Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm about to leave a restaurant when I see my dad coming in from the parking lot.  I tell my 3 friends to walk in front of me as we leave so I don't have to talk to him.  We walk out together to the car and I see a stroller next to it.  I realize it's mine and I fold it up and stow it in the trunk.


I'm in a shooting range waiting to get in.  They register the gun I bought and let me take it in.  Once on the range, I realize I have no ammo.  The people behind me take advantage of this and skip ahead of me, saying they'll be done in 10 minutes.  I look at a strange auto-loader and try to figure out how it fits into my pistol.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm on a cruise ship in a post-apocalyptic world.  I'm trying to help lead a band of rebels against the gangs/warlords on the ship.  We're attempting to distribute what little money we have.  We don't have change for our hundred dollar bill and I mess up the math and have to collect the money back from everyone.  A few won't give up the money and go to join the tyrants.

I venture off on my own in a small car w/ Sofia and an AR-15.  A mayor's procession goes by and I ask to join it.  They tell me I can keep my weapon but I unload it as a show of good will.

Inside this other community, a pretty & nice woman leads me around as I tell her about the horrible conditions on our part of the ship.

I pick up a ratty hockey puck and inadvertently challenge the local badass.  I start taping up my stick and partner up w/ a macho pro.  I turn to some guy and say, "I hope this actor knows how to play cuz I sure don't!"


I'm in WRFL where Elora's a DJ.  I've been scheduled to DJ but nobody seems to know about it.  Elora asks if it's my birthday and I tell her it's my NEW birthday (May 29th according to my new birth certificate).  I start looking around for CDs to play but I'm very dissappointed at the meager selection.  Meanwhile, people start calling in to complain about me coming on.  One caller complains about the dead air and Elora goes on the air to take the blame.

I go into the studio's outer room that seems like a thrift store.  There are only DVDs and VHS tapes out here and I wonder why they're in a radio station.  I consider for a moment not doing the show.