AJ has dated. The Indian woman and the tall guy are going through all the names and talking about which ones they liked and didn’t like. The woman asks me to close the door. I say, “Oh, do we want to get into it?” I’m assuming we’re going to bitch about AJ. I close the door and come back. The woman quickly sucks something off her toe as she talks. I say to the tall guy (who’s a friend of AJ), “Well, maybe he confides in you, he certainly doesn’t with me.”

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Thursday, August 21st, 2003

I’m living in a house with AJ, Tom & Lynnette and Emmanuel Lewis. We’re trying to figure out who’s going to move out first.


I’m at a farmhouse where we’re all getting ready for a wedding or big dinner. My mom is there but too busy to talk to me. Tamara is there and she’s helping with some of the crops or yard work. I’m intrigued by her interest in farming.


I’m in a high school/prison trying to keep things calm. I’m sort of a prisoner and sort of a guard. I try several times to break up fights. I ask myself why I’m getting into harm’s way but feel it’s my duty to help.

Everyone is gathered together for some prisoners to give testimony. One prisoner approaches the warden (my dad?) and points to the warden’s written agenda and says he won’t testify on this and that. I ask him why. He says he was given immunity. I ask him, “For what? For stopping a fight?” He nods. “Well, if we gave immunity in exchange for not fighting, everyone in here would have immunity.” I say loudly so everyone can hear. “We don’t want this motherfucker’s testimony, do we?” The warden agrees and we push the prisoner aside. He’s a bit crestfallen.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Wednesday, August 20th, 2003

I’m at home trying to watch a movie. There are lots of friends and family around and they keep asking me what the movie is about. I tell them it’s a series about a guy who loses his girlfriend/wife and has to go home to deal with it. My mom asks me if he works in a funeral home. I tell her it’s not Six Feet Under. Everyone starts crowding into the small living room to watch it and I go outside.

There is a movie theater nearby and I’m looking for my brother. He’s trying to see if the movie is playing there. We see huge lines of people going in for several different premieres. Many are dressed in strange costumes, some in KKK garb. I find it strange but not disturbing. As we head into the lobby of the theater, I see a young woman in KKK white peek out the door. She’s got one breast slightly hanging out and her hand covering it. She tosses a small bomb into the crowd outside. I make a mad dash away from the bomb. It goes off with a small boom. No one is hurt. I find my brother in the crowd and we’re both relieved. I run inside after the bomber and try to find her. The lobby of the theater looks like a mall with lots of people milling about. I see her near some payphones. She’s still holding her breasts as if it’s injured. I look around for a security guard but only see a janitor. I run to him and frantically ask him to find a guard. I tell him what’d just happened and that we needed to catch the girl before she got away.

Finally, a man and a woman come down to investigate. They peek at the bomber from around a corner. She’s now on the phone and seems very upset. My brother and I are trying to get a good look at her through a window in a different room. A bunch of our friends appear and we usher them into the room to update them on the situation. Cody/Molly is wearing Everett in the baby Bjorn. Lynnette and others are also there. They are aware of the bombing but not aware that we have the bomber in sight.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Monday, August 18th, 2003

I’m in a house with a young woman who’s helping me get ready to fly somewhere.

Later, I’m acting as an attaché for a Major on a military mission. It’s either a favor to him or a favor to me (to keep me out of trouble). We discuss the plan of attack. He informs me we’re moving out and I rush to get ready. I have to take some pill before I go so I run to the bathroom. I scramble to grab a pill but then end up getting it all wet and making it unusable.

