Monday, December 25, 2006

I'm on a cruise ship in the dining room when a skinny guy attacks me with a knife. I dodge most of his blows and finally subdue him. I'm very irritated that everyone just stands by & watches. Some security people take him away and I go back to my business. In an elevator, some women are whispering about the incident. I lift up my sweater and show them the holes from where the guy tried to knife me. I go talk to some security people about some extra protection. They are vague & noncommital and I get annoyed. "What, I have to go around with a Global knife in my belt for protection?"

Later, I'm on a bus (it's on a track like a roller coaster) on a tropical island. A black kid in the seat in front of my falls asleep and slides onto the floor. People try to step around him and he wakes up and gets back into his seat.

Friday, December 15, 2006

We're in the store (which is a diner) when one of the neighbor's retarded kids comes running over. He's a bit of a nuisance and Susannah tries to shoo him away. More kids come out, followed by their mother. She leads us over to her house to eat dinner. The food is being prepared by Chinese chefs from a local restaurant. The fried wontons are excellent. The dining room is full of adopted kids and I comment that "it's lively in here." The chefs bring out a dish of tofu that is monogrammed and we're all very impressed.

I suddenly remember I didn't lock the store and ask if Susannah did. She says no and I run back to check. It's raning outside as I run past our neighbors in the strip mall. Inside our diner, the same few patrons are still eating. I'm just about to leave again when Susannah says, "George Hearst" and points to the man who we may be having dealings with.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm in a police precinct talking to Sgt. Carver (though he's white & looks like Herc). We're discussing a recent murder and talking about suspects. I suggest we bring in Pooh for questioning. "This guy gets out of jail and next week we have a body? He definitely had something to do with it." I try to explain it to Carver, "Imagine you come back from suspension, a good police and I put you on a big case right away. Makes sense, right?"

Later, I have Bodie, another dealer and some kid on a waiting bench. I wake them up and the white kid has trouble untangling himself from the others. I grab him and ask the room, "Whose kid is this?!" A cop (or civilian) on another bench says the kid's his. I reunite them and admonish the father for letting his son sit with suspects. We haul the dealers into an interrogation room. Bodie sits facing away from us and I start asking them where Pooh is. They don't answer.

Later, I'm down in the basement where lots of cops are busy with files. Lester Freamon is there along with someone I think is Stringer Bell (actually Mr. Ecko from Lost). He's speaking an African dialect with another clerk.