Saturday, November 29, 2008

There's some sort of gay theater camp at co-op and I'm sitting outside w/ a bunch of other parents.  I get bored and go back to the co-op building to get Sofia's things.  I gather some stuff and go downstairs & run into an older woman.  She tells me her two daughters are back and aren't cleaning up their lunch mess.  I devise a scheme to get them to clean up.  I go out & pretend I'm a foreign student who doesn't speak English.  I ask them something and shuffle off into traffic.  They're slightly concerned and call campus police.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We're in Spain in front of a large building under the overhang at the entrance.  It's raining and I keep asking passers-by who they voted for.  We walk by a comic book store and I lead everyone in.  There are a couple clerks in masks/costumes speaking in Mandarin.  I walk through the store & consider asking them something in Mandarin.  There's not much to the store and I want to explore downstairs.  Once down, I see an open expanse that's a cross between a nature trail and an amusement park ride.  I start walking through, noting some of the escalators and moving sidewalks that are grown over with grass and moss.