Eventually, I get caught up with the rest of the troops. We’re riding on the back of a transport and I’m chitchatting with the other troops. One of them is Barry Pepper (from Saving Private Ryan). He’s telling me the story of the Major (or another soldier) dealing bravely with pepper spray (or some other endurance exercise). I’m soaking in the story like a new recruit.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Sunday, August 17, 2003

I’m in a car with friends driving through the snow. There’s a middle-aged woman standing in the street near the curb talking to someone. She has her arms up and I reach out to touch/slap them as we pass her (narrowly missing her). Her arms lock with mine and she is flung into the backseat of our convertible. We find it slightly amusing as we stop and help her out of the car. She is very angry and says something that causes a big reaction in me (something having to do with gender or sexuality). I jump out of the car and confront her while my friends think I should just let it go. The woman is startled by my approach and starts retreating back to where she stood. I pursue her, asking her aggressively why she said what she did. She retreats into a house and I’m locked out by the screen door.

Back at the car, I reload my bags into the car and we try to resume our roadtrip. Everyone is telling me to put the incident behind me. Suddenly, a group of butch female athletes appear behind us and one of them kicks our car and says something. Again, I get upset and exit the car to confront them. They are friends of the woman I confronted earlier. I ask one of the women why she kicked our car. She says something snide, then quotes a line from an Ani Difranco song. I ask her if she has a response other than quoting song lyrics. She says something about it behing a “Wei Ming song”. I tell her it’s an Ani Difranco song. She says the first time she heard it, it was read by Wei Ming. I ask her when she first heard it. She says at her wedding.

Later, I’m attempting to have anal sex with an unindentified/disembodied woman. I enter her with the aid of a little Vaseline and start thrusting deeply. It feels incredible. I see an image of the bottom of a car/train sliding back & forth inside a sheath of skin. I begin to sense I’m about to cum and start panicking. I tell myself to wake up before I do and frantically try to wake my meta-dream self (while actually trying to wake up).

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Friday, August 15th, 2003

As the blackout ends, I'm running around the house as power is restored, one appliance at a time.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Thursday, August 14th, 2003

I’m inside with a large group of family & friends. I’ve just finished receiving an award of some kind. We’re gathered around the door getting set to leave. I have to go to work but I’m trying to think of places where everyone else can have brunch. As I try to think of nearby eateries, someone mentions that it’s already 3pm and most places may not be serving brunch anymore. I suggest Banania at Smith and Butler (which is wrong). Having trouble thinking of more places, I tell everyone just to follow me as I go to work and I can point out places as we go.
Tuesday, August 12th, 2003

I’m in the store with another male employee. We’re keeping our eyes on a suspicious white couple in their early 30s. I see them open a safe behind the counter & take some money. They continue browsing and I motion for the other employee to arrest them. We’re now cops and I remove handcuffs from my belt & approach the woman. I ask to look in her purse. She’s slightly surprised but agrees. I root through it and find a deposit envelope full of money. I put the cuffs on her (with some difficulty as they are smaller than normal). The other employee/cop cuffs the man and we usher them into the bathroom to wait for other cops to take them away. The woman says that they were just pulling a prank. I tell her it’s not a very funny prank. The other cop/employee tells me the man also made some weak excuse. In the bathroom, I root through the woman’s purse and the man’s pockets for their keys. I take both sets (very large rings of keys) to try them on the safe. I call over a third employee, a young black man named Brian, to watch the suspects. At the safe, I start trying all the small keys to find the one that fits. I suspect the employee I fired (the white Brian) of giving them the key to the safe.
Monday, August 11th, 2003

I’m in a room with a number of people. A man is talking about me, “Now, what shall we make Dan wear?” They bring in my dad, who’s tired and beaten down (not assaulted, just tired and weary). “Go dress like him.” The man says. My dad is dressed in a suit but the buttons are out of order and he looks like a fool. I gently take his suit, vest and shirt off and get set to put the outfit on. As I open is shirt, I see a large scar the size and shape of the back of an ear. It looks fleshy & tender. I get enraged that someone would do this to him. I grab a Subway knife and threaten the man. “How can you do this to your own son?!” I yell. The man is now my father. He’s sitting on a couch with Susannah and my grandmother. I scream about him while waving the knife about. I slash the wall with the knife and he looks surprised. Susannah laughs (though I still believe she’s taking me seriously.
Friday, August 8th, 2003

I’m in a school/bank that I’m trying to escape. I’m with two other people trying to find a secret passage out. We go into a large bathroom to find a hidden tunnel in the wall. There is some tension among us and we bicker a bit. The further back we head in the bathroom, the more it looks like a storeroom. In the very back of the room, we find a table against the wall. Just behind the table is a hole in the wall filled with electronics. We wonder when it was filled up as we try to pull the electronics out. Suddenly, we hear someone come in.

