Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm in a large old farm house with a bunch of friends during summertime. We're all loading into cars to look for someone or something. I have the bunny cage in one of the cars but decide against taking them along. I carry the cage back into the house. I see one of my friends, a young man, cured up on the floor. I tll him there is room for him in the car. He seems despondent and says nothing. I gently tell him I;m going to leave the rabbits with him because I don't want them getting in the way or getting freaked out. He asks me to find his father.

I head upstairs to find the father's room. I knock on a French door and his father opens it. He's a lanky, mean-lloking fellow. I tell him his son really wants to see him. He ignores me & continues doing something (brushing his teeth or eating). I want to tell him that his son is depressed and on the verge of suicide but I stay quiet. The man continues ignoring me. I start to leave & he does something to provoke/insult me. I follow him back into the room and open a closet door. I grab a small dark wood baseball bat and a thin stick. With the weapons in hand, begin hitting the man. He turns into a few thin sticks of wood and I break them with my weapons.

Suddenly, there are cops in the house looking for the kid and his father. I run quiet down the back stairs and out the backyard. I'm hoping to find the car full of friends and escape. The yard is empty and I make my way into a flowerbed under the deck. I lie prone on the ground and survey the front yard. Cars are coming & going.

The cops seem to be gone as a few cars pull in. A young Chinese American woman comes out and tells her mother off.

Inside, the once demure and non-assertive woman is putting on makeup.

Friday, February 25, 2005

I'm having some sort of sexual dysfunction while trying to have sex with susannah. Eventually, I successfully enter her. I look out the window and see see someone (a mesh of Tom Lynch, Josh Weill & someone else) outside. I run into other room pantless to avoid them seeing me. I reenter the room and greet him. We discuss the dinner we're having later w/ some bigwig. I look around for clothes to wear.

Later, I'm trying to take a shower in the kitchen. There's a flexible shower head that I'm maneuvering around. As I shower, I see a moving truck outside w/ office furniture inside it. I see Damon Gorton & his wife talking to the movers.

I'm talking to someone by the kitchen & I'm trying to finish my shower. I decide t use the bathroom instead.

Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm in a jeep or other open-top vehicle speeding along the road. There are several companions with me. A train speeds past us on a parallel track. There are people riding on the outside of it, which I find very risky. Several small jeeps speed past us carrying women in burquas and shawls. One of them on the back of a jeep is firing a large mounted machine gun into the air. I assume she's firing warning shots but one of my companions points into the distance. I look beyond a fence towards a nearby airfield and see a large passenger jet going down in flames. I'm impressed and stunned as the (Lufthansa or Israel Air) planes crashes.

I get on our mounted machine gun and begin blasting the women on jeeps. They are hit and crash one by one as we speed by them. We arrive at a gravel lot and I continue spraying fire at people and equipment. I spray at a group of people on a bench, trying only to kill two of the 6 or 8 people on it. I say, "Isn't it convenient I'm only hitting the people I'm trying to hit?" In fact, I'm not hitting anyone. I fire at several large remote control vehicles and other things while telling everyone I'm trying to destroy anything that uses remote control. The people standing about find this amusing.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'm in a movie theater watching the beginning of a film. The intro credits say ORION PICTURES but the logo for a Miramax-like Mirambourgh company also comes up. It's a '70s thriller starring Walter Mathou (much like The Taking of Pelham One Two Three). I'm sitting in one of the front rows and decide to move back for a better view.

Later, Susannah & I are in the backseat of a car approaching a toll booth. There's someone else in the passenger seat but no one driving. I grab the wheel & try to stop at the booth but end up slipping it into 3rd gear accidentally. It's a manual transmission and I end up stalling it out 10 feet past the booth. I jump out, frustrated & stressed. Susannah goes over to talk to the booth attendant. I end up wandering off a bit, then try to find my way back. There's a huge semi driving around in circles and I can't seem to get around it. I finally make my way back to the booth and Susannah is outside it talking to the attendant. The conversation is casual and friendly and I wonder if we know him. For a second I think it's Frank Loss but the guy looks shorter and younger. Susannah points to the booth and tells the attendant the phone's ringing. There are also several young sketchy-looking guys in the booth. He goes back inside and I say to Susannah, "He better secure that shit." I ask her if we know him or what and she says no but that she's smoothed things over and we should be fine.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm being led through a high school by my mentor. We're planning to pull of some sort of grift. We wait outside a classroom and I ask him what I'm supposed to do. He tells me that another (younger, less experienced) protege is supposed to show up to pull off the job and I'm just the backup. I get mad and stomp off.

