Monday, July 29, 2002

At a party, I saw a girl I used to date briefly but had forgotten why we'd broken up. A friend (Adam?) asked me about her and I began having a flashback...

She was a very young and petite Asian (Chinese or Vietnamese) girl who wore contacts. We were in her dorm room (high school though?) and had been flirting and thinking about dating. I finally approached her on the couch and we started kissing. her skin was dark & very smooth. She got on top of me as we kissed, I felt the skin between her shirt and pants. We were both fully clothed and there were some other people in the room. After a while, we talked about seriously going out. I told her that my parents and I were thinking about moving back to San Francisco. I asked her how long she had before graduation (thinking it would be soon and we could leave together). She said about 3 years. I was very surprised and asked if she was a freshman. She said yes. I told her we probably shouldn't date since long distance relationships never work well. I felt very sad as I held onto her and talked about this.


I'm at the scene of a fire. As firefighters battle the blaze on a pier, a bunch of young kids (12-year-olds?) run like crazy around the fire trucks and get in the way. There are a few burned out cars in the parking lot. I also see some redneck families sitting at a make-shift picnic table with food and beer, watching the fire. I comment to someone I'm with that these people are idiots. Point Of View shifts to a higher, aerial view as we survey the fire damage. I suspect it was drug-related as police and firefighters open crates full of burned money. As I theorize about the drug dealers, my friend asks "How much money was down there?" I answer, "Enough to kill people over."

I was in Susannahs mom or my mom's house about to leave with Susannah & someone else. As they went out to the car, I got caught up doing something. I was apparently very upset about something. I ended up packing a couple of boxes and had to have mom help me carry them (and a laundry basket of my clothes) downstairs to the door. I looked outside and Susannah had already left. The only car in the driveway belongs to mom. I said, passive-aggressively, "Well, I guess I'll have to take the subway back, then get a car to come back & get all this stuff." (Hoping she'd let me use her car or give me a ride) She said "Okay".

I stormed outside with a dark-yellow button-down shirt and a can of salt. I was very pissed and began smashing the salt can on the sidewalk. then i noticed lots of ants on the ground and I began to throw salt on them, watching them scatter. I did this for a while, watching the ants, large & small, run about. As I walked, the grassy ground became littered with shit, some of which were orange or red. I realized I didn't have a shirt on and went back to fetch my yellow shirt (which was on the ground near the house). It had gotten extremely dirty (more so than it should've). I picked it up and went back into the house. I picked through the laundry basket for a shite t-shirt. I listened to see where mom was. She was in the front room washing her hair in the sink. I was still very upset.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

I was watching over some train tracks from a high vantage point. There was a giant naked woman sitting on the tracks. Her crotch and parts of her thighs were missing. It looked like they were blown away and revealed some mechanical inner workings. She got on her hands & knees facing away from some oncoming trains.

There was another naked woman who had no vagina and a large clitoris shaped like the tip of a realistic dildo. She was young and beautiful and a lover of mine. I started making out with her, rubbing her rubber clit. Then she did have a vagina but it was very small ( as I discovered trying to finger it).

I could hear her dad's voice. He said he'd tried hiding me away for her. He also said he wouldn't mind if we had babies together, joking that he wouldn't even mind if we had elephants together. He also kept wanting us to have a boy.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I'm in a house trying to round up two cats (Mango & Chutney -Tom & Lynnette's cats?). I'm trying to keep a cellar door open so I can chase the cats upstairs. One cat goes up the stairs on his own. The other is tearing up one corner of the cellar. I go down with a broomstick and try to chase it out. The cat comes out of the corner as a small monkey with a short, two-headed Chinese spear. I back the monkey up the stairs where Tom and others are sitting in the dining room. Tom, bemused, tells me to hold it at bay until he could come and help me (though he didn't look particularly busy).

