Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Susannah and I haave just arrived on a tropical island. We're given a quick tour, then left to explore on our own. We wander the streets for a while and start to head back. Susannah wants me to see an apartment for sale and I tell her I've already seen it. As we walk, we look up into the sky and notice that the sky is actually clear turqoise waters. We look onto some rocks and see a woman sunbathing partially nude. We walk towards the water and realize just how close we are to the water. There's a young black boy playing on a rock. He's covered in some kind of white chalk or sand.

We head back towards our entry point and pass a man spraying his topless girlfriend with a hose. We comment on the island's liberal policy towards nudity. We suddenly realize we need to catch the 1pm plane or train to our next destination. We start running back. I'm nude and wet and throw a towel around myself as we run.

We dash into the house where we started and I run to the old lady who gave us the tour. She tells me to slow down and have some complimentary chocolates. I tell her we need a shuttle back to the airport. She looks at her watch and tells me it's 1:27 already. I'm shocked and stressed about missing our flight (we're scheduled to go to 3 more destinations in South America - though Morocco is also in the itinerary).

Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm checking into a resort with Susannah. While she stands in line, I go to make a deposit at an ATM. For some reason it gives me cash instead of taking it. It also tells me that it can't give me as much cash as I requested. I take the cash (about $150 in mostly tens) and go back to find Susannah. She's almost done as I get there. I have a handful of shower curtains, towels and clothes hangers in my hand. We decide to buy all this stuff after we get back from vacation. I go back to our room (which has the ATM in it) and find a young black couple using the ATM. The woman is getting cash as the man lounges nearby. I want to change but don't want to do it in front of them.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm sitting in an apartment with some friends & relatives. One of my cousins (or in-laws) had been raped and beaten (she looks like or is Michelle Williams) by her husband and his brothers & friends. For some reason, we cannot simply call the police and have them arrested. As we sit and talk about it, one of the assailants enter the room to pick up his wife. I stand up, gripping a tool in my hand (something shaped like a WWII=era machine gun and stare the guy down. He (a blonde guy) is uncomfortable in my presence & looks a little scared. I keep my eye on him, ready to strike as he (along with Chris & Lisa) leave.

I stomp into the bedroom, fuming at my helplessness. My father-in-law (the victim's father) comes in with me. I start ranting, "I'd kill them if I could get away with it but how?!" He tells me to forget about it. "How could you ask me to forget about it?! This happened yesterday!" I shout, "Maybe you can ask me to forget about it in a week, but not now!" "I may not believe in justice but I believe in karma." "How do I get 4 guys named Vinny to beat the shit out of them?" My father-in-law says, "I'll make something happen, I promise."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm walking around at night with a friend (Andy?). He goes up to a random car & hotwires it using a special key he has. We drive it to my parents' house. We're supposed to be going out to eat with a bunch of friends. They tell me to meet them somewhere to be picked up. Slightly irritated, we walk there and wait for them. Later, the car arrives to pick us up. It's a limo-sized car with a driver's seat in the back and the front. My mom is in the driver's seat & Edmond is in the passenger seat with a baby in his lap. My dad is in the rear driver's seat. I go to the middle of the car and find Bryan Gushiken there. I try to get the stroller in but it won't fit. I take Sofia out and put her in Bryan's lap and then put the folded stroller in with him. I realize there's no room for Andy and me and ask my mom why we didn't bring dad's car too. She says they didn't want to use it. I get really irritated and tell them we're going to walk back & get it. It's raining hard and I'm very annoyed.

Andy and I hike back to the house and I complain the whole way. He keeps looking at random cars and is tempted to take one. I ask him what happens if we get pulled over and he seems nonchalant about it. I ask, "We just say (in southern accent), 'This is mah brother's car...'"

I end up in a huge convention center trying to find a wedding party. There are lots of events and other weddings going on. Tom & Lynnette are with me and we are hurrying down the hall. I suggest we go down a particular hall (because it looks familiar) but they lead me down another. We end up in a back service corridor and eventually outside, far away from where we started. I get really pissed off that nobody's listening to me today.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I'm in a school or a cruise ship on vacation. I'm going up or down a flight of stairs when I spy a young woman with a terrific ass. I follow her and pull her aside. I tell her she has an amazing ass and she's a little flattered. I stand behind her and feel her up & her ass feels amazing. I try to find a private place for us to make out. We end up in a darkened stateroom and tiptoe around. I can see someone in one of the beds and we go into another bedroom. The woman gets in the bed and as I'm about to, Susannah comes in from the other bedroom and yells "What's SHE doing here?!" I stammer an explanation and the woman jumps out of bed. Susannah doesn't seem to be that mad and she goes back to her bed to change Sofia's diaper. I wander out of the stateroom.

