Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I'm with a white cousin of mine and we're in a mall looking for a garlic grinder. We end up with a container full of dried ginger and decide it's good enough. I ask him if he needs anything else before we head to the Chinese grocery. Once there, we run through quickly and grab a few things. I point out the Chinese beef jerky to him. I also tell him that if he gets fish jerky to make sure it's not cuttlefish. We go into a back room and see a young Chinese man eating cuttlefish and singing Megadeth lyrics. I joke to my cousin that he doesn't have to eat jerky so intensely. As the guy is singing the lyrics, we start singing the tune along with him. We both find it highly amusing.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Monday December 27th, 2004

I enter an office building through a window. It’s winter but several employees are sitting on the window ledges keeping cool. I walk through some cubicles and greet my coworkers. One of them tells me I need to come and have a tutorial with one of the computer programs. I go to a women’s restroom to pee. My urine comes out partly red but it doesn’t hurt.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Sunday December 26th, 2004

Matt Damon and I are both dressed like Billy Idol in a rural village. We’re standing with the real Billy Idol and discussing how we all look alike. Billy walks off and we trail him. When I notice that 4 large thugs begin following us, I slip away and follow further behind.


I’m standing in the street looking down the hill into the distance. I see large currents of water rushing out of the sewers and subway entrances and rushing uphill towards me. I put on some pants and head towards the water. At the subway entrance, I hesitate. The water has subsided for a moment so I head inside. I’m behind a woman who swipes her card but doesn’t go through the turnstile. I swipe and walk through the turnstile and into the cave-like station.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Thursday December 23rd, 2004

I’m with a group of people helping change Everett’s diaper. Someone peels off his diaper and is repulsed by the smell of his poo. I grab him and ask for some wipes. As I start wiping him down, the small overwhelms me and I yell, “Give me a whiff of one of those wipes.” I feel better as I inhale the smell of the alcohol wipes and joke, “Uh-oh, I think I found a new friend.” After getting him cleaned off, I hand him to someone else who has a new diaper.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Tuesday December 21st, 2004

I’m in a young woman’s house looking for her. The house is filled with all kinds of dogs and I’m running through it fast to avoid getting chased by them. I finally fun outside into the yard and see her driving off.

I walk out onto the street. It’s a country road that borders a golf course/resort. As I work by some stores and restaurants, a man walks next to me and asks me how the young woman’s sister is doing. He says he’s concerned about her since she told him about something bad that had happened to her. I said I didn’t really know. I wander up into some store and have trouble getting back down to the road. The guy keeps following me and I finally tell him I really have to go.

After I ditch the guy, I continue walking. I’m now in a more industrial area. I walk by a Chinese restaurant and some row houses. In the distance I see smoke coming from the airport. I look up in the skies over the airport and see a plane with a smoking engine. I look on in horror as it crashes. Then another plane comes into view, also smoking, then crashing into the airport. A piece of a plane plummets into a nearby house and I start running away, my legs feeling slow & rubbery.

I run by Robin Williams’ house as some of his toys and mechanical devices run amok outside. I keep trying to call Susannah on my cell phone but there seems to be no signal.

I run by a woman on the sidewalk and she stops to ask me about the plane crashes. I tell her it’s exactly as someone predicted and that there might be more crashes. I ask her if she has a cell phone that works but she doesn’t.

I’m running back towards the golf course/resort. I run through a tennis court where lots of people are getting lessons. I yell & ask if anyone has a working cell phone. No one does and no one seems to know why I’m panicked.

I climb over a high chain-link fence and come upon some picnickers. I ask again for a working cell phone and someone offers up their phone (which looks like a laptop). I punch in Susannah’s number and listen to it ring. I hear a faint crying & I start yelling, “Susannah? Baby? Can you hear me?” The soft crying continues and I keep talking into the phone, “Can you hear me? Are you okay? I’m alright, are you okay?”

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sunday December 19th, 2004

I’m in a room with lots of bunks where many people are sleeping. A young black boy has been sent off to kill a police officer I work with. I notify some of my fellow officers to put a tail on him and prevent the murder.

I load up a bag with my gun and some extra ammo and head out with another detective. He’s carrying several guns, including a submachine gun. We walk out to his car along with two other cops.

We find his car parked between some houses and get in, shooing away a vagrant in the process.

In the car, I tell the cops about the dream I had where a young street soldier was told to kill one of our undercover detectives. We head towards the projects to prevent the killing. I make sure to put my phone on vibrate so I don’t give us away if it rings.

We stop by a building where a fellow cop (McNolty from The Wire) is putting an informant into this car. The cops in my car ask if I want to ride with my partner (McNolty) but I tell them no because my gun & ammo are in the trunk of this car.

I’m now in a police office where a flabby female cop in a halter-top is filling out paperwork on a suspect. The suspect is a middle-aged white man with a goatee who has been forging credit cards. The cop says that he has to clean up his mess outside.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Friday December 17th, 2004

I’m in a room with Max Hatton, Susannah & Chi-Hee Kim. I convince them all to strip down and that we didn’t have to “do” anything. Once naked, I tell them to come give me a hug. I wrap my arms around Susannah & Chi-Hee and call over a reluctant Max. Chi-Hee feels baby-smooth.


