Friday, July 29, 2005

i'm on vacation with a bunch of friends in some city. I'm hanging out with a bunch of the women friends and they tell me that all the boys have headed up to Reno to catch a baseball game. I'm very irritated that everyone left without me. I ask how long have they been gone and they tell me only a little while. I start hoofing it through the city and call Tom's cell. One of the other guys picks it up & I hear Tom in the background saying he's driving. I ask them how far out of town they are and they tell me about 20 minutes. They say they can double back to get me and I tell them (passive-aggressively) not to bother. I'm really irritated and hang up with them, deciding to drive my rental car up by myself to gamble in the casinos.

As I continue to walk, I see Tom and Greg go into a diner. I follow them in and to their table where all the guys are sitting and eating. They look chagrinned as I approach and I grab handfuls of food and throw it at them. Very sternly, I say, "I have a proposal for you... Who wants to come with me to Reno to gamble?" Greg and another guy (who I know wants to play poker) raise their hands and I walk out quickly with them in tow.

Outside, I consider whether or not to walk all the way down to the pier to pick up the rental car or to hail a cab.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm at a friend's house looking for the bathroom. I find a tiny closet-sized bathroom and go in. There's another closet-style sliding door that's slightly open. I'm about to pee when I notice a woman is on the other side of the door. I make a noise so she'll hear me. I say, "Sorry, I'll let you have your privacy." She slides the door closed and I use the bathroom. Through the crack of the door, I see that it's the friend's mother. i entertain the idea of sleeping with her but realize she's not that attractive. I notice her tiny breasts and wonder how she ever breast fed her kids.

As I make my way through the house, my mom comes up to me with a Chinese newspaper. She asks me why I was reading it in her bed. I tell her that I don't read Chinese newspapers so it couldn't have been me. She persists and I start getting agitated. I tell he I bet her $1000 that I've not touched the newspaper, that she can have the police dust it for fingerprints. Mom half-jokingly says she'd bet $10,000 and I immediately tell her I'd bet her store. She laughs awkwardly and tells me not to get so mad.

I start running out the house (which is a huge mansion). As I head down the front stairs (which remind me of a museum entrance), mom takes some food out to a food stall where some of her employees are working. She looks back at me chagrined, as if to say she's sorry for being so busy. I run past all the food stalls and run down the road, looking at the cornfields around me.

Later, I'm in an outdoor classroom as a lecture starts. I realize I don't have my homework or notes and have no idea what the teacher's talking about. I grab a notebook and pretend to follow along. Inside are just some of my high school superhero drawings.

I also realize I have to get to my next class within an hour. It's a psychology class but I don't remember where it is. I also realize I've left my shoes and run back into the mansion to get them.

Back outside, it looks like a sprawling Old West town as I run towards campus. I have a large (closed) umbrella in my hand as I run and I feel a guy behind me hit me. I turn around and he's mad about me hitting him with the umbrella. I apologize quickly and keep running. He grabs me from behind and keeps irritating me, being very aggressive. A third man walks by us and the annoying man tells the third man not to pull his gun. I keep running but the guy stays with me, pulling me and talking smack. I finally stop and hit him with the umbrella, knocking him down. I hit him a few more times in the face with it and then switch to using my fist. I hit him until his nose is obviously broken.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Susannah and I are in a basement full of people listening to a guest lecture. As the man and woman team begin to speak about political history of Guatemala, the organizer of the series keeps interrupting him with outbursts of "Fuck..." followed by criticism of the way he's presenting the information. Susannah and I give each other looks.

Later, AJ is driving us up a steep snow-covered road. We're a little lost and keep following a winding road up.

Later, we're in a house and trying to figure out what to do next. We're all hungry but determined to get to where we're going.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm on a street walking uphill through a large throng of people. Some young Latino and black teenagers start surrounding me & taunting me to play a game. The game involves getting handed a ball and then trying to get rid of it. I don't want to play but can't seem to get away from them. They tell me that the last person with the ball needs to be informed. I ask him where that person is and they tell me that it's a older man in a new suit who had gone inside to the TV studio and forgot to come back out.

I try to devise a way to get an announcement to him while trying to figure a way out of here. I look up the hill at the intersection & see a cop car in the midst of all the bumper-to-bumper traffic. As I try to make my way to the cop, I see the older man being lead out of the studio by police. I tell the young men that the game is the least of his problems. While they are distracted, I move away from them.