Later, I'm running through the halls of the school and I pass a lot of people who are painted up and/or in costume. It looks like a big theatrical production is about to get under way. I run outside and down a flight of metal stairs. A small group of young black men are going up, on their way to a team Jeopardy tournament.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm in the house of a dissident/rebel while government troops/agents are tearing it apart. After a while, they leave and I wait in the empty house with another person. We hear someone come up the stairs and see that it's Diana W (from Amoeba). We identify her and tell her that we're both admirers of hers. We talk a little bit about the rebellion. I look down the stairwell and see a gold ring land at the foot of the stairs. I motion Diana towards it and she motions us to hide. A large lizard swallows the ring and climbs upstairs. Diana is pretending to sleep on the floor and the other person and I hide in the shadows.

Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm in a bar/lounge watching some guys play bumper pool. I recognize two of them as pool pros and comment to my friend (who might be George from poker) that they're probably playing for money. I walk to the door of the bar & look outside to see that it's raining. My mom is there and tells me that my dad just got written up in the paper and his store broke sales records as a result.

I look down the strip mall sidewalk and see Scarlett Johansson coming up to meet me. Her shirt is partly wet from the rain. I run back inside and tell George, "Sorry, I gotta go home to Scarlett Johansson." adding, "How is that even possible?!" I grab the stroller with my daughter in it (who's blonde and about 3 years old) and head out the door. I want to ask someone what her name is (I feel too embarrassed to ask Scarlett). Scarlett meets me halfway and takes over the stroller. She puts a rain cover over the kid and we head outside to our car.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Susannah & I are on sitting on the floor of a day spa (though it looks like home). She's lotioning her legs and I notice a couple of really scaly patches on her legs. She's sitting on the floor naked and I squat down between her legs & help her lotion up. Also naked, I enter her and begin to thrust. We realize we're not using any protection and run into the bedroom to retriebe a condom. It's inside a film canister-like contraption and I take a second to get it free. As I roll it on, it comes apart. I get annoyed that i's so old it degraded. I go into the bedroom again to find another one. There are several people in the room talking about movies and old Lars Von Trier films. I can't seem to find any more condoms and also try to think of a more private place to have sex. I go back & tell Susannah about the day spa and how we'll have the room all day for private play & sex.

I'm in a mall or casino in my hotel room. An older couple (who I'm related to, maybe in-laws) come in and take Sofia. I go out to fins Susannah. The place is a huge, sprawling mall with lots of displays of weapons & sci-fi toys. I spot Susannah and Lucy all the way on the other side of the place. As I make my way through, I promise myself to come back through & really browse. Once to the other side of the huge space, I can't seem to find Luc & Susannah. I run into Beth who's helping her little sister Kristen (who's about 15) shop for a dress.


I'm floating above a flooded street. I have god-like powers and begin manipulating the water. I create giant waves in the distance and make them dissipate before they get to me. I'm practicing using these new powers. After a while, I come down into the water and try to walk on the sidewalk (the water is waist-deep). After a while of walk, the water is gone and I am walking in my trunks & beach towel. I head into a bad neighborhood where some street kids are playing ball. I look for a place to turn back around. I wander into a small park where some people are lounging & sleeping. I see a nudist European family in various states of undress. I pass them and go up some wooden stairs. There are several people sleeping on the steps and I have to carefully sidestep them. For some reason I circle back and end up going up those same stairs several times, each time avoiding the sleeping people.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I'm in an old school building after hours. I head into the bathroom and run into Lou Diamond Phillips. We enter together and I see a large rat-like creature. I kick at it and it runs off. Lou also notices something small & disgusting and stomps on it. I look down and see another small dead rat. We comment on the disgustingness of it all. I want to talk to him but he is on his cell phone. I hear him say, "This is Wu, first name Wuzy..."

I decide I need to wash my feet since I've been walking on these disgusting floors. I go get a few towels and come back in to wash my feet in the sink. There are two separate taps for hot & cold and I alternate splashing my feet with each. As I finish, I see a few students in the hallway. I decide to get out of here before the big rush of students. I hear a few teachers in the hall talking about a fire drill or fire alarm. I dry off my feet and try to put on my jeans. I'm having trouble getting into them and don't want the people in the hall to see me pant-less.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm in an old house (where I used to live) sleeping. I sleep fitfully and when I wake up I hear someone in the bathroom. I go out & see that it's my adopted sister Halle Berry. She's naked, having just come out of the shower. I sidestep the door to be polite & we talk. I tell her I'm going somewhere. She brings up having sex as a way to relieve stress about our respective spouses. We both bring up the fact that we're not actually related. I tell her all this talk is making me really horny. She comes out and straddles me and we begin kissing. She pulls off my pants and slides me inside her. We fuck for a bit but our coitus is interrupted for some reason.


I'm at a beachside cookout organized by Wade (who's a big time restauranteur). I'm helping him with some of the seafood. He tells me to bring certain people crab & shrimp & lobster. I try some of it myself and everything's delicious. Susannah has to work and had asked Wade to save her some food for when she got off at midnight. I put together a plate for her in case all the good stuff is gone by the time she gets off.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

I'm in the lobby of a hotel near the elevators trying to round up suspects. Some are trying to get away and some are drawing guns on me so I begin shooting them. No one goes down and I get frustrated. I continue this for a while and then try to find Susannah. I see her coming toward me and she looks tired and stressed.