Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm in a large house with a big group of employees. Some violent altercations have just happened and I've gathered them all in one room to talk. I tell them that because several of them are injured, they have to seek medical help. Because I injured them (including shooting two of them), I tell tham they can turn me in if they like. I tell them I will take responsibility for my actions. I dismiss the group and walk around the house, thinking about the fact that I could be going to jail. I look out the window and see a few cops taking some people away. I realize that they aren't here for me and have just arrested a few deadbeats in my building.

I head back to the kitchen to tell my employees that I've turned a new leaf and will no longer conduct my illegal activities. I see several employees buying drugs from two employees in the kitchen. I get very angry and start yelling at the sellers. I tell them to take all that shit out of here & sell elsewhere. They tell me they're supplied by some restaurant. I'm waving a knife at them and telling them to get out. I tell them that I'm ceasing all illegal activities here and turning a new leaf. They don't seem to believe me. I ask them, "Do you think I like doing what I was doing? I wanted to run a legitimate business at first but the illegal stuff just came easily." I tell them that I'm going to run a real bar & struggle like all the real bar owners.

As I leave the room, an older woman (who's supposed to be my wife) answers the phone and hands it to me. On the other end is a Chinese man I'm supposed to know. At first I can't tell if he's speaking Chinese or English. Once I understand him, we start conversing in Mandarin. He sounds like an acquaintance and I pretend to know him. After several awkward pauses, I tell him I have to go and hang up.

I walk around (what looks like a DVD & poster shop) and nervously await the police. I wonder what I'm going to tell Susannah about this alternate life I'd been leading and the prospect of going to jail. I then realize that I can at least meet her for dinner and that I also have a poker game later.

Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm on th toilet making a bowel movement. The crap is hard & large and comes out so slowly that it hangs from my ass and won't drop into the water.


I'm holding someone captive and making threats of bodily harm. I give him so many horrific options of mutilation that having his legs sawed off begins to sound humane.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm waiting in the lobby of a large office building with a large group of people. We're all waiting for transportation to leave a convention. Suddenly firefighters rush to the scene and begin setting up. I grab my stuff and move so it doesn't get wet. I wait in a large elevator with about 30 other people. Suddenly the platform we're standing on begins to move as if on a track. Everyone has no idea what's going on. The platform moves quickly and leaves the building. As it travels on a track over other buildings (mostly abandoned warehouses), everyone is freaking out and has no idea where we're going.

Eventually the platform stops in the middle of nowhere and two attendants approach and let us off. We ask them where the hell we are and they tell us to talk to the man in a basement office. We approach the office (labeled MTA) and knock on the glass. One of my companions points out a notice about the nearby F train entrance that's closed on certain days. I point out the fact that the days are in August and shouldn't affect us. The man in the basement office asks us where we're going. Frustrated an tired, we all begin talking at once. He asks us what we're doing here and we tell him we're all trying to get home from the MTA convention. "Lexington." I say. He says, "Well, that might be a bit difficult." I tell him it's his life that will be difficult if he doesn't help us.

Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm in a courtroom making out with a young coed next to a desk. I bend her over & eat our her ass, which tastes sweet. She then blows me briefly but I'm so hard, I stop her and ask to enter her. She lays down and I enter her and begin to cum almost immediately. I'm able to keep fucking her as I cum and she moans, "I hope he's not trying to cum inside me."

Once finished, she gets up and runs over to the other desk & leaves with her husband/boyfriend and his family. I watch all the action from a third-person sky view. I wait for them to leave before quickly zipping up and running for the bathroom. One is already occupied with two people waiting. I run to the other one down the hall.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Susannah and I are handicapped and crawl to each other on the floor of an airport. As we embrace and kiss, another handicapped man in a suit crawls over us and disturbs us. We have an argument and I end up holding a barber's trimmer to his neck (we're both standing now). I quietly threaten him and describe what the tool could do to his throat. Unintentionally, I puncture his neck and he slumps to the floor bleeding. Quickly, my male companion and I produce a secret remedy - a white powder which we apply to his neck to stop the bleeding.

With the help of airport officials, we stage an event to cover up the incident. We someone narrates our version of events, we reenact it. Somewhere along the way, we try to get away from the officials with the help of a electronic guide to the airport.

Saturday, April 17th, 2005

I’m in a tiny WRFL-like radio station about to do a show. I’m queueing up some carts and can’t seem to find any music to play. The only CDs in front of me are a couple of Metallica bootlegs. I run into the main booth and grab a handful of heavy & light rotation CDs and run back, squeezing past David James and another DJ. Back at my console, I scramble to put something together.


I’m being escorted backstage to see a magician/psychic, someone like John Edward. I stand outside his dressing room and listen as his manager goes over his show with him.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Susannah and I are in an open-air bookstore at night. We see Lilia Teal and she calls me over to introduce me to her mother. Lilia looks a little haggard and I chalk it up to her being pregnant. I tell them to wait while I fetch some paperwork. I run back to a table where I have a huge mess and try to dig through it and find what I need. Paperwork in hand, I run back to her and ask her to write her mother's name down. She does but I cannot read her handwriting (it looks like some kind of Swedish or European name. As I'm crouched down with her, someone standing over me starts talking. It's Adam, my ex-employee.

