Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm milling around the hallway of a school with some other students. We're all waiting for the bus. I get impatient and wander down the hall to another part of the school. I see a hall monitor and ask her why no busses are coming. She's not sure but is very nice to me. I hear over my walkie talkie that a bus as come and picked up my friends from the other end of the school and is coming around to my side. I run outside along with some other people to wait. Instead of a bus, a large transport helicopter (like a Chinook) flies by. It attempts to land but cannot and makes a loop to come around and try again. On its second attempt, it crashes into the school. Instead of completely shock, I'm only a bit dissappointed.

I run to the wreckage to help. I peer into the body of the helicopter and see Francesca (David Moore's wife) inside. I ask her if she's okay and she tells me she can't feel her knee. I help pull her out and walk her into the school. In an empty hallway, I sit her down and lift up one pantleg (being careful not to offend her) to check her knee. It's skinned badly but there's no breakage. I pat her pregnant belly gently and ask, "How's everything here?" She says she's fine and I tell her to bandage the knee herself while I run back to help others.

I run into another hallway where some others have gone. The emergency is over and a school staffer is cleaning up. She points to some bags and says a man left them here. The man comes in to claim his bag.

The two of us wander around the empty halls of the school and into the basement. We look out one window and see a young Asian woman wandering around out in the snow in her underwear. I point this out to my companion.

I see a door to a basement and tell him that there is a complex of mazes under the school and wonder if there might be a prostitution ring running there. Through a basement window I see lots of big rats scurrying about.

We enter the large room with the rats and see several men standing about. The men, including one who looks like Alfred Molina, refer to themselves as (movie) villains. I get a bit nervous and try to look for a way out. My companion says he's going to stay because he's a character actor but leading men like me should go. I begin to leave but do not.

Now I'm engaged in a heated discussion with actors of color about the role of race in Hollywood. The actors are very displeased with Hollywood. I'm optimistic and say to one actor (a cross between Hector Elizondo & Jimmy Smits), "You play the villains the occasional a leading part in a indie and one day you wake up as Morgan Freeman. Then it's all about the big supporting roles in Hollywood films and the occasional leading role." The actor (who's now a middle aged black man) is very skeptical and begins ignoring me.

The room is suddenly full of well-dressed young black people mingling like a cocktail party. I begin to squeeze my way out.
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

I’m in a large room with a group of colleagues. We’ve just killed our boss, a woman who had betrayed our cause. Suddenly, a large group of junior agents enter, mostly men & women in their teens and early twenties. I order all of them to surrender their weapons and sit down together so I can talk to them. They seem confused but cooperate. I begin telling them what has happened and that the elimination of our leader was a necessary step in securing the agency.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

I'm trying to sneak a large revolver outside without attracting too much attention. I stick it in the back of my pants but realize that the bulge is very noticeable. I pull the gun out & try to put the safety on without making the gun go off.

Later, I'm pushing a lawn mower through a large backyard toward a tent. Josh Weill is there and I greet him. He greets me very distractly. I also see his brother (who's still young) and greet him. We're trying to talk to each other but several lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners are drowning us out. I turn off the ones in the tent. I ask Josh if I can keep the lawn mower here with him so I don't have to take it back to New York. I explain that neither my mom or dad need one and I don't have a lawn in New York.

As josh & I talk in the tent, I see a small octopus scurrying around near us. I get freaked out and run away from it. Some people outside the tent ask us what's going on. I try to explain to them but they don't understand. Josh tells me to quote someone and I don't know what he's talking about.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm in the garage of a house with a large monkey-like creature. It looks like a mandrill and is the size of a doberman. 'm trying to train it to obey me but to no avail. I realize guests are coming over and I need to secure it away from other people. I try to distract it while I lock it in a side room. Tom comes in and I ask him to distract the monkey. I bring in its cage & set it down in the empty concrete side room and lock the door to the garage. Tom and I exit the room and look it from the outside. I can see the monkey from the window in the door. It paces back & forth, occasionally standing up to look back at me.

Back in the main house, guests are arriving. Julia & Tongwei show up with Marlena. They pass her to me and I notice she's quite heavy. She fusses a bit and I say, "You're heavy AND you don't wanna be held, huh?" She's trying to say something to me. I ask her if she wants to see the monkey and I take her to the window to look. The monkey is lying down in the corner of the room and gets up when it sees me. Its St. Bernard-like face comes up the window.