A young woman sees us and approaches, asking if we’re doing the lizard or the frog project. We walk up and try to play it off. We start a friendly conversation about the projects and she shows us her lizard. It’s sitting in a bowl with lots of tiny bugs that it feeds on.

Later, we’re sneaking through another room when one of my companions tries to distract a few people at their desks. The people are asking about me. I hide behind a shelf and try to sneak a look at them but they see me. I slink away.

I’m now on the floor near a jewelry counter. The people at the counter are discussing a huge rip-off that just occurred. One of them says there’s a $73 million shortfall. I notice lots of little diamonds on the floor by the counter and start putting them on the counter. I tell the people that these look like fakes and might have something to do with the heist. I’m also relieved because we were planning to pull off this heist and would’ve gotten caught if we had. I end up scooping up all the diamonds off the ground.

One of the people mentions a company marathon we just held. A black woman asks an Asian man, “Did you learn any lessons during that race?” “Yeah,” I interrupt, “Don’t discourage Dan when he’s trying to do something serious.”
Thursday, August 7th, 2003

I’m in a house with Adam, Susannah, my parents, May, my grandmother and other family and friends. We’re trying to schedule social activities. Susannah gets frustrated and doesn’t think we have time to do everything and see everyone. I tell everyone, “Look, everyone here came all the way out here… twice… for our wedding. I’m sure we’ll figure it all out.” We all start heading out. May pulls on my sleeve and asks if she can leave. I see AJ (who looks like he’s in his 60s with white hair) holding Everett or Max. I feel something on my head and turn to look. My mom has a gun to my head and laughs, “Don’t worry, it’s fake.”


I’m in a courtyard with some other people. One woman is fooling around with a long, bolt-action rifle. I take it from her and fiddle with it. “Man, can you imagine firing this thing?” I say, “It’s so long, especially with the bayonet on.” I pretend to fire it and reload it with ball & powder. I then open the bolt & look in the chamber. I notice there are several live rounds in it, little silver bullets - most of them pointed the wrong way. I tell everyone I’m glad the woman (Hollis Bulleit from Henry Clay?) didn’t actually fire the rifle. Then I say that the gun probably would’ve been fine sine the hammer would’ve struck the tip of the bullet which had no gunpowder in it.

Someone calls us over to see a shipment of more guns. We’re all given toy AK-47’s for a game. I try mine out and say, “Hey, it even makes that corny noise, just like the one I had as a kid.” I walk around the courtyard and notice lots of military books and things on shelves. I ask someone opening boxes of parachutes if they’re real. He asks me why we would have fake parachutes. I walk from shelf to shelf, looking at all the books. The lighting is dim and spotty. I wonder if everything is for sale or if I can just take some of it.
Wednesday, August 6th, 2003

I’m looking at pictures of me crossing swords with people at a formal event (maybe my wedding?).
Tuesday, August 5th, 2003

I’m in the store when a kid comes up to pay for a video. I take his money and give him a receipt. The receipt has some purchases he made in the past.

Later, an older woman comes up to me with her membership application and wants to add another family member to her account. I notice she already has Gerry & Sue Noblitt on her account. I ask her if she’s had a chance to see them while they were in town. She says something unrelated. She starts coming back behind the counter and I tell her to get back.


I’m in a room talking to a Nazi officer. As he’s talking to me, he’s sneaking a small cube out of his pocket and trying to plant it in my office/store.