Adam & I walk away from everyone and I ask him how his new jobs are doing. He shrugs. I ask him how his girlfriend's immigration status is and he says he'd rather not talk about it.


I'm in a plane on autopilot as we fly over a European city. I look down and see lots of WWII-era fighters, some German, some British, flying about. Many are on their sides making dramatic turns. I tell the female pilot to relax and let the autopilot take us in.

We swoop into the city and land under a pedestrian bridge. It's dark and there are only a few people about. I exit the plan and approach a brick wall. I push a few secret bricks and the wall opens to reveal a hidden tunnel. I enter the tunnel and it becomes a subterranean vehicle. I ride it like a slow roller coaster until it exits the underground. Somehow I lose control of it and can't get it to stop. I fumble with the controls as it ascends on its track, then descends toward the ground again. As it approaches the ground, I jump out and let it derail and crash.

As it crashes, I yell for a young family to get out of the way. They run and get into a car. As the father tries to start the car, a few sparks fly and they freak out. I tell them it's okay and that I need to use my Zipcard to start it. They panic and run away. I get in with my companions and start the car with my zipcard.


I'm on a bus driving by the set of a movie. A bunch of scantly dressed actors are staging a martial arts battle. A few of them are gay and one woman reveals that she has a huge penis. She lifts it up and taunts someone on the bus. Matthew St. Patrick (from Six Feet Under) and his black boyfriend are in the row behind me and comment that the movie outside has too many overt sexual issues.

As we continue to travel, the bus is now a large cushion and we ride through the hallways of a school. It floats several feet above the ground and we have to guide it a bit around the corridors. We finally land in a basement and I jump off & retrieve my things. I look around to see where Denzel Washington, one of my fellow riders, went.

Monday, April 11, 2005

I'm lying in bed while Susannah's dad stands over me. He's telling me that he's taking te next three days off by using a combination of vacation days & half days. He struggles to remember whether or not he's using a Jewish holiday or all vacation days. He has a long grey mullet and looks like Dustin Hoffman. I ask him if he has a calendar where all this is written down. He looks perplexed & frustrated like he doesn't remember where his calendar is. I find a one-page calendar and ask him if this is it. I try to hand it to him but he can't grasp it. He looks at his trembling hands with fear. I begint o suspect he's having a stroke or seizure and try to get out of bed to call Susannah.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I'm being called on in class when an obnoxious young student (who reminds me of Brad) interrupts and disparages me. He's criticizing the way I've run the poker group, saying how I've not provided the right variety of games and such. I listen patiently & then rebutt his comments. At one point I get so mad at him I begin shouting. In response to his criticism that there haven't been enough Friday games, I yell that I've worked every Friday of my life except the day I got married. He seems genuinely moved and defeated by that comment. I say, "You said I have choices and right now I'm choosing to sit down & shut up." I sit down and begin looking at a grocery store catalog. He stands at the front of the room and begins telling everyone about this pyramid scheme involving groceries. I suddenly realize that there are classrooms nearby and that I shouldn't have been shouting so loud.


I follow twon generals out of a conference room. They've been arguing about a tense situation in the air over a foreign country. One general says to to a woman in the room, "Tell Leo that we can't be spreading information like this." Leo (McGarry) retorts, "I just want our boys in the planes to be informed when things start happening." The woman (Mary McCormack fromt the West Wing) says, "They are informed of it."


I'm a long-haired young woman making my way up some extremely steep stairs. At the top of the stairs is a flat screen TV mounted to the wall. A woman ahead of my enters a small door beside it. I get to the top of the stairs and stare curiously at the TV, wondering why anyone would have a TV here. I make my way back down the stairs and try to exit the way I came in. When I open the door, I see a ledge high above the ground with no way down. I wonder how I got up here and try to find another way down.

I ask a man about another way down and he's a bit cagey. I notice that the stairs go down a bit further and decide to try that way. I see a young gothy woman at street level and call out to her, asking how she got out. She doesn't answer me.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I'm hurriedly walking down some street trying to get across town. I stop at a bus stope sign and try to see when the next bus is coming. I see Tom Lynch walking by and we greet each other. He smiles and walks by but starts to turn back to talk to me. I also see RW Hessler coming by. I ask him how he is and he says, "You know, I died a few months ago." (referring to something I knew about). I ask him if he received my care package at Amoeba and he says it arrived dirty & torn up. I wonder if the tapes inside are listenable.

I ask them to decipher the bus stop sign for me and they tell me that the bus has gone by for the day. I say my goodbyes and continue walking.

I'm walking quickly through a campus when I run into another acquaintance, a middle aged woman. She also seems to be in a hurry and I walk with her. She says she can give me a ride and I'm happy to hear this. She runs across the street to get something and tells me to start up her car. I get in the driver's seat & some guy gets in the passenger seat. The inside of th car i tiny and I scoot the seat all the way back. The area under the steering wheel is so narrow, my feet are practically together.

It's snowing outside and I put the car in reverse to back out. It speeds through the parking lot and I stop it before it hits other parked cars. i wonder out loud why I'm driving. Two other cars join us and I lead everyone out of the parking lot. drive quickly but carefully, narrowly avoiding a ton of gargabe sitting on the side of the road. I tell my passenger to make sure the other cars are still following us.