I’m at an event with Andy & John. John’s gone over to a crowd to dance or just watch, I’m not sure where Andy went. I take off my coat & sit down in a chair. I notice a woman out of the corner of my eye. She’s very attractive and wearing a revealing dress. I look up and see a banner that says “1992 DLTimes Miss America”. More women file past me, many of them looking like Playboy models. Several go by with nothing but pasties and g-strings on. One of them throws a handful of pasties at me. I pick them up and show them to the guy next to me, joking that they’re not my size.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Thursday December 16th, 2004

I’m in a living room with a number of survivors from a catastrophe. We’re about to leave the house for the outdoors and I’m trying to figure out what to do with our remaining supplies. I suggest to the group that we assign people to carry certain items. We have salt, sugar, some food and two pistols, each with one bullet. I suggest we vote on who carries what so that we can trust the bearer not to abuse the items in question. I also suggest that we don’t make our group leader (Jack from Lost) carry everything just because we trust him.

After we assign some items, I approach Jack and suggest to him privately that we maybe fire off these two bullets and get rid of the guns as they might be a danger to the group. But as I’m suggesting it, I think better of it and realize they’ll come in handy if we need to hunt.

Later, I’m looking through the scope of a sniper rifle, trying to figure out the sights. Someone tries to tell me how to adjust the sights to aim accurately.

Outside, a young woman in our group is pointing a pistol at a child. When she pulls the trigger, the guns doesn’t fire but electronically confirms that she hit her target. She gets very excited.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Monday December 13th, 2004

I’m in a large bathroom with Lucy & another couple. They all strip down and I try not to look at their naked bodies. Lucy and the other woman force me out, making me mad. I pack my things and tell them I’m going to stay with my mom.

I’m in a wheelchair pushing myself through a gravel parking lot. I see Leda & Vance Tilton coming towards me and I push quickly towards them. Leda doesn’t seem to see me and walks right by. Vance recognizes me and says hello.

Later, I’m pushing myself through some very narrow hallways in a hospital. I’m trying to navigate my way out through some small cluttered offices.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sunday December 12th, 2004

I’m at a friend’s house walking through some kids’ rooms. I find a few 8x10 photos of fetish scenes. A woman is standing on a large pillar with two men on either side of her. The men are naked, bound and have their heads covered. They are bent over with their butts almost touching. The woman connects them with a double dildo. Two other women stand underneath the men and blow them. I’m told that the first man to cum has to step down and be replaced with someone else.

I wander into a boy’s room. He has a huge selection of GI Joe and other toys, most of which are still in their boxes. He has the small GI Joe figures as well as the 12” figures. I look at a few of the boxes containing nothing but weapons and accessories. Scattered all over the floor are color copies of GI Joe characters.

I realize that I left the fetish photos in one of the rooms and scramble to retrieve it before the kids (or their parents) find them. I dig through the boy’s room with no luck.

I go into another room and find Susannah sleeping on a bed. The room is almost bare.

In another room, I see a colorful bug scurrying on the carpet. I chase it down, trying to hit it with a towel.

A young woman comes in and I point out the strange bug to her. She tells me it’s a “Catbug” and that the neighborhood is full of them. She picks one up and puts it down by an orange tabby. The cat says quietly, “I think I lost a flea.”

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thursday December 9th, 2004

I’m in a post-catastrophe age where lots of people have all gathered in a large mall-like building. I’m the de facto leader of the group and am trying to find help. I ask a friend to help me find someone with good leadership skills so I can ask them advice on how to bring the entire group together. There are more people constantly streaming in and I’m worried about us not being a cohesive group.

My friend recommends that I talk to a middle aged women with short blonde hair for advice. I see her in a living room talking to a group.

As I start walking around, I see my high school art teacher Ms. Christensen. I run up and give her a hug and tell her about my troubles. Then a younger woman (who looks more like Ms. Christensen than the woman I’m hugging) comes up. The older woman says, “Here’s junior.” I walk with the older Ms. Christensen and tell her I’m worried about the cohesiveness of the group.

Later, I wander back to the center of the mall and see that a room is on fire. I start yelling for people to come help. I yell, “Get the firefighters! Get all the men here!” I grab small bowls of water and throw them on some small patches of fire. I run frantically trying to find a hose.

I enter the burning room and trying to switch off all the lights to prevent the electrical system from burning. The room is now dark and I fumble my way through it.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Saturday December 4th, 2004

We’ve just arrived in China and checked into an old inn with a few other guests.

We’re in our room trying to have sex. I keep switching between being Susannah and being me. I’m also Cornell West briefly.

Our room has two double beds and Ethan is on the other bed. I tell Susannah I’m not comfortable doing it in front of her ex-husband. Ethan says that he doesn’t care so we proceed.

We keep trying to find a place to have sex. In the morning, we walk into a large bathroom and decide to do it here. I sit on the toilet to pee while Susannah checks herself in the mirror. An American student opens the door and Susannah ushers her out. As she leaves, she asks, “What bathroom am I supposed to use then?”

Another young student comes in and shows me some Subway coupons he’s been given. He complains that they require him to buy too many sandwiches. I tell him to go in on them with someone else.

When we’re finally alone, we rush to find a comfortable place to have sex. The bathroom has several rooms and we decide to do it on a soft chair. I sit down and Susannah goes down on me.