Later, I’m with Marcia McClosky (a VFB customer) at a fetish/lingerie store trying to find a pouch for the tiny cube. While there, I start fantasizing about having sex with her.
Sunday, August 3rd, 2003

I’m working in the store (which is also a restaurant). I’m waiting on a young woman who’s finishing her meal and filling out her membership application. I notice she’s scribbled lots of names as additional authorized renters. I go over the names with her to make sure I can read them all. They’re all unusual names. She tells me I can clear her table of everything except the coffee she brought in from Veniero’s. I clear her table and head towards the front of the store. The store/restaurant is set up like a classroom with a series of medium-length tables. Susannah is sitting at a table in the second row. Since I’m busy cooking up some Chinese vegetables and pork, I motion for Susannah to make her rounds and see if anyone needs anything. There are lots of posters on the wall near the front of the store. I try to rearrange our small master prints so they display better.
Wednesday, July 30th, 2003

AJ & I are trying to get somewhere. We take a shortcut through a potato chip factory.


I’m at my parent’s house in winter. I ask to borrow a car so I can go visit Susannah’s grandmother and my grandmother. As I drive through our neighborhood, I see a man bowling himself through his yard. He hits a small fence and knocks over a small old man (maybe his father?). No one is hurt and everyone seems amused.
Tuesday, July 29th, 2003

I’m at a dinner function with AJ. The owner of the restaurant brings out a magnificent sword inscribed with Chinese characters. We both notice she has thee red Chinese characters tattooed on hr chest – just above her breasts. AJ translates the characters and says it’s a commemoration of the 1982 (?) Olympics in China.
Thursday, July 24th, 2003

I wake up in a hotel room (or someone else’s house). I realize I’d left a small bottle of lotion in the bed and it’d left small stains on the sheets. I try to lift the sheets off so the cleaning people will change it. AJ (or another male) is staying in the room with me.

I go out to have breakfast and see my mom busy in the kitchen. I see tons of food, mostly meat, chicken, ribs, etc, on the tables. I ask her about the ribs and she says they’re from Subway. “Oh, those fake things.” I say. “Yeah, but they’re ok.” She says.


I’m in a small plane piloted by Alan Cumming. He leaves his pilot’s seat and stands at the front to look out the window (like in the lead car of a subway train). We’re flying over a beach, dropping lower and lower. We skim over the heads of people and even go under some bridges. I’m impressed (though not alarmed) at how low we are. Later, I relate this story to someone.
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003

I’m inside an office building watching workers taking breaks at their desks. Two coworkers start having sex on a desk. They are nervous and awkward but also passionate and brazen (since there are no walls or partitions around them). The woman is mostly lying on her back on the desk. The man tears her skirt off and enters her.

Another coworker is going through the room collecting paperwork from all the desks. He is coming closer and closer to the couple. They stop and hope he doesn’t see them. The coworker is almost upon them when he suddenly turns and leaves. The lovers are relieved and continuing fucking. Behind them, I suddenly see another couple fucking at another desk. They too had stopped but now continue. Finding this funny, I laugh.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003

I’m talking to a young black teenager about a computer game we can’t beat. It’s a game he designed that threatening world security (ala Wargames). He’s overweight and awkward. I ask him why he didn’t figure out how to defeat it while he was creating it. We joke about its marketability. The teenager is getting a hard-on and is trying to cover it up with his t-shirt (he’s only wearing a t-shirt and tighty whities).

I’m now at a dinner with Susannah and some friends. I look at the time and realize I have to go open the store (my watch says 11 AM though I realize it’s an hour behind). I ask Susannah (who’s just a friend) if she can cover for me since I have to run. She tries to tally up the bill and says I owe $5. I get irritated and quickly root through my pocket. I hand her a $20 and tell her she can owe me. I run out of the basement restaurant and head towards a train/subway station. I realize I have to pee and run back inside the bar/restaurant. I run down into a part of the bar with pool tables and bathroom stalls scattered about. I run into a stall and start urinating (while trying to cover up my penis with my hand since there are other people around).

