Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm stuck with a bunch of people on a huge plane (the size of a school) that can't land. We keep circling and I run through the halls, trying to figure something out. we finally do stop but it's not at my aiport. Some people get off & I ask someone where we are. "Tennessee." He tells me, just as we pull away from the gate. A stewardess tells the rest of us that it'll be another 14-15 hours before we get home (to Lexington) and that we should all get some sleep. The cabin (a room with rows of airplane seats) is mostly clear now and I raise all the armrests in my row to lay down. I try to set the alarm on my cell phone so I don't oversleep & miss our landing. I have trouble getting comfortable so I get up to have some water. I've cut the bottom of my water bottle but it still holds together. There's a young black boy behind me who I've been helping and he wants some water. I hold the bottle for him as he has a drink. His adult brother is asleep one row behind him.

I get up to go to the bathroom, making sure the door to our cabin isn't locked. Inside the bathroom, I turn on the light and look in the mirror and get quite a start at the sight of myself. My hair is shaped funny and my face is distorted like a photoshop trick. I look down quickly & try to look up again, hoping it was just some trick of light.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm on a Hawaiian island with a large group of people waiting to participate in a group ritual. I'm a little scared and ask a female friend to trade places with me. Women are not allowed in the ritual but she volunteers anyway and heads off to find the organizer to convince him. I'm feeling a little sheepish & try to talk her out of it.

Meanwhile, Titus Pullo is being taken to a large catacombs-like chamber to have some of his flesh removed before the ritual.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We're helping a woman with a home birth. The baby is born and he's covered in several different textures of thick fur.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm at a friend's apartment for an intimate party. There's a cute girl I like there and we've been hitting it off very nicely. A mutual friend slips me one of her mittens (as an excuse to call & see her again). I tuck it away, giving him a silent look of thanks. I realize it's getting late and I want to slip out for dinner, taking the girl with me. Another mutual friend slips me one of her socks (a baby sock) and I almost laugh. I tell myself I'll definitely exchange info with her.

I go to the bathroom and as soon as I start peeing, a female party guest barges in. I push the door closed immediately & latch it. She (Eva Longoria) and a couple other women keep pushing it open & being very annoying. I get irate and start shoving the lot of them out into the hallway, saying, "Just give me 2 minutes for Chrissakes!" A female friend of mine comes by and asks me what's going on. I tell her and she volunteers to keep the other women at bay while I pee.

As I try to pee, the bathroom is now a restaurant kitchen. An enormous chef with long hair is at a large short-order grill making huge portions of cheesesteaks. A line of cooks are around him at other stations. I ask someone if the huge guys Gordon Ramsey. I realize I'm pissing under one of the counters and I stop.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm in China with my uncle (a blend of Little Uncle & Little Bull) and a few cousins & nieces. We're in a restaurant/theater just before a show. Brusque waitresses walk around with plates of little appetizers and we taste a few.

After the show, we walk around trying to regroup. We meander out the restaurant, looking at all the food in the buffet. It reminds me of BD's Mongolian Grill and I mention this to uncle. We both comment that this place doesn't seem all that good.

We head into an airport/train station. One of my cousins calls a taxi to take us back to the hotel in Shanghai. I want to ask her if she got us a van since there are a bunch of us. Another woman comes up to the sign where we are waiting and asks my cousin (in Shanghainese?) about taxis.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm leaving a hotel with Susannah & Sofia. I need to get to work and we need to get Sofia to school. We're running late and we debate about who's taking her to school (I can walk to work but her school is a few subway rides away). We starting walking quickly down the street, a little irritated at each other. Susannah crosses the street and ducks into a Chinese mall. I yell, "Wait!" but she disappears. I keep walking on the street, heading towards the back entrance of the mall. I'm worried she'll get lost inside as there are many ways to get out. I walk through a bustling Chinatown market and overhear some old Chinese men discuss meat. One man says the meat is fresh and even alive. I look down to see miniature hippos in boxes being sold for food.

I make it through the market and wait on a corner for Susannah. I see her coming down the street with the stroller over her shoulder. We strap Sofia in and we're about to split up. Susannah tries to get oriented, asking where Babbo is (she's thinking about not taking Sofia to school and going straight to dinner).