Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm wandering around Rocketship looking at graphic novels. There's no one there as I peruse the shelves. There are a couple of old arcade games and duck behind the curtain to check one out. It's a Star Wars game that only costs a dime to play. I pop in a dme and begin playing. It's a live action game and looks more like a movie than a video game. I'm flying in an X-Wing or A-Wing trying to take down AT-ATs. As I fly around the game, I come face to face with a craft flown by Darth Vader. I start blasting the front of his ship, cracking his windshield. He uses the force to hold it together and I begin mashing buttons like crazy. I finally destroy his craft and capture Vader.

The owners of the store return and I make my way out.


I'm playing the first or second hand of a tournment. We're using a 4 color deck and I'm looking at a straight flush draw on the turn. John moves all-in and I call. There is some commotion and we have to move the game into another room. Marion is trying to run things and I'm getting annoyed with her lackluster leadership. She gets one of her lackies to continue the hand and they put out a flop. I get irritated and remind her that we're already at the turn and all we need to do it flip the river card. John flips over 4 cards QJJT 2 suits and can't remember which two cards were his. I get really irritated at everyone and demand that we do this right. Marion is younger & very arrogant & keeps ordering a subordinate to deal the cards. I complain to another player about her behavior.

Monday, September 26, 2005

We're living in a high rise buidling waiting for our manager applicant to arrive for her interview. She shows up directly from the airport while I'm still eating my lunch. I te;; her I hope she doesn't think me rude for eating while we talk. She puts her resume & other things in a small locker and I retrieve the resume to look it over. I keep perusing the resume, not sure of what to ask her. On the resume are multiple choice questions but I don't feel like asking her. She's very chatty and keeps talking nervously. I tell her that I'm trying to spend less time at the business and more time with family. I tell her that she'll have to drum up business since my restaurant is inside a residential building.

We got outside and walk around as we chat. I suggest we can go back to the house, pick up a few things and walk up to the store. She tells me she'd like to get a little breakfast. I tell her she can get breakfast sandwiches on the corner at Dizzy's or a few doors down at the Fall Cafe. As she heads to Dizzy's, I see Greg and go talk to him.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'm playing poker w/ some of the regulars. Frank hands me a credit card to make a preflop call and I throw in $10 for him, taking $1 from the table as change (we're using money instead of chips). A streets later, it's the river and everyone's checked. Frank has not hit his KT of clubs and says to me, "Do what you do best." I assume he means steal this pot and I look over the board. There's 4 to a spade flush on board and I consider how much to bet.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm in someone's house w/ Mao & Luna and another toddler. We're cleaning up and getting ready to go eat.

Outside, we're with a large group of people. I ask one of the locals where we should eat. We wander by a couple of Chinese restaurants and we look at their menus. Seeing that they also serve sandwiches, we pass. We walk into a narrow corridor and check out a long seafood shack. There are large Dungeness-sized crabs on the grill and the prices seem reasonable. The group gets excited about it and we decide to eat here. One of the women behind the counter asks us what we want for sides and her coworker tells her that we're not ready to order yet. I walk past the seafood shack to scout out tables. There's an outdoor seating area around the corner and I tell everyone to meet at the large table.

Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm looking down at an aerial view of a huge parade. As it porcessees thru, I see people gathered on the sides of the street to watch. There are many areas along the street where people aren't allowed which makes me realize I'm watching a parade from a previous year.

Now on the ground, the police allow me & the other spectators to come up next to the railing along the parade route. I'm eating a salad & offer it to Greg who's with me. I tell him I've already had a sandwich so he can have as much as he wants. He asks me if someone can give him a ride home. I think for a mninute and go through all the people who drive. I tell him that John is going to Queens but there is someone going to Long Island who could drop him off on the way. My allergies are bad & I look around for my medicine.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I'm at someone's wedding trying to hit a woman (Tamara?) with silverware and other objects. I'm now lurking under the deck while she (now Ileda) is walking above me. As she leaves climbs under the deck & crawls under someone's chair to get out, I follow her. The person we've crawled under is Madonna (who's a party guest). I tell her it's hard to be mad at someone who's getting married. I go and find my parents (who are the one who just remaried), My dad just took off his tux (which is actually an old jacket of his) and asks me what he should have worn. He's also complaining abou the officiant. "Can't you have gotten someone whose booming voice could have addressed the whole room?" I'm annoyed because I was never in charge of this affair. Then I realize that this is only one possible future.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm in a room full of friends and we're trying to decide where we're going for dinner. I'm on the cell phone w/ Andy and I tell him we're going to poll the room. Most of the people in the room vote to eat in Richmond. They start getting rowdy and cheering, including several cute girls who appeared out of nowhere. Andy is surprised that everyone chose Richmond and I encourage him to go by telling him all the cute girls are going, too. It's now Susannah on the phone and I continue talking even though she's busy talking to other people. I get irritated and complain to the friends in the room that she always does this.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

We're in the middle of a large natural disaster/zombie infestation. I'm traveling with a group of people on a bus through the city. There has been rumors and theories spreading around about what the zombies are and where they come from. As the president of the USA (traveling incognito), I'm trying to restore order to the country. I tell one of my agents to find out immediately who's spreading the information. The agent, Chris Ferguson, alng with other agents begin asking around the bus. I watch as the word spreads and keep an eye on any suspicious characters. Chris brings back a 40-something businessman and nods that he's the one. I signal for all my people to get off at the next stop.

The bus turns a corner and we get off at UK's campus. I make sure we're not being followed. I ask the busniessman how he knows what he knows. He tells me that a government agent told him. I ask him why someone would tell him. He says that the agent felt sorry for him. One of my people suggest we go eat at a restaurant near campus. I ask him where it is and he tells me it's where the Kentucky Theater used to be. The businessman tells me the agent's name was Halliwell Burton. I ask him what the agent looks like and he tells me he's an older guy, reminds him of the former head of the CIA, someone who sees things in black & white. As we continue toward the restaurant, I suspect that the agent is a Republican rival of mine.