A couple comes in and the man walks off, leaving the young woman standing by my stall. I become one of the male characters from American Pie. I continue pissing while my face turns toward the woman. She is wearing a white dress with the front cut open from her neck to her crotch (ala J-Lo’s green dress). I try to propose to her but the flower she holds wilts at my approach.
July 17th, 2003

I'm at the store (though it's set up outdoors). Two black men & a black woman are robbing us at gunpoint. She has a gun to my back as I’m emptying the register. The store is also a bank and the two men are emptying all the other tills. When they finish and run off, I go after them.

I catch up with the woman in a bathroom and attack her, subduing her quite easily. A young black police detective is helping me apprehend her. I’m also a detective. I tell the woman she’s going to help me find her accomplices though she denies having any. “Who were those two guys then?” I ask, “You’re telling me that they got away with the bulk of the money and left you here on your own?”

We sit with her in a train station near the bank and wait for backup. Suddenly, one of the other robbers comes around the corner, sees me and runs through the revolving doors into an office building.

I yell for my fellow officer to go after him. He’s slow to react and I have to yell for him to go. He finally runs after him.

I’m getting very anxious and want to join him but can’t leave my quarry. I see two police officers on horseback ride into the station (which is now a movie theater). I wave them down. They stop abruptly and direct me to a female officer in the room.

She’s handing out tickets (or something) and I approach her to explain my situation. “Listen,” I say breathlessly, “I’m an undercover detective and I have one of the bank robbers in here (a large paper sack). My partner just went in that building after another robber and I need to help him. I’ve been waiting for backup but they haven’t gotten here yet. Can you please watch her while I go?”

She says she’s here for some minor disturbance at the theater and is skeptical about me being a detective.

I feel a little insecure about the amateurish way I’m speaking to her.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

July 16th, 2003

I've infiltrated an enemy compound. I'm disguised and snooping around along with some other agents. I look into a murky fishtank at some large prawns. One of them has large bites missing from its body.

I'm standing against a huge glass enclosure. Inside it is a female agent chipping her way out. I stand near it as a lookout and give her an "OK" signal. Suddenly, an enemy (Nazi?) comes near and I stand to block his view of where she is in the tank. The glass is tinted dark black and the area where she is chipping would reveal her if not for me blocking it. With my hands behind me, I signal for her to stop but she keeps chipping away at the spot. Overhead, I see a monitor showing that exact spot. It's an image/symbol of a skull (like Castle Greyskull or Skeletor from He-Man). The agent in the tank comes out, now a dashing, older military man with grey hair.

Along with three other agents my age, we're gathered around trying to quickly decide on an escape plan. The older agent says he knows the way down and out of here. I also remember a different way but decide to go with his.

We run through some factory-like rooms and send ourselves quickly down small ladder shafts (like in a submarine). We're talking as we go, sharing some history and camaradery. Cody is one of the other young agents. he refers to me as a brother-in-arms. We're also all very well-educated academics. Someone mentions a woman we all know (the older gent's daughter?) and the effect she has on our group dynamic. "What effect?" I joke. The older agent says a similiar woman broke up his group some 30 years ago. We're all bummed at the prospect of disbanding.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Tuesday, July 15th, 2003

I'm in a room playing a computer game. A Lord of the Rings-type group is gathered around talking. I leave the computer and join them. They're talknig about whether or not to continue their journey. The dwarf (though taller and with a skinnier face than Gimli) says that he's been through man an adventure but he's up for many more. The mood in the room is positive. I notice the room is poorly lit and wonder if the shot (since we're in a movie) will turn out well.

The rgoup heads outside. I joke to one of them about staying inside where it's nice and warm. I pull on a coat and head out with them. It's chilly outside, winter is just beginning to set. One member of our group is Archangel from the X-Men. I ask him why they didn't give him his wings and let him fly in the first two (X-Men) movies. I joke that they might as well have made his hair blue and called him Beast. He says he's confident that the director will give him a bigger role in this (the 3rd) movie.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Monday, July 14th, 2003

I'm in a large house or building. We're about to engage in some role-playing scenario where the women would act as prostitutes in a harem. I go around to the various rooms to check if everyone is prepared.

