Friday, January 30, 2004

Friday, January 30th, 2004

I’m on a beach with Susannah and there are lots of crabs running around. Most of them are small but there are a few varieties of large crabs. I fall down while trying to pick some up and a large one starts snapping at me. I yell for Susannah to help me up. She comes over, saying, “That’s the same spot you fell when we first met.


I’m getting a bowl of cereal in the morning. I notice I have an old bowl of cereal & milk from a few days ago. I throw it away and go into the cupboards for more. I notice a bowl of cereal with a little milk in it. I take a sniff and notice a bit of a rank smell. I throw it away, annoyed.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Thursday, January 29th, 2004

I’m in a bathroom masturbating when one of my aunts (or an older family friend) opens the door. I push it closed immediately and get dressed. Through the door, I hear her telling someone about it.

Later, I get tired of her gossiping and announce to everyone that I was getting dressed and the aunt was very rude for not knocking on the bathroom door.


I’m making dinner for Tom, Lynnette, AJ and others. It’s a big complicated meal that no one is helping me with. Just as I’m nearly done, I realize I didn't make any rice. I ask the group to get some rice from a nearby Chinese restaurant but no one budges. I get very irritated.

Later, I’m standing on an island in the middle of a busy intersection. I hear a voice over narrative about bombs killing people around the time of September 11th. I watch as someone’s backpack glows neon green, indicating it as a bomb. The voice over then goes on to say that people became more aware and bomb deaths declined. I see someone with some luggage that’s glowing and they leave behind to explode harmlessly in the street.

I’m carrying several bags and a large suitcase. I leave behind the suitcase (because it’s glowing) and set everything else on a small hand-truck.

As I’m crossing the street, I talk briefly with a Chinese mother and her two young kids.

I’m traveling through Chinatown, trying to get to a bus or subway station to get to the store. I try to think of a closer subway station so I don’t have to trek as far.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

I’m with Tom and Susannah trying to get to work. We’re walking down a street after a large snowstorm. It’s warmed up and the snow’s turned to rain. I suggest we get a breakfast sandwich on the way to the subway. Susannah says she wants to go to a place she likes but it’s a little out of the way.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Monday, January 26th, 2004

I’m at Entertainment Outlet making an order. I see a catalog of upcoming releases and point out the titles I want. Lenny tells me that I can’t sell or rent Capturing the Friedmans until February. I just nod.

Later, I’m on a high school field trip. We walk out of a suburban home into a quiet street. I look around at the houses and say, “God, all these cul de sacs look exactly the same. The huge suburban houses, the way the street curves, the slight hilliness.” I keep talking about the houses as we walk up the street. No one is really listening to me. The houses are all huge and very open, some of them full of people cooking or talking. “Look at our huge house, come on in, there’s plenty of room for company. “ We pass houses with multiple rocking chairs our front and lounge chairs in the back. I continue commentating, sounding more bitter and melancholy.

We walk by some docks and I say, “Sometimes we like to take our friends out in our boat and head out to the harbor.” The group stops at a seafood shop and listen to someone speak inside. I stand outside the window and look inside at the seafood swimming about. There are small octopuses and calamari swimming in the windows. A teacher (or student) points at the calamari and says, “Look, if you cook up a few of these, you make (the dish) the twin towers.”

Later, I’m walking down the hallways of a school. I stop next to a photograph of 4 high school classmates from Henry Clay. I point them out to Susannah (who’s not there) and say, “Check this out…” I’m about to point out that they’re all in New York (or San Francisco) but then realize that these four are not.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Sunday, January 25th, 2004

I’m inside a school and looking for someone. I have to crawl through a tight space to get into a classroom with very low ceilings. Once inside, I look around and don’t find the person I’m looking for. I start to head out but get irritated about the crawlspace I have t go through. I look back and notice there are several older teachers seated around a table. I wonder how they manage to get through the crawlspace all the time. I then try to will the rooms and hallways to be normal sized.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Friday, January 23th, 2004

I’m taking to Susannah about her having an affair with a married man. She says she can’t help the fact that she’s always the “other woman.”

