Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm with Sofia on a small boat drifting in a dock.  I tell Sofia to sit still and not move around.  A few moments later, I look back and she's not in the boat.  I panic and yell for help.  I see a flutter of hands just underneath the surface and I reach down and pluck her out of the water and into the boat.  A man nearby tells me not to feel bad and just let it serve as a life lesson.


I'm on a cruise ship with George Clooney and we're looking for something to do.  We walk down a corridor and see Tom Wilkinson sitting at a meeting table just outside a room.  We try to walk by him inconspicuously and enter a room.  Inside the meeting room, there is a woman and a man.  I tell George I'm bored already.  The woman asks me what I'd like to do.  I tell her I'd like to throw one of these chairs out the window but I'll find something more acceptable to do.  I grab a roll of toilet paper and throw it at her.  I start going around the room and picking up lots of rolls of toilet paper and throwing them.  Soon, we're all engaged in a toilet paper fight.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm playing a poker home game outside.  A woman raises in early position and I decide to reraise w/ pocket tens.  Everyone folds and she calls.  She checks the rags flop and I bet.  She calls and the dealer starts turning over a bunch of cards until there are over a dozen cards face up on the board.  I go from confused to furious and start shouting at him.  Nobody does anything about it and I'm livid.  One of the cards on the board is a ten (it may be the burn card before the turn).  I point out (loudly) what I think the board is and I start to bet.  I notice the chips in the pot to be much more than I remember but I bet into it anyway.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm at WRFL filling in for a show.  The Dj before me puts on his last song and I try to find something to play.  I'm having trouble finding anything so he selects the next track.  I go out to the LP shelf & look but can't seem to find much.  I bring the whole 45 box into the on-air room (in the back of the studio where it used to be) and browse through it.  There are only empty sleeves and some mainstream artists like Aerosmith.

I go back out to look some more and I hear dead air.  I rush back into the studio and someone has restarted the last track.  I finally find something to play but it segues into Van Halen's "Dreams."


I'm in a room full of adults & kids sitting at long dinner tables.  There's something strange happening that I can't quite understand.  Then someone stands up and starts talking about child abuse and how if we don't do something now, soon it'll be acceptable to have sex with children.  A mother stands up and objects to this person's views.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm in an apartment beating up a adult who's the size of a child.  I throw him about but he won't die.  I tell my companion to keep my gun on him and if he tries anything to shoot him.  I go to the bathroom while my companion keeps an eye on him.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I head into WRFL to do a show and two cops are waiting there for me.  As I try to dig through the stacks for records & CDs to play, they grill me about some drug-related murder.  Finally, I get fed up and storm out.  A secretary from the station follows the female cop out and tells her that my show got a lot of calls and positive comments.  I tell the cop I usually get about 10 calls a show.  


Oliver asks me if there's a good place to buy music downtown.  I laugh and ask him he if remembers why he left Lexington.  I tell him to go to CD Central and Morris Book Shop downtown.  I ask him to give me paper & a pen so I can write down some places to try.