Later, I'm in a large school/airport running to catch my plane. After a few minutes of running, I realize I've left all my things and my shoes back in the room. I run back, all the while thinking about Kate & Lucy. I stop at the bottom of some stairs to lace up my shoes. Alexandra Litow & Ryan Phillips walk by and Alexandra stops to tell me about the trouble she's having with the utility company.


I'm in my dad's house with friends & family. My grandmothers is there and tells me she's really hungry. I tell her I'll make her something & ask her if she wants porridge or noodles. She says she'll eat a table full of garbage. I go and look in the fridge & cabinets and find nothing to cook except some corn. I call over two of my cousins and show them the pitiful state of affairs. I tell them that I can't keep coming over here all the time to feed my grandmother.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm traveling down a highway in a flatbed truck. I'm naked and trying to cover up a little so as not to seem vulgar for the kids in passing cars. We get to a lake/pool and many people are getting out to go swimming. I head down to the water with a family. The mother (in her late 30s) jumps in to swim. I wade into the shallow end (which is enclosed partially by a cave) and take off my clothes. After swimming briefly, the mother comes up to me and says the water doesn't taste right and she's getting out. I agree with her & also get out.

Now we are in the mother's house. She's about to do her first birth as a midwife and I want to help. Susannah says I should go upstairs and give her advice since I just did my first birth as midwife recently. As I recall the events to myself (apparently, Lynnette decided a few weeks from delivery to do a home birth and I was the midwife. Suddenly the idea of me being a midwife seems weird (or at least the name does).

I go up a narrow staircase to find the midwife fast-forwarding through a tape of a home birth. Her husband's name is Larry (or David) Klopstein (or something Jewish). As I walk through the rooms, I have to carefully step over Linus as he crawls about.

Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm inside a stealth fighter in enemy territory trying to figure a way out. I'm communicating with my commanders while trying to the keep the damaged plane airborne. I can see the whole situation from afar. The plane is in the top left quarter of a screen while the the right half of the screen is patrolled by enemies.


I'm in a Chinese grocery store looking for ramen. A middle aged Chinese couple has sent a retarded store employee in search of something. As he goes off, the couple laugh about how slow and stupid he is. I walk by them and say something about them being assholes. I then find some rame beneath a display case. I dig through the understock for the Korean ramen I like.


I'm in a room with Scarlett Johansson. We've apparently been searching for each other a long time. I've got my arms around her, my hands inside her tank top caressing her back. Someone enters the room and asks why we don't get married. I say, "That's a bit fast, don't you think?" He says, "Well, a lot's happened today." Scarlett asks me where she is on my list of favorite women and I tell her not to get competitive. She asks me why so-and-so is on the list and I tell her only because she's a friend.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm in a large mansion to see a doctor. I go upstairs several tiny flights of stairs to the top floor and wait in a carpeted room with very low ceilings. A kid runs into the room followed by a beautiful naked woman (the mother). She sees me and isn't shy about being naked in my presence. I look waay slightly out of politeness (though I'm drawn to her).

Once settled in the room, she tells me to gargle with some Coke so she can check out my teeth. I ask her where I get the Coke and she tells me that there's none in the house. I look around and see a can of Coke and a can of something else on a stool. I ask her if I can have that one and she says it's for her. I ask her if I can just have a sip and she says no. Annoyed, I ask her where I should get one, if there's a bodega nearby (not sure if she knows the term). She thinks for a moment and gives me vague directions to a store.

Now we're both outside in the courtyard. She tells me that I can go into the cellar to look for a Coke. She gives me an old key and I run off towards the main building. Once out of her sight, I decide to escape. I run into the main building (now a school) and run through the hallways. I pass an adult hall monitor and am relieved when she doesn't stop me.

Once past the gym, I tell some people about my captivity and treatment and head back out to confront the woman doctor. Outside, the woman doctor is selling soda with someone. I grab an almost-empty 2-liter bottle of Coke and take a swig, saying, "I think you owe me one." The doctor seems perplexed like she doesn't know me.

Once others are outside, I tell them all about her treatment of me. Now I'm someone else and he recalls when he went to the doctor in Hungary and got crabs, implying that this experience was worse.