In the same room, I now no longer have Marlena. I turn to two women in the room and tell them, "If you're ever thinking of getting a monkey, don't." A huge dog/riger runs up to me and lunges for my arm. It's obviously another pet of mine. The two women make comments as I try to command the dog to get down. It keeps a firm grip on my upper left arm with its teeth and I start to get stressed. There is a lot of pressure on my arm (though no pain). I can't get the dog to go down and start to panic.


I'm in a wheelchair (though not actually handicapped) going down some stairs. I hang on to the railing and hop the steps one at a time. The regular stairs are easy but the metal stairs outside are a little harder. A few times, my wheelchair slips out from under me and drops to the bottom. I use the railing and go down with my hands until I hit the chair again. Once, as I'm going down, someone asks if I need help and I tell them no.

Down the street a bit, I'm talking to a few young black drug dealers. One of them looks like Lorenz Tate. They're teasing me and tbet me that I can't tell where one of them is hiding the drugs. I see myself walking near them now, wearing a vest and a gun.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I’m in a large gun store looking at pistols & things. I slowly browse through the store, picking up pistols & working the mechanisms. I come across a new Beretta and dry-fire it a few times. I come across a submachine gun and get very intrigued by it. I play with its fold-out stock & automatic fire mode. I start looking for its clip. I go up & down the aisles but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

I venture down into the basement where there are racks of used guns. I notice a couple of sniper rifles and take note of how big they are. As I get to the back of the store, I realize that I was supposed to meet Susannah nearby an hour ago and totally forgot about the time. I call her on my cell but instead listen to a message from Andy saying how he can’t meet up with me. I then listen to another message confirming an appointment to see a house the next day.

I leave the store to get better reception & finally get a hold of Susannah. She tells me she just got out the subway & is across the street from the gun store. I look around but don’t’ see her. The store is in the middle of an open fairground. I spot a stall for kettle corn and tell Susannah that I’m going to get some. I also notice that I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I realize I left my coat & pants down in the store’s basement. I continue scanning the street for Susannah.

Friday, March 11, 2005

I'm in a school or library looking at a stack of books. I pick up one by a female Indian author that I need for a class. An announcement comes on for everyone to gather near the large staircase and I head over there with everyone else. I realize I'm shirtless and get a little self-conscious.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I’m a child running from the base of one tower to another as my parents call after me to be careful. They tell me to be careful and to wear my glasses if I’m Hakkian.

Later, I’m walking up to a table where Tom, Lynnette, Chris, Lisa and others are playing poker and eating. Tom’s dealing and deals me in when he sees me coming. We each get three cards down. Everett is on the table and grabbing at food. He has a large head and gigantic brown eyes.

Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm with a group of people gearing up to go outside. We're trying to get to somewhere safe. Our leader is someone I don't trust. He tells us to hurry out. A female member of our group looks sickly & I suspect she's already dead (though she gets up and joins us). I lead us out of the building & into the open. When we get to our first checkpoint, an empty house, We slow down and get ready to enter. I suspect we're being set up and hesitate to enter.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I'm at Amoeba with Susannah. I have a bunch of CDs on a shelf and I want to see them. I see Steve and greet him with a hug (which he reluctantly gives back). I ask him if he's buying right now and he goes over to look at the CDs. As he looks through them, I realize I have a couple of porn/adult CDs (or DVDs) among my stack and take them out. I also sort out all the promos into another stack. As he finishes looking, he (now Mark Beaver) tells me he can give us $175 in cash or more in credit. I consult with Susannah and we decide we'll take the cash.

Later, I'm in a hotel room adjacent to my parent's room. I'm looking at an adult magazine when I hear shouting outside. I look out the window down to the street and see a bunch of people yelling and running about. They're in the courtyard of a housing project. Some women are yelling for someone else to pull guns and shoot it out. Someone yells, "Police!" and a few people scatter. Several cop cars come charging in and soon the courtyard is overrun with cops. One femae couple tackles a suspect, slamming him hard into the muddy ground. Many of the cops are undercover and plainclothd detectives, several of them in hockey jerseys.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

I'm venturing through some narrow stairwells looking for something. I end up in someone's house