Saturday, September 29, 2001

my dream this morning was a bit literal.

I dreamt that I had driven to work and now had to run the car back to Susannah so she could use it to get to work. I ran out the door of what looked like my parent's old house and didn't see the car in the driveway. I figured that Susannah must have already driven to work. I then realized that I'd have to walk to work (here's where the logic gets screwed up). The sky was overcast and it was extremely windy out. I didn't want to go out into that and thought about calling in sick. I also figured that my coworkers would feel the same and call in sick, too.

boring, eh?

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

had a couple of very intense, vivid dreams...

first Susannah & I were at some fancy restaurant. The chef or owner was sitting with us, talking about the food and showing us how to eat it. He was a bit lecherous, and kept telling Susannah that spreading her legs while sitting would help her digestion. I felt very uncomfortable but wasn't sure what to do. Then Susannah asked me if I needed to go to the bathroom, giving me a stern look - a signal. I said yes and we both excused ourselves and got up.


I'm in a mall trying to find my way out. As I'm leaving, the mall goes up in flames (but only in an abstract way). As I'm walking out, there are manifestations of the inferno in the form of tin flasks. I grab one & head out. As I wander out of the mall, I'm trying to find the way out and end up wandering into a ghetto-esque area. I get nervous and decide to head back the way I came. I'm in the giant parking lot and heading for the road when my nemesis (in this dream, someone vague and unfamiliar) comes up beside me in a large vehicle. I try to get away with a combination of sheer will and pedalling. I get a little distance away from him, pedalling hard, I can feel myself pushing ahead. Then it feels like I'm in the cab of a semi-truck, leaning forward, making the vehicle move. The whole time, I am in the persona of a woman (not sure who). As I'm exiting the parking lot, I ask/tell an older man in a car about how I'm getting out of here and up to Seattle (or rural Washington) via more obscure routes (not wanting to take the main roads in fear of being followed). I then manage, precariously, to make it through a weird 6-way intersection. I now feel like I'm on a bicycle and my legs are stiff and the pedals hard to move. I make it through the intersection and finally ge ton my way.

ugh. it was a very physical dream. I was very tired upon waking.

woke up humming Springsteen's "Born to Run"

Monday, September 24, 2001

I dreamt this morning that I was having sex with Susannah. Then another woman appeared in bed with us. We stayed in bed and fooled around for a bit. She kept reading letters she'd gotten from various men and women. It seemed like responses to a sex column or pieces of sex advice.

Then I was driving in a car, looking for a rest stop where I could go pee. I was driving without my pants on but wasn't worried about it. I passed 2 old black men sitting on the porch. As I pulled up by the restroom, I looked in the car for some pants, but there was only a couple of towels. I debated using one of them to cover up...

Friday, September 21, 2001

overslept this morning...

I was waiting around for a friend to check out at a video store. I asked Susannah if she'd told the cafe across the street that she'd already found a job (she apparently applied there). She said yes. I then asked her is she'd told this video store. She said no, but that she would. I walked over to the door to look at the staff-recommends shelf. I was a bit puzzled at the shitty titles on the wall. There was something that starred Lorenzo Lamas. I then went to look for a bathroom.

must've hit the snooze about 5 times. sheesh.

Monday, September 17, 2001

had a little dream about repopulating the world after Tuesday incident...

Then a woman and I went to a whorehouse. It was decorated like a weird video store, with Stanley Kubrick posters and weird movie stills all over the walls. The person who ran the place showed us to a young girl. The room had a curtain and there were two beds on the other side of the curtain. One bed had a naked woman, the other had a woman and a hairy older guy. The woman I was with got into bed with our girl and I knelt down by the bed to talk to the girl. I asked her how long she'd been doing this. She said about a year and she was going to turn 18 soon. I asked her what she wanted to do when she got out of here. She said run a shampoo shop (which I misheard as running a shopping mall). The woman I was with penetrated the girl from behind (don't ask me how) and the girl started giving me oral sex. I couldn't really get much pleasure from it for some reason.

weird huh? makes me want to make a short film about it. just the idea of hacing such an artsy-creepy brothel like that. the whole thing felt like some Euro art film.

Thursday, September 13, 2001

well, I went back to sleep before 8 and woke up just now.

I was in someone's house watching a dog. It was a mid-sized dog but I thought it was Wei Ming's (who actually owns a pug). The dog kept running around rampant and I tried to get it to stop. I took off its chain and swung at it, wanting to stop it. Instead the mettle end of the chain hit the dog and injured it. I was freaking out and tried to carry the dog outside. Then, other people came along and I tried to explain what had happened. somehow this transitioned to ...

I was watching some artsy-fartsy porn DVD in my mom's bedroom (while she was at work), then suddenly I was fast-forwarding through it in someone's living room (or the lobby of a apt. building). A couple of young white women were sitting on a couch and one of them made a snide comment about me being a wannabe white boy or a ypical white boy. I got really pissed and confronted them about it. Soon a few of their friends came along and I kept ranting at them about representation and self-representation. Then more people came, this time Robynn Takayama and some friends. They listened and nodded with me. Eventually the original women faded away. Robynn told me she was waiting for a friend to get off work at the Indian restaurant across the street. We all came back inside.