I'm standing in the hallway when I hear some commotion from the classroom. I see the othe protege running down the hall and some people chasing after him. There are a bunch of toddlers sitting on the floor next to me and I sit and start playing with them. I ask them what happened in the room and one of them tells me that a guy ran into the room and grabbed a bunch of supplies off the teacher's desk.

Later, the school is more empty and I leave my spot to go elsewhere. I put my cell phone and other valuables under a desk and cover them with my coat. I walk by a lunch counter and suddenly realize how hungry I am. I stop and grab a tray and begin filling it with salad & pasta. Susannah is there and I help her fillup her tray as well. A few other students are there, jockeying for a good spot to get the last of the food. I serve Susannah some pasta and ask her if she wants some crab legs (they're huge sticks of imitation crab). I also ask her if she wants to split a steak. She says yes and I grab a small t-bone steak from the buffet.

Monday, February 14, 2005

I'm on the stoop of a house making out w/ some woman. She's contorted herself, leaving her crotch up in the air. I go down on her and she goes down on me. I'm now on all fours and the woman (who's now Paul from next door) enters me from behind w/ a dildo. I notice people walking by and get a little embarrassed. I also notice I'm very muscular.

After we finish, Paul starts to go inside the house across the street. I ask him if we can take another "naughty break" later.

Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm showing two people a book of my drawings from high school. They are all dark and morbid.


I'm standing on the sidewalk at night looking at a group of employees from a store. They're milling about on a smoke break. I follow Fred Crounse (whose name I think is Rob) and catch up with him. He sees me and says, "Let's keep this between you and me..." "You and RW are finally getting married?" I tease. RW is directly in front of us and we all laugh. A woman passes us and says to Fred & RW, "You guys make a great couple, married couple." We all think the timing of her comment is strange.

I leave them and continue walking, this time picking/pushing a small car tire ahead of me. I start down a highway on-ramp. It's iced over and partly submerged in slushy water. I push the tire ahead of me slowly and walk gingerly on the slippery road. Once onto city street again, the ice and slush disappear. As I head into a suburban neighborhood, I realize I'm nude and try to cover myself with two pillows I have with me.

As I continue quickly through the neighborhood, I see and feel bumblebees swirling behing my head. I try to outrun them and consider swiping at them.

Later, I'm in a bed & breakfast w/ Merrill & Brad. They've gone out for some reason & I head out on my own later. i'm wandering the streets of this European village, trying to find them or find our car. The idewalks meld into the streets here and I can't find my way back to the inn. I walk by some school children and into a building. I'm on the 3rd floor of an inn, there are rooms on all sides of me. I try to find our room but can't. I head downstairs and look there, to no avail. I head to the first floor where the inn is connected to an elementary school. I approach an employee and say, "Can I ask you a question? I'm checking to see if I'm staying here..." He smiles and says no. I pause and look at him. He says he's joking and starts to check on the computer. I tell him I didn't make the reservation so it might be under Pond or Einhorn. As he searches through the computer, I see Susannah and someone else come in. I ask them where they've been and if they've found our other companions.

Monday, February 07, 2005

I'm on a tour bus riding through the countryside. We drive by a farm with some statues of a elephant and lion mounted on a platform. The platform also has a small tractor. Our bus begins pulling into the farm and we get excited. We pull over and talk to the farm's owner, an older husky man. He tells us to drive down the path and leave the bus in the lot.

We drive down a path, over a small bridge and come to a fork in the road. We stop because we're unsure about which way to go. Everyone gets out & mills about. I get frustrated that no one is taking the initiative. I start running back to the farm, a couple others follow me.

I run into the farm house and ask the owner where we're supposed to go. He tells me that we should drive into the parking lot & come back in one of the pickup trucks. I ask him if the keys are already in the trucks or if we have to hotwire them. He says the keys are inside but we'll have to jimmy the locks. He asks me if we had any of that "'60s training." I tell him yes and that we were just throwing Molotov cocktails earlier today. I ask him for some lock picking tools and he leads me to some thin metal strips. I grab them all and lead my people outside.

We begin running back across the bridge and towards the bus. Along the way, there are whole in the bridge. Through the holes, we see strange creatures trapped, including a giant man-octopus. He looks dead.

Once back to the group, I ask, "Who's broken into a car before?" Before anyone can answer, I pick Kate (from Lost). I look around for another person and decide not to take Jack (from Lost) and pick someone else. One of the people from the initial group also joins me. I distribute the metal strips and the 4 of us begin running down the path towards the parking lot. I tell Jack to keep the rest of the group safe.