Later, I’m a child and I’m whining for my Latina nanny. Lynnette (who’s my nanny) comes along and chides me for whining.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Saturday, January 17th, 2004

I’m inside my house, a large two-story suburban home. I grab a bow and some arrows and head out to shoot at some warring factions across the highway. As I make my way out the back door and onto the grass, I see two high school aged boys walking towards the house carrying assault rifles. They remind of me the Columbine shooters or the shooters from the movie “Elephant.” They approach me calmly, almost in a friendly manner and ask for my money. I pull a few wads of bills from my left pocket and hand it to them. They tell me casually that they’re going to come in and rob the house. I let them.

My mind is racing with ideas of how to escape them. I tell them, “Listen, my brother and sister are in the house, can I at least tell them you’re here so they aren’t startled?” They say yes and I run upstairs, leaving them to slowly prowl the main floor. I run through the huge house and into a bedroom where a teenage girl is sleeping. I shake her awake and hold her mouth shut. I whisper to her, “There are two guys robbing the place right now. Get on the phone and call the police but stay very quiet, ok?” She (reminds me of Katie Holmes or Sarah Polley) nods and I leave the room, remembering to turn off the light so as not to attract the robbers.

I am now her as I sneak quietly around the second floor. The layout is very open, with lots of corridors and rooms, almost like a hotel or a museum with many exposures where I can look down onto the first floor. I see them walking casually around. I try to stay ahead of them, keeping them in my sight.

I notice one of them making his way up the stairs. I run into a bathroom and squeeze myself through the wide but narrow window. Once outside, I cling to the wall outside and slow make my way across a narrow ledge and onto the ground outside.

I run towards the road, waving hysterically trying to flag down a ride. A few cars whiz by me before one car finally stops. It’s a young family of four, all of whom have weird hairstyles and hair colors – a gentle punk rock look. I get in and tell them that my house is being robbed. They are sympathetic as they start driving me away from the house. I tell them I think my boyfriend’s in on it. I tell them to drive to a populated place (though the streets are busy with people) like the Rite Aid down the road and call the police.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

I'm trying to have sex with Susannah and two other women (all of whom are Susannah). One of the other ones is named Andrea. For some reason all of the Susannah have to leave before I have a chance. One of them notices the time (11:14am) and has to rush off to work.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Tuesday, January 6th, 2004

Susannah and I are in a hotel room. I’m holding Everett. He begins babbling and then says, “I’m daddy’s girl.” I get excited that Everett said his first complete sentence but disappointed that Tom & Lynnette are here to hear it (they’re in another room below us).

Later, I’m outside the hotel (though it looks like industrial Dumbo) and I run into Tom. As we walk back towards the hotel, we see Lynnette driving Tom’s mom’s van. I see Tom asleep in the passenger seat and someone (maybe Simone) in the back. Lynnette pulls over and picks us up and we all go back to the hotel.

Once there, we go up some stairs. Tom carries Everett in his stroller.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Friday, January 2nd, 2004

I’m outside a farmhouse as a family tries to evacuate. A crazed gunman is trying shoot at us from the top floor. I watch as two women run into the room where the gunman is. Before he can shoot them, someone outside the house fires at him with a rifle.

I lie very still on the lawn outside, trying to hide behind a tree. He takes aim for me and I try to scoot farther back and out of his line of sight.

I hear a TV announcement about the shooter. They say he’s still holed up inside the house.

I’m still on a knoll near the house when I see lots of police officers. I crawl to a high-ranking officer and off information. I tell him that the guy is using a bolt-action rifle with a scope and that he’s not a very good shot. I add that it’s a good thing he’s a slow shot, otherwise he could have killed quite a few of us during the escape from the house.

As I inform the police, I notice several SWAT team members dressing up as high school football players. I notice a few of them are women.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Thursday, January 1st, 2004

I’m an alien standing around in a marshland. I’m entangled in some interstellar intrigue where I have to kill someone.

Later, I’m an android and we’re being overrun by enemy aliens who are slaughtering everyone. I lie down and try to play dead. Someone comes up to me to beg for help but I try to shoo them away so they won’t give up my position. They won’t leave so I threaten them with my hand cannon. Since they don’t budge, I blast them in the face with it and lie with their corpse, trying to look dead.

After things quiet down a bit, I decide to go to Thailand where I can get a fresh start. I take off flying over the marshland.

The setting suddenly changes to a bar/restaurant. I try to weave my way through the tables to get out. Then I realize I’ve forgotten my coat and go back to retrieve it. There is a national broadcast on TV and everyone watching is observing a moment of silence. I walk past a waitress holding a large cake, obviously straining to keep still. I laugh as I notice the frosting on her head beginning to melt.