Sunday, January 27, 2002

We were in a restaurant with a bunch of people. Susannah, her mom and I were at a table and I was talking to the waiter in broken Chinese about the order. I ordered some chicken dish, had questions about a water-boiled beef soup (which May, my cousin, at the other table said they'd ordered). We ended up only ordering a few things. I added vegetarian ma-po tofu to the order. I also noticed that the pictures accompanying the menu listings were pornographic. I felt nervous and tense about ordering the right stuff for Susannah's mom. She then spilled her water all over the table and we scrambled to clean it up.

Monday, January 21, 2002

Very surreal dream this morning about being in a barn with a wild buffalo that talked. It seemed like he was once a man who was turned into an animal (he was wearing clothes). I walked with him to a house and saw police standing outside. I yelled for the buffalo/guy to walk on all fours and act cool. He did but the police seemed to be suspicious (the clothes, duh). I then walked in and talked to the police. They had some teenager held for questioning. I told them I saw a teenager (not this one) trying to put clothes on one of my buffalo.

hazy transition.....

I'm on a high-rise bus in a safari with a bunch of other young people. My buffalo (now undressed) was lounging around with some other buffalo on the grass. Then I saw a flatbed roll by with buffalo carcasses in the back. There was also a large piece of a lion that kept twitching as though it were still alive. It lept up to our window and had the face of a cute young blonde woman. We asked her if she felt okay and she said yes. She floated by the window as one of the gyus gives her some water. She commented that it was great to taste bottled water but complained about some smell. I leaned back on the other side of the bus and tried to find my water. There were too many similar looking glasses of water and I couldn't find it.

eesh. explain that.
Boy I've been behind on my entries, here's an old one...

I was walking in a crowd when I saw Wei Ming walk by, we wondered if she was following us.

Later, in a dark bar, we saw Morgan Freeman. I wasn't wearing my glasses. Chris Rock was in my group of people (though he later became a scruffy white rocker or filmmaker). As Morgan came up, Chris handed him a bowling pin. I had a large bottle of champagne in my belt which I gave Morgan to sign. He signed the label and walks away. I notice that the signature on the label is from some basketball player (along with scores and "Future NBA Star"). I felt embarrassed and looked down the bar and saw Morgan again.

(the following is a separate dream, I think...)

I'm in a deli/bakery as a bunch of people are harassing the owner. A woman outside the glass doors is lighting something. I ask her what's she's doign and she shows me a large matchbox on fire. It began spewing black snake-like things (like a firework) and I threw it awy from us as though it was dangerous. The black man working at the counter ran after the woman as two patrons watched.

Later, several men dressed in depression era clothing storm into the deli (now a bookstore) to rob it. A gun battle ensues. The robbers, now tiny, end up hiding on a shelf where the defending clerks can't see them. Another clerk (Wayne Schellebarger, an ex-coworker) comes up to help. The leader of the ciriminals, a bald older mob figure, begins promising Wayne a position for helping him. We shout for Wayne not to make a deal with the mob boss. Just as the boss grants Wayne a position, we shoot the ciminal dead.

We acknowledge Wayne's new position but need to come up with a cover story that makes sense. Wayne is dazed.

The scene morphs into an "ER" scene. Wayne (now Goran Visnjic) and a woman are talking about the incident, wondering if the police will ask about them.

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Dreamt I was working at what looked like a grocery store. I was set up by another employee to make it look like I stole something. I grabbed two of the items that I supposedly stole (looked like toys) and went down stairs to the registers. The manager was Karen Pierson (from Amoeba). I approached her and tried to show her that I didn’t steal those items. She mumbled something about all of us trying to prove our innocence, ignored me, and began making phone calls. I was irritated and almost walked away but started thinking of ways to prove my innocence. When she finally got off the phone, I started explaining myself to her. She got more irritated, pointing out all the customers around. I got pissed, grabbed the items and stormed back up stairs. Along the way, I stepped on someone’s shoes and they violently shouted at me. I walked briskly, not looking back. I threw the items down in a flowerbed, they landed like two large plates. I kept storming around the place – it looked like a concert hall, with lots of entrances and stairs.

Monday, January 07, 2002

dreamt I was with a large group of people (men & women) - we were some kind of band of criminals or professionals. There were these two rival guys who were in the hotel building with us. We kept doing things to undermine each other, though we were underestimating our rivals.

In one instance, we were ready to raid their room when we heard them outside. I looked through the peep hole and saw them putting plastic explosives on our door. All I had to defend myself was my BB gun. I held it on the door and waited for the explosion.

Later, as they tried to escape in a U-Haul truck, I ran up to it and saw that they wer ein the back while their little brother (just a kid) was driving the car. I tried to hang on to the door and pull the kid out.

I lost some of the detail of this dream, but for some reason the two guys reminded me of the tenants in my mom's building.

Thursday, January 03, 2002

had quite a string of dreams this morning:

First I was walking through some streets that looked European. As I walked, I hummed/mumbled gangster rap lyrics. Somebody across the street yelled but I didn't pay any attention. I waslked into a cafe and ordered something to drink. Then 2 black men dressed in red came in. One of them yelled at me as he passed and stabbed me in the right shoulder with a small box cutter. I fell to the ground as he kept yelling about me stealing his rhymes. He pulled out a gun and I ducked for cover under the bar. Then a mob of people confronted him (his friend ran off). The crowd subdued him. A woman ran up to the crowd and opened her jacket, revealing a bunch of automatic pistols she had collected. The mob held the guns on him. I got up, took one of the guns and approached him. I couldn't bring myself to shoot him. I was so angry I was crying.

Later... I was back in high school, running around the halls lookin for my class. A woman's voice kept yelling for me to stop, referring to me as "Chinaman." I stopped and confronted her. She was extremely short and had a head of curly clownlike hair. She retreated into a chair as I got in her face, asking "what did you call me?" I told her that Chinaman was an antiquidated term akin to "nigger" and that it was inappropriate to call someone that. She kept calling other teachers over to help her but I just ignored them. She even send over an Asian teacher, who I also ignored. The Asian teacher had a row of antler-like thorns coming out of her neck (which I thought was very cool). Finally, I told the short teacher she could call me Dan or Mr. Wu or Mr. Chinese guy and walked off.

I walked into class and saw a number of my old Henry Clay classmated. I found a seat next to David Jones. He seemed very happy to see me. I asked him "Doesn't it seem like we've been in this class..." "Forever" --he finished my sentence. I said that we finished college already and wondered why we still had to take this class.

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Earlier... I was walking through some place with a BB gun in my jacket...

Later... I was driving around with some family & friends (non of whom besides my mom I recognized) looking for some place to eat. We just kept driving and passing lots of restaurants and not being able to decide. There was a circular turnabout (like in Europe) and I took the opportunity to stop. My mom tried to get us all to pose for a picture but nobody was into it.

We all got out and went inside a mall. I pointed to all our food options in the mall, there was a ZAO Noodle Bar, a very busy Bizou (which in the dream was a take-out place), which I said was overrated. I told the people that we could try a dim sum place back up the road or a sushi place that also took you on a speedboat ride. Someboody else in the group had been there with me & we were trying to remember if you took the speedboat ride before or after the food. We never did end up deciding.