Friday, July 19, 2002

Susannah and I are in a gravel lot with an older couple and a younger couple (the girl is a redhead). We're eating very tough lobster. A convertible pulls up w/ another young couple in it. The girl is a redhead and the guy is young but has lots of wrinkles around his eyes. They are related to the older couple. We see Tom & Lynnette coming toward us from a distance (we'd been waiting for them). As they arrive, we pile into a minivan and a station wagon and head off to see a movie. I'm driving the wagon, Tom & Lynnette are in the back (though they seem very far away). We go through an intersection and drive into a shopping center. I swerve around shopping carts and crates of beer bottles in the lot and comment that the DMV should make people take the driving tests here. We drive up to a small security gate and try to get into an elevator down (or up) to the movie theater. We're now on foot. The elevator opens and we move the broom and mops out of the elevator and get in.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

AJ and I were in the wilderness. We headed out on a trail, retracing a path we'd gone just the other day. After a while of walking, we come upon a clearing where there is boat rental or something. I ask AJ if he wants to go back and get water or anything. We head back into the small town where we're staying and wander through a small mall. We walk by a movie theater, hoping maybe to catch something but all they're playing is really obscure foreign films. We walk out wondering why the only theater in a small town would only show obscure films.

Monday, July 15, 2002

From 7/14/02:

I was heading for the bathroom with Lynnette, Tom & one other person. We all went into separate stalls in the same bathroom. I as pissed, my urine kept splashing around because of the way the urinal was designed. I saw over the stall, Josh W. was talking to another co-worker of ours about leaving for the 4-day weekend. I wondered why he hadn't left for Kentucky yet. I started pissing on the floor to avoid all the splashing.
From 7/13/02:

I was in a staged fight (from a movie?) with a guy named Takeshi Takegeru (who looked like Cary Tagawa). We circled each other briefly, then he got a short sword-type weapon from the wall. I attempted to get a short Japanese sword from the opposite wall but none of the swords would come out of their scabbards. I finally ended up using a very short silver sword.

As we began sparring, the opponent turned into a woman in red who looks liked Kim Cattrall. As we sparred, I kept hitting her before she hit me. I deflected and blocked all her strikes and hit her several times (but didn't injure her). I stopped the fight, concluding I had an arm's-reach adventage over her.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002


George and I and another guy are in a place with lots of sharks and sealife. The other guy and I are sitting naked with sheets over us while George is standing. We notice something ominous go down a hallway. We rush up to pursue it. I hastily put on pants but the other guy doesn't. We go through several rooms quickly, chasing after this large monster. I grab the lid to a wicker basket and use it as a shield. I also look for a weapon and can only find a small knife. I mention to George the weapon is a bit small. After a bit of running around, we end up in the dining room where one table is covered with large knives and other weapsons. We tell each other to remember this room.

Monday, July 08, 2002

From 7/5/02:

I'm playing a virtual reality video game where I'm a young boy/young man being led around by a young woman. She leads me to a secluded place. We (there are other people watching) know she's an enemy in disguise. We pause the game and take a look through some holographic files of other villains in the game. Armed with our new plan, we back the game up a few minutes. We see the woman get up from the ground. The crowd goes "uh-oh". This time, I (the little boy) walk away from the woman and scroll through my options - one of which is becoming a werewolf. I quickly change into the werewolf and choose the MAUL option, quickly dispatching the woman. She's now in the front seat of a van. Ethan and one other person is there helping me figure out what to do next. I (or Ethan) am holding the woman in my lap in the front seat, holding her wounds, trying not to dirty up the car. Ethan suggests we get rid of her at Jen (??)'s house and pretend it never happened.

From 7/7/02:

I'm walking through a food court full of Japanese (and other kinds of) restaurants. There is a street fair going on outside. I walk through an empty Korean restaurant and back outside, following signs for a "Buddhist Statue." I hear some woman talking to herself in Chinese.


Susannah's playing some driving game as I talk her through it. She gets bored and drives the car over a cliff. As we hit the ground, the scene slows to show two young women (one light-skinned black woman, one white) fighting, then making out. I ask Susannah if she likes to watch a little girl-on-girl action and she acts disgusted. She then offers me some girl-on-boy action. I go into another room to turn something on, then come into the bedroom. I pull off the blanket to reveal the sheets covered with an interesting pattern of blood spots. Susannah thinks we should get rid of the sheets, but I like them.

From 7/8/02:

We were hosting a young musician at our house. He had just finished playing a smooth jazz piece at a bar. A few people clapped politely. I wanted to give him a half-hearted compliment but couldn't come up with anything. We were trying to plan a large dinner. Rupert and Ruth (nice people we met in Maine) were there with us in this large house.

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

From 7/1/02:

We were running the business and living in a large house with AJ. We were trying to figure out what to do with a few extra rooms we'd just discovered (a carpeted meeting/rec. room and a bathroom and a half).

From 7/2/02:

More store-related nonesense. Something about designing a sign or logo for the store.

humming Corrs' "Summer Wine"