Later, I'm with Susannah and a young woman who reminds me of Christina Applegate. I'm trying to get them both in bed with me.
Sunday, July 13th, 2003

My dad is talking/narrating a story about the first time he saw a woman. He's talking about his new wife (but not neccesarily about Vanessa). "Who knew that I would get into that free cookie line."

Later, I'm reading a journal/blog of my dad. He apparently contemplated suicide during May and June of 2002.

A few entries:

5/20/02: Considered the possibility seriously.
5/22/02: Went skydiving a few times with friends.
5/24/02: Conditions not right.
6/1/02: Weather bad, can't drive.
6/12/02: Thinking alot lately, can't do it.
Saturday, July 12th, 2003

I'm on a surreal beach-like place with some other people. Someone's asking me about why I like to fly kites. Suddenly, a giant kite appears and I rush to gain control of it. The kite is an extremely long white sheet.


I'm being beckoned by a woma with a boxful of candy. She breaks off a few pieces of chocolate and starts telling me a joke. I interrupt her and giver her the punchline. She seems annoyed. I ask her how much I owe her. She tells me whatever I want to pay is fine. I put $1.50 in her box.


I'm at Tom & Lynnette's and I'm getting ready to leave. Tom says someone needs to go with me because he only has one set of keys.
Friday, July 11th, 2003

I'm at home waiting for Lucy & Susannah to come back. I find a sparkler and light it up. It burns up fast and I have to drop it before it burns my hand. As it sparkles, little silver flakes fall all over the floor. I start sweeping it up. As I sweep through the house, I find lots of rings under various tables. I pick them up, noting that some of them have been missing for some time. I hear Susannah coming up the stairs and go to greet her. She says, "I thought you'd be playing a video game."
Thursday, July 10th, 2003

I'm working in a room where two girls are giving Alyssa Milano/Susannah a makeover. They're all on a bed by a large open window. Alyssa has her shirt open and no panties on. I get aroused and jump into the bed. I start fondling her breasts and sucking her her nipples while I fonder her ass. Then I start sucking on another girl's clit through the zipper on her pants. After a few seconds, I leave to go pee.

In the bathroom, I notice the toilet is a metal wire basket. I adjust something on it and my toothbrush and tooth paste keep falling into it.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Sunday, July 6th, 2003

I'm watching/living a movie based on a book by a high school classmate. I'm on UK's campus trying to find the Smith Arts Building. I go over to a campus map where I see Chad Klusek (from Henry Clay High) standing. I find the building on the map and head towards it. The building is large and one side of it looks like a loading dock. I go inside and see a few students and teachers working in the hallways. I walk around trying to find a way into the main building.

I'm now watching the author's life play out in front of me. He's strung out and sleeping on the lawn when a car pulls up, its headlights shining on him. Some drug dealers/gangsters come out and pull him into the car. One of them brandishes two large kitchen knives. He jumps in the car and proceeds to stab the author.

Back at the art building, some students are helping bandage his wounds (in his shoulder). He ties the bandage and starts to leave the building. A teacher (Anjelica Huston) turns around and asks where he went.

Now a young girl's voice narrates, "And then you came straight for me?" she says excitedly. The young man (author) is flying over the streets of Lexington.

I'm looking at an old part of town with Susannah (like we're watching all this in a movie theater). She tells me this building near us is an old "ice house". We watch as a mechanism on the wall works and opens the side of the building like a garage door. Inside is a shop/factory where lots of people are working. One man is grilling food.

I tell Susannah that I've been watching a movie based on a book by a Lexington author. She says, "Great, I always miss the good stuff." i notice her arms are scaley and smooth and snake-like, with speckles of different colors - gold, brown & black. I ask her if she used sunscreen and she says no. I chide her gently for it, adding that she has her mother's skin.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Friday, July 4th, 2003

I'm in a hotel room with Susannah, a woman who's staying with me, and one of our regular male customers. We're helping the woman by letting her stay here since she's in some kind of trouble.