Down the path, we enter a small schoolhouse-like building. Inside, two children try to inject us with needles but we grab the needles and stab them instead.

We approach a door slowly and watch as a hand extends out of the door, offering 6 olives, 3 small, 3 large. We're suppoed to eat them. I take them and peel them all, returning the seeds.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

I'm in the Reynolds Building trying to find the sculpture studio. I get into an elevator and ride up to the 2nd floor. I get off and wander through a few studios, not finding what I'm looking for.


I'm in a park or publc place trying to find my way out. I see some miniature trains on different tracks carrying passengers. I ask some girls on a train which one I should take to get back to the main entrance and they point me to one. I have to climb over another track to get there. As I climb over some other trains (which resemble the kiddie ride in amusement parks), I pick one of the trains up (which is now the size of a large remote control car) and look at the bottom. I'm trying to fgure out if it is indeed a radio controlled car.

Cops arrive on the scene and stop people for questioning. A female officer starts grilling me. She looks up at a large sheet of paper posted above. It has lots of phone numbers on it. She asks me to call my parents. I say, "Sure, which one." She pauses and stares me down. Then she asks me to call "the guy from my apartment." I ask her who she's talking about. She backs off a bit, her bluff called. I continue to press her, saying, "I don't appreciate the way you're treating me. If you want me to call someone, I will. I'm fully cooperating. Who's the guy from my apartment? I don't live in an apartment. I live in a co-op. You want me to call the super? The handyman?"

She starts getting upset and says something about being stuck on this detail and not being able to advance to a position in the CDC. I offer to help her with the case, telling her I'm a cop, too.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm with my fellow soldiers digging through the mud & dirt for landmines. We're all a bit stressed out from the job. As we examine the unexploded mines, we're tryng to figure out the safest way to do the job. I ask my commanding officer if we have one of those big mine-exploding tanks. I take a friend and a couple of other guys (Herc & Carcver from The Wire) with me to scan another area.

Later... I'm with John (or another friend) in a buffet line at the airport. we have our tickets but want to pick up some food for the trip. I want to just get some bread or sticky buns but my friend talks me into a large hoagie. We continue through the line and stop for some shrimp. I ask him how much time we have left and he tells me not to worry. Suddenly a female airport attendant comes to get us. We all run through the terminal towards our gate. They're ahead of me and go up a huge flight of stairs. I lose them for a moment & try to catch up.

Later... I'm in a casino playing a cash poker gamel. John says he's looking for a hand to push me around with. He gets his cards and says, "Here they are" and raises me. I look down at 89 offsuit & reraise all-in. The rest of the table folds and he starts playing with the mucked cards, mixing them with his own. They he tries to pick his cards out. I tell him he's mucked because he can't try to pick out his cards from the muck.

Later, I'm walking through the casino with a friend. We see that Doyle Brunson is in the hospital ward with breathing trouble (or something). We wander out back to the main casino and I'm stopped by someone's bodyguard. He brings me to his boss (a casino bigwig) who gives me a clear plastic disc with a number on it (24 or 27). He tells me some big show is going on at an exclusive club and that the disc will get me in right away. I thank him and walk off. I run into Frankie Faison and give him the disc, saying, "I'm trying to treat you right."

I head back to the hospital ward with someone to check up on Doyle. The ward (which is next to an arcade) seems to be closed. I see Chris Moneymaker at a desk and ask him where everyone is. He's choked up and says, "He's dead." Shocked, I ask, "Doyle?" Chris tells me no, it's someone else (Amarillo Slim maybe?). I ask him where Doyle is. He says he's out for a cigarette.

I then realize that the whole scenario is from 2 years ago so I should know that Doyle's not dead since he's still alive today.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Susannah & I are in bed making out. There's another naked woman there who I'm "supposed to" be with. I alternate between the two of them, feeling a bit guilty. Susannah & I have never actually had sex apparently but our petting gets hot & heavy & I end up lying on her, about to enter her. I look over and see the other woman and almost switch to her. Susannah convinces me to enter her and we have intercourse. I cum an incredible amount (though the feeling is very subtle). Afterwards, I clean up the mess (some of the cum feels like dried hot glue).

Later, I'm watching or listening to a TV show. Tyne Daily is a woman who plays a cop or judge who is interacting w/ the characters from the Wire. They're talking about a major drug dealer (maybe Stringer Bell) who just died.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Susannah & I are watching a crab with one arm scamper around on the ground. It goes in circles for a bit, then starts picking its own flesh & eating it. We both think it's kind of funny & kind of pathetic.