Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm in a police station with a friend/partner looking for someone. We're sneaking up & down the stairs, trying not to draw attention. As we make our way up to the floor where someone is held, we see an office employee taking out a ceiling tile & trying to investigate the floor above (where we've left someone we killed). I pull my partner aside and tell him we have to take care of the situation now or we have to flee. He disagrees and thinks we should watch the situation. Suddenly, Sofia appears in my arms (maybe dropped from the floor above). We realize we should leave now that we've got what we came for.

We rush to an elevator & I hit 2 instead of 1. We wait nervously as the elevator stops on 2 and lets off a Latino family. As the doors open on the ground floor, I expect to see cops waiting for us but the coast is clear. We emerge out of a subway station just as an enormous riot police van pulls up. We walk quickly away from the corner as the cops spill out of the van. As we cross the busy urban street, I spot an Asian traffic cop directing traffic in the middle of the street. I say to my partner, "Hey, that's Musa, I play poker with him." The cop (who's CS Lee/Masuka from Dexter) runs to the sidewalk, unsure of what to do in the mounting chaos. "What's up Musa!" I yell as we rush by him. He tries to salute us but ends up throwing his hat at some stranger.

We continue to rush down the street & away from the cops. I have a baton in my right hand and that arm in a black sling. As rush by some paramedics who almost attack me because of my baton. I drop the baton & pretend my arm is broken. Away from the crowds, we rush by a couple of Latino men by a car. One man (Michael Pena) is naked on the hood of a car, the other stands next to him talking. I note to Susannah (who's taken the place of my partner) that it's (such-n-such) character from a movie who was closeted. I figure no longer cares about being out since the end of the world is coming tomorrow.