Then, we were being served a Chinse or Vietnamese dinner. As the waitress plated up some dish, a Chinese young man beside me started askign what it was. the waitress and I both teased him about not remembering that we'd had that dish the other night. I said in Chinese to the waitress, "He smokes drugs all day, has no memory." Everyone laughed. Susannah was also there with Michael at the corner of the table. I wanted her to sit closer to me...

all in all, pretty intense, pretty vivid. I also can't believe I slept for another 4 hours.
I was in some dark room and another person, a man, was in there with me. He was about to dump killer fish or something into a pool to kill a man or animal trapped in there. I was appalled and wanted nothing to do with it. I threw something to try to stop it.


I was at a festival or cook-out in an industrial part of town. There was an air-show of classic cars. They would swoop down from the sky and hover above us. I was very impressed. As I walked around, I walked by a table with a pot holding 2 crabs. They were greenish-blue and looked like spiny versions of dungenous crabs. I walked to another table where a couple of college-aged guys were preparing them. There were huge bowls of leg meat, eggs and other parts along with a bucket of shells. They asked me if there was more meat to get out of the tails (like lobster). I took a piece of tail of pulled out more meat. I got a plate with some vinegar and began to plate up some crab.

Susannah was there also and flirting with one of the guys at the table. She was calling for him as he ran around the table. I think she was drunk or tipsy. I was getting embarrassed and irritated.

Monday, September 10, 2001

Had some bits and pieces yesterday and this morning, can only remember very little.

Dreamt that Mr. Zhang (family friend of my parents) was killed in my parents' home. Can't seem to remember much else.

Friday, September 07, 2001

Went to bed a little earlier than usual and still overslept. Only remember a couple of tidbits.

one piece involved me meeting up with Tamara. I was really glad to see her back (she's actually gone in real life, too). I needed her for some kind of help or emotional support.

another involved me and someone going to RW's house at the crack of dawn. I need to see him but didn't want to knock on his door. It was on a Sunday morning, 6 or 7 am. I wondered about how long to wait and where to wait for him.

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

I was running around an industrial area with 2 other guys trying to escape or get somewhere. We wandered into a factory and all put on WWI-era gas mas-like things to disguise our faces. I then stood around a table that had chemicals, saran wrap and dough. An authority figure who was looking for us walked slowly toward me. I started pretending to work. Then he came from behind me and tried to pull my mask off. I grabbed his arm and resisted, yelling that I was a white man and couldn't be treated this way (we were in some racially divided society or something). I also felt short of breath in the mask but couldn't take it off. Then the factory boss or foreman came to see what all the noise was about. He asked me where I put something and I tried to look for it. The investigator-guy was still suspicious. When the two of them started talking, I took a chance and crawled under the counter and slipped out the door.

The outside looked like an industrial area with highway overpasses & broken down heavy equipment. My two comrades were already out there. I was little agitated that they didn't wait for me. Some women ran by me and up a hill. We reached the ridge of the hill and looked into the distance. There was an army of men dressed in bright green charging up a hill. We then saw me appearing from the top of the hill firing their guns. The charging men fell back and were easily stopped. We noticed some Italian flags among them. The way they fell under the gunfire looked sor tof fake and we couldn't tell whether it was a war-game or real combat. I felt embarassed for their poor fighting. One group of the Italian soldiers yelled for another to give them more rifles. The second group did, but didn't throw them far enough. Most landed in the water.

I noticed that their uniforms had patches on them depicting Hitler. At first I thought there was a symbol of the swaztika with a slash through it. Then I realized it was a circle, emphasizing the nazi symbol.

There was also some notion that the opposing army was Japanese.

Monday, September 03, 2001

had lots of vivid dreams all night long.

one involved crashing a spaceship and landing on a water-deluged version of earth. I was standing on what used to be UK's campus with Susannah & Lucy. We noted that much of the landscape had been flooded and was now a cove. Someone else and I floated through the watery world slowly, looking at all the post-apocalyptic stuff. Wish U could remember more.

another vignette involved me & Susannah getting tickets for a college basketball game. We'd gotten 2nd row tickets. I got there first to save our seats and ended up sitting somewhere in the back row, the game was obscured. Tamara came up to us and chatted, then went to sit near the front. I then realized we were sitting in the wrong seats and went to the front. We watched as the teams came out. We saw one team was coed being lead by a young female coach. She shouted a few defensive options and asked the audience. Tamara and some others shouted back which strategy she should use. There was also a midget woman out on the court.

There were a few other dreams, none of which I could remember. I actually woke up several times during the night and wanted to write these dreams down. I actually laid in bed and replayed them in my head, but as I fell back to sleep, they fade, naturally.


I may have to keep a tape recorder by the bed or something.