Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Had a 2-part dream this morning.

part one: I was flirting with a woman who looked like (or was) Aishwarya Rai (an Indian actress). But she seemed as though she was someone I went to high school with or knew. We kept touching fingers, trying not to let other people see.

part two: I went to her house to use the bathroom. I remembering noticing the window sill behind the toilet. It had cracked white paint coming off the wood.

that's all.

Saturday, July 21, 2001

I only remember a few minutes of my dream this morning.

I was walking fast through a mall. As I passed an info kiosk in the middle of the mall, a plain-clothed cop walked up to me & grabbed my arm. I knew he was after me & started to quickly explain my situation. I told him that I was coerced into pulling off a heist with my partner and that I had to go through with it or he'd kill me. I told him that he could tail us and let us do the crime then arrest us both. I would turn him in with evidence in exchange for a plea. The cop followed me up an escalator. I suddenly realized I was going the wrong way & jump off onto a down escalator. He followed in pursuit but was hampered by all the people in the way. I ran off the escalator and around the corner. The mall started to look like an airport. I ducked into a bathroom thinking it would have another exit (a reference to bathrooms I've dreamt about in the past that were huge and had multiple entrances.

that's it.

influences: The Score.

Saturday, July 14, 2001

the things a full bladder will make you dream...

I was wandering some hotel or restaurant looking for a bathroom. I rounded a corner and found it, but there were 4 or 5 guys waiting to use it. I left, not wanting to wait. Then I suddenly realized that I wasn't wearing any pants. I pulled my shirt down as far as I could and kept walking. I saw RW & Fred in front of me, walking like a couple, arm in arm. I followed them back toward the bathroom. I really had to go now. But now the line had grown, to at least 15 people. I got really agitated.

I woke up & went the bathroom.

later, right before waking:

I dreamt about Arnold Schwarzenegger. He had an extra head that came out of his right shoulder. He was on the run, trying to figure out who'd done this to him. I watched him run through a futuristic city, much like Rouge City in "A.I."

that's that.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

I had one of the most intense and sad dreams I've ever had. I just woke up, my chest feeling constricted and tears in my eyes.

It started out with me getting off work and meeting friends/old classmates for dinner. For some reason it was really early in the morning and we were looking for a sushi restaurant. I remember going to an ATM (except it looked like a vending machine) and seeing Nancy Hom. We finally decided on some place and ate there.

Later I wanted to take a picture of everyone. As I composed the shot and tried to get everyone in the shot, people started wandering away, so instead I took several different shots of different groups of people. It felt like the last day of summer camp.

I was then coming home with a few friends/roommates to my high rise apartment. We went up one flight of stairs, then waited for the elevator. When the elevator finally opened, there was a man who was beheaded lying in a pool of blood. A few cops were examing him. My friends and aI were repulsed and scared for our lives. We wandered around the building with the other residents, talking. I talked with someone about moving out of the building, maybe out of the city.

I was in the lobby holding a wooden sword, then decided it probbly wasn't a good idea to be waving that around. Then someone implied that I was a suspect. I went directly to the source of that rumor, someone that seemed like a cop or the building manager. They said the suspect had long hair in a ponytail and streaks in his hair. I began by saying how I was always a target. I also gave my alibi, saying that there were people that could vouche for my whereabouts for the entire day. I then noticed that police had opened part of the ceiling of the room and found lots of punk rock paraphenalia. I immediately began defending the stuff, saying we shouldn't be so quick to judge, that being punk didn't mean you were a killer. I also thought, "I don't like punk, don't they know that?" but didn't say anything.

Later, we were watching an aquarium-like projection on the screen. It was supposed to represent statistics on murders and their proximity to workplaces. Images of giant ants floated down into the water, followed by giant grasshoppers and seaweed.

Later, a group of us were stuck in a large building and we had to fight our way out. There were creatures that could easily kill us and I saw classmates and friends being cut down. I ran to the door, mostly watching others struggle to escape. When I approached the exit, I saw te dead bodies of Marilyn Monroe, Hitler, Stalin and other historical figures. I watched as my best friend (could tell who) fought a historical figure, but ended up being impaled by an electric sword (like a chainsaw). He didn't die, but instead sat down, injured. I helped him to his feet and walked him through the exit. I told me I'd give it a try, see if he'd survive the transition. As we walked out, I saw Cody and someone else who'd been inside and had escaped. He waved. I was ecstatic. I asked if he could see my friend. He said no, and that there were many others like that, friends only he could see. Ghosts. I was heart-broken. My friend then said to me something about there being a special connection between 2 people. He then said goodbye, or see you later, to give it less finality.

I then flipped through a classmates pictures. Holding them at different angles, I could see other people, ghosts. Another friend (or ghost) waited beside me, wanting to see the pictures. I was overwhelmed with sadness.

I can already see the various sources of this dream , but still wonder how I came to dream something so sad.

Tuesday, July 03, 2001

this morning's dream was very intense and very vivid. Amazingly so.

I was riding in a car or back of a truck with a couple, we were on the run from the law. There was a cop following us on a horse or motorcycle. Someone, I can't remember if it was me or not, pulled out a .357 and shot him. The aim wasn't all that good but the shot got him in the head. He fell from his horse/bike. Later, we were hiding out in some small town, the couple was nowhere to be found. I was hiding out in some woman's house. She tried to hide me away when she saw police coming to her door. It was a country sheriff wanting to ask me some questions. I didn't run away in time so I had to talkt to him. I mentioned a few things to him about the incident, as if I'd heard it on the news, but not much more. I implied I had nothing to do with the shooting. I then asked to go to the bathroom, he followed and waiting outside. I looked out the window and saw a tree next to the larger of the 2 windows. I contemplated escaping but decided not to. Then, I saw a black man on the roof next door. I knew he was a good defense lawyer and yelled for him to represent me. I also told him to call Susannah and tell her I was in trouble but not to worry. I had the feeling that someone on my side sent the lawyer up to the roof to meet me. I then flushed the toilet and came out. The sheriff looked like he'd been sleeping on the chair outside. I was very conscious as to say things that did not implicate me.

that's all I remember, I really wish I could recall more.