The guy starts asking me about an import CD. I start writing down the info to look into it for him. He starts giving me a whole list of titles to order. As I try to keep up in my notepad, I tell him to repeat a title I missed. (I'm lying in the bed and he's standing over me as we do this) He starts yelling at me, "I just told you the title! Try and keep up!" I get out of the bed and tell him sternly not to yell at me.

Now the woman starts acting up, yelling and throwing our things around. To restrain her, I throw her onto the bed. I get on the phone to the police but can't get through. I hang up and say to the two of them, "Well, it's your lucky day. I can't get through to the police so get the hell out of here!"

I kick them out of our room. The woman leaves without most of her clothes and belongings. I grab some of her things and get ready to throw them outside at her. Susannah tells me not to bother. I go outside the room but don't see them. Instead of throwing her things out, I bring them back into the room and toss them onto the floor.

I'm extremely pissed at how rude they both were. Susannah seems less fazed and says, "They're just assholes." I tell her that customers have always been a pain but never that rude.


I'm trying to remember my day with AJ but realize we never ended up going to the Cyclones game. Then I realize we never went to see T3 either.
Thursday, July 3rd, 2003

I'm in the bathroom of a school. I've removed sections of the shower stall and I've been able to dive down deep inside a series of tunnels. I've been able to travel down quite a ways thanks to a series of instructions I'm getting along the way.

Deep inside, I watch as my wedding ring (or some other important item) slips down into a snowbank. I pass a deep-sea diving vehicle inbedded in the snow. It becomes clear what I must do. I have to wait until the snow melts to dive down and retrieve my item. I make my way quickly back up to the top.

I leave the bathroom to look for a teacher (Jennifer Milich?) to get more directions and help getting back down there. I pass through several offices but can't find her. In one office, a man stops me. He's on a desk trying to string up some clocks or artwork to the ceiling. He asks me to help. I begin to help but realize I have no time. I tell him so and leave.


I'm bringing lunch back to the office to eat. I need to talk to my boss Jeanne (from SF Gate) so I head to her desk. She's eating lunch with Pete Hrabak (from WRFL) and another person. I go into the bathroom to get a chair. When I come out, they've arranged their chairs so I can't sit with them.
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2003

I'm in a large warehouse looking for Susannah. Someone tells me she just left. I head out after her and see security guards also trying to find her. Trying not to get spotted, I head towards a nearby loading dock. I see Richard Bryan (from Amoeba) walking toward a large garbage bin. I follow him as he clears away some of the trash and shows me a secret, narrow tunnel entrance to the basement levels. He squeezes himself through as I hold the entrance open. We both get through with much difficulty.

Instead of a basement, I end up outside next to a warehouse/factory. I'm devising a way in using clothes hangers. Someone inside (a guard?) hears me and I have to hide against the building wall.

Monday, June 30th, 2003

I'm at school where a science teacher has failed me. I suspect some greater conspiracy and go look for this teacher to expose her plot. I run around campus with a group of supporters trying to find out who and where she is.

We run up an incline paved with bricks and enter a hotel. It's run by a supervillain and I'm searching for his office. I'm with a group of ordinary working people who support me. We end up in a room where the supervillain is disguised as one of us. I tell everyone to leave the room. As we exit and run around the corner, I yell for the last person to close and lock the door. The last person doesn't do this and I and a few others run back to confront the supervillain. He's become a young Asian man who can kill or incapcitate a person by tripping them. The three or four of us start running away from him, trying to avoid getting close enough to him to be tripped.

