Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm playing poker on a large bed with a woman, a man and a little girl. I'm in the big blind for $3. The man UTG calls, the girl calls and the woman completes. I think I saw the woman peek down at QQ. I look down at KK and push my remaining $11 into the pot. The man thinks long & hard about it while the woman starts to stack up her chips for a call. The man says he's trying to figure out if he has pot odds to call (he has about $20-something in his stack). He finally folds and the woman calls. She flips up QJ and I ask her if it's her hand or the little girl's. She doesn't give me a clear answer. She flips up the board cards all the way to the river but shows about 7 or 8 cards instead of 5. I'm confused and ask her what's going on. I see there's a K and 2 JJ among the board cards. I flip over my cards & see I have K9 offsuit, not two Kings. I tell her it looks like everyone messed up this hand and that I misread my cards. She doesn't know what to do and I suggest we pull back our chips and replay the hand.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm in a hotel on a tourist destination island. I'm trying to sort out my things in the lobby. Eric Lynch is there and we're talking about our plans for the day. He says he has no real itinerary and we can do whatever. There is a safe in the lobby and I start putting some of my things in it. I leave the safe unlocked & go back to my room to get everything else.

I'm dressed in my leather jacket and I head back to the lobby. I walk by some hotel employees talking with a few of their friends. One guy says very loudly as I walk by, "The problem with this country is all the damn foreigners, especially the Asians." I turn back around & confront him, pulling out a switchblade. He also pulls out a knife and sticks me in the leg. I drop my blade and pull out a gun and shoot him dead.

Outside the hotel, I walk through a plaza wondering where Eric is. I want to call him but get distracted. There are a group of women milling by some bleachers. I walk by one of them, a young black mother who's looking at a Sudoku book. At first, I mistake it for a poker book and want to ask her where she plays. I take a closer look over her shoulder and realize it's a Sudoku book that has 13 rows and columns and uses poker cards for numbers. I walk the bleachers where a gospel chorus is rehearsing.

I go to cross the street and wait on the curb as the New York-like traffic whizzes by. A couple of traffic cops stand next to me & wait as well. A walk signal lights up and we all rush across the street. I head back to the hotel to look for Eric. I start to walk through some automatic doors into a Target. There are huge high rises on the sidewalk that force me to duck down as I enter Target. I suddenly realize that I need to go into Sears which is next door.

As I exit back onto the sidewalk, I hear a TV commentary about Eric being friends with some celebrity (me?). They're discussing what effect a fat friend will have on the celebrity. I take out my cell & dial Eric.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm running in & out of a large mansion trying to lure my enemies inside. I know there are supernatural creatures (Astral Wolves) coming and I want to make sure everyone's trapped inside when they arrive.

Later, I'm riding on a flatbed through the streets as everyone is fleeing the end of the world. The skies are darkening and the streets are clogged with cars. We take a detour and go through some side streets. Sofia is on the flatbed and I try to hang on to her. Susannah is also there along with a few others friends & family. My grandfather is lying on the floor and I'm not sure of his condition.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm on a cruise ship (that's actually a zeppelin or other large space craft) perusing the buffet. It looks like the Panda Garden buffet only the portions are huge. I'm talking to a couple of male friends/acquaintances about the food. I run into another friend who I hadn't seen all trip. He's wearing a buffet uniform.

We dock in some beach town and set off on foot. We stop off at some seafood shack to eat but nothing on the menu looks good.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm driving susannah & a couple of friends around trying to look for a place to eat dinner. We go by a few places I had written down but they all seem to be closed or not there. I get a little frustrated & embarrassed. We stop at an intersection and see a crowd of people leaving work. Among them is Kell, Ashley, Joy & Tim. I want to avoid being seen by them for some reason.

Later, I'm working at some store when a high school student I know wants to buy something. He gives me a credit card & I look at the name. I think for a second that it says Shofner but it says A (for Aaron) Hubner. I know it's not his card so I ask him for his pin number. He looks flustered and insists on running the credit card himself. He ends up punching in the last 5 digits of the card. Frustrated, he walks off. I follow him to his house and confront his parents about the theft.

Later, I run into a couple of kids I'd seen earlier. I pin the older boy (about 9) to the dirt and threaten him, "I only deal with bad people (which I realized wasn't true since I'd been killing bystanders/hostages), so if I ever see you again, I will kill you & your little brother. I press my knife into his chest just above the right nipple just enough to make a small mark. He cries out and I leave.


I'm in a high tech bathroom stall trying to figure it out. I get up to wipe but use some regular paper I had on me instead of the toilet paper. I notice an inscription on the stall wall that says Bathroom Sex. I notice there are two doors on the stall and I try to lock them both.

Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm at the store filling in one morning. I walk away from it for my lunch break & come back late. There are lots of people in it and Nick has come for his shift. I say hello to him & a couple of goth girls behind the counter (including Angie from Amoeba). They comment on the Sandman t-shirt I have on. I tell them I picked it up from the counter at Collectibles next door.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I've arrived in China and I'm riding in a bus from the airport. It drops me off at a main bus terminal and I realize I'm nowhere near where I need to be. I walk through the streets trying to find someone to ask for directions. I have a sheet of paper instructing me to take a cab from the airport to Washing Lu. I wander through markets and restaurants and can't seem to get the nerve to ask anyone for directions.

I run into Wei Ming who's talking to a friend of hers. She introduces me and we start walking. I ask her how to get to Washing Lu and she doesn't seem to know either.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm on a glacier with a team of researchers and their families when the ice starts to crack. I scramble for higher ground as the ice crumbles beneath my feet. I make it to relative safety and huddle with a few others. A mother (a softer Jennifer Connelly or Teri Hatcher) is giving her young son a bottle. He asks her what that big noise was. She says that we've cut the engine off. "So what's happening?" He asks. "We're dropping." She answers. Another mother is impressed with Teri/Jennifer's ability to stay calm and provide for her children.