Monday, July 11, 2005

I find my mom in a car mechanic's shop trying to fix her car. I see her through a doorway & she's naked. She's a hermaphrodite and I want to close the door so others don't see her.


Susannah and I are in a bedroom talking about the bunnies. I tell her it doesn't make sense for us to drive all the way to Lexington to pick up the bunnies and drive all the way back to Maine (or somewhere in New England) to the animal rescue guy.

Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm in my room at a B&B watching a film about a pleasure palace where women (and men) can go and be serviced by sex machines). After a while of watching this, I need to go to the bathroom. I grab my glass of water & leave my room. In the communal kitchen, I get confused for a moment trying to find the fridge for my room. I notice ny camera on the table along with a newer model of the same camera that's small and square. Silas comes into the room and asks me which bread has raisins on it. I tell him mine does and he acts faux-jealous.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm trying to make my way home at night after dinner at a restaurant. I'm walking along 8th Avenue heading South. It's a very hilly area and I find myself speeding along. I realize I'm carrying my bb Glock and tuck it into the small of my back under my jacket. Some of the blocks are so steep I have to sit down and slide down the blocks. There is snow & ice on the street in one block and I slide through the snow past some playing kids.

Along the way I pass a young couple and their young daughter. The mother calls after the daughter in French or Russian accented English. The kid's name sounds like Sofia. The father is carrying a short antique-looking double barrel shotgun. A few blocks later, I realize I'm carrying the shotgun. I examine it as I walk and realize it's also a BB gun. I pass some pretentious rich folks who are commenting about a nearby restaurant and how prestigious it looks. I suddenly realize I've lost my glock. I go back for it, passing lots of people. I spot my glock on the ground on the other side of a railing & fence. I brush past some people to climb over the fence. I have to get past an upset looking young woman. I tell her to move aside so I don't fall on her. When she moves aside, I say, "Let me rephrase, can you move so you can break my fall?" She laughs and I retrieve my gun. I sweep her into my arms and kiss her, telling her, "You're Regular Ann #2." She seems amused by this and we walk home together.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

I'm in a dank back room being tortured by a demonic creature (much like Sarevok from Baldur's Gate). I and my fellow captives are being flayed & physically taken apart as the sadist creature enjoys himself. We've also been injected with substances that makes us cooperate & not feel the pain.

Later, during another torture session, he has his back turned to me as he's doing something to one of the captors. In front of me is laid out some small instruments of torture, mostly small drill bits and pieces of screwdrivers. I want to stab him with these but am afraid he'll be immune to the damage. I struggle with the decision but do nothing.

Later, he tells us he is going away and for us to behave. We are all drugged up and feeling defeated. He turns himself into a baby and lies in a basket waiting to be taken away. I start scrambling to assemble my fellow captives and discuss strategies for killing our tormentor. I want to kill the baby version of him but I'm not sure he still isn't around in some other form.

I run into the nearby restaurant that he owns. I wrest the menu from the head waiter as he shows me the specials page. All of us captives are listed as specials. My panic grows to a fever pitch as I try to assemble everyone. Brent Steen, a customer in the restaurant, tells me he's had some of the specials and that they're very good. I speculate that they're being served parts and pieces of us gathered from the torture sessions.

I yell for all employees to gather outside on the deck of the boat. I amend that request to all "board members." I see the restaurant clearing out of employees and I ask someone what's happening? Someone tells me that they're clearing out because Leilani (one of my allies) began shooting videotape of the place. I continue running to the boat, trying to think of strategies to fight back. Along the way, a young woman (Crystal from UK's art dept.) asks me if she can franchise what she's doing (an extension of the creature's tortures) and I tell her no and keep running.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

I'm heading to the bathroom at Entertainment Outlet. Once inside, I sit down on the old & dirty toilet. The way it's mounted on the wall makes it very uncomfortable to sit on. There's also no ceiling on the room so my head is peering out into the outside. Thankfully, no one notices me. Someone comes running out of a building calling my name. A guy tells him that I'm "on the famous crapper." Several people turn and look at me. I pull up my pants and exit the room to see what the guy wants. He's now George Peck and tells me that there's a big emergency, that the power/transmitter is down. We run down a dark & dirty stairway towards the radio station. We pause at a crossroads in the tunnel and continue to the station.