He catches up to us and confronts me. He now has a few Chinatown gang members helping him. One of the young gangsters tells me he's helping the supervillain for money and that 10 years in SF (referring to a prison there) is worth the risk. I start mocking him, "Oh, SF is great, I lived there for a while, though not for 10 years. It's worth it if you try all the restaurants." The gang member gets tired of my talking and lunges for me. I grab him by his neck, spin him around and slam his head against the curb, saying, "Now what are you gonna do?" This impresses my supporters.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Sunday, June 29th, 2003

I'm working at the store with Susannah when two black men come in. The shorter guy is wearing an orange knit cap. The larger guy is wearing a ski mask and has a glock in a shoulder holster. He looks at me and pats his gun. I'm overwhelmed with nervousness and fear. I consider opening the safe but pop the drawer instead. I start handing them cash, mostly stacks of ones. I'm frustrated that we have so much cash in the drawer. As I hand them money, I notice lots of pennies in the bill slots.

A customer comes up to the register, oblivious to the robbery, and wants to check out. I ignore him and finish giving the robbers the money. They finally leave and I grab the phone and follow them out.

Outside, I see them walking casually through crowds of people. I have truoble dialin 911 but finally get through. I tell them we've just been robbed but I get disconnected before I can give descriptions of the men. I lose the men in the crowds but keep trying to reconnect with the police.

I walk back to the store as it's getting dark. I pass a small white car pulling into an apartment complex parking lot. I see my dad & Vanessa inside the car. I consider telling my dad about the robbery but continue back to the store instead. As I walk, I'm still trying to redial the police but keep punching in the wrong numbers. My dad calls me on the phone, wanting to talk about something. I tell him I have to call him back later.
Friday, June 27th, 2003

I meet a young woman with lots of scars on her fair skin. Their origins are mysterious. I show her the scar on my wrist.


I'm back working at Digital City/AOL. After a while of killing time on the internet, I go over to Josh's cubicle to talk. I tell him I mainly came back for job security and health insurance but that even after just one day of it, I can't stand it already. I ask him if anyone would notice if I just stopped coming in. "Did you tell anyone you were coming back?" He asks. I tell him no. "Then just don't show up anymore." I ask him if he's looked at my wedding pictures yet. He says no. I get online to show him the Ofoto picutres but realize I haven't uploaded most of the pictures yet. Instead, I show him some random pictures of kids and zoo animals. Kara Lane (from Amoeba) comes to my cubicle and tells me how happy she is that I'm back. I give Josh a knowing look. The pictures on the internet look like graphic illustrations - a mix of drawings anf photos. One series depicts me in comic situations with a fat cat. The cat's sleeping basket has a sign that says "Time For Chocolate Cheese". This amuses Kara & Josh greatly.

Tuesday, June 24th, 2003

I'm trying to find a house in the suburbs of Mount Pleasant. Somehow I overshoot the neighborhood and wind up in a depressed industrial part of town. I start walking in the right direction, first through a factory yard, then into a large parking garage. I get a little turned around and ask a couple of construction workers for directions. They point me in the right direction. I go down some stairs to the garage exit. I see people going through a window and I head that way. As I squeeze myself through the window, the female attendant standing by it tells me this is the line for the shuttle bus to the Mount Pleasant Airport. I tell her I'm just trying to exit the garage.

Once outside, I try to get my bearings. I notice the road I've been trying to follow is Elise Road.
Friday, June 20th, 2003

I get out of bed and ger ready for my day. As I brush my hair, I notice I have a huge bald section in the middle of my hair (like someone shaves a reverse mohawk in the front of my head. I'm very upset and ask Susannah to look at it. I ask her if there is any hair there at all. She says no. I realize I can cover it up if I brush my hair a certain way but it's easily revealed. I wonder how long it's been like this and consider shaving my head.
Sunday, June 15th, 2003

I'm on a bus where a black woman is talking to the driver. The driver says the woman should like him because he's black and has good hair. She blows him off and goes to another row to confiscate a radar gun from a young black man. Inside the large, transluscent radar gun is a real gun. I get nervous and pat myself down. I realize I'm also carrying a gun. Then I get nervous about my gun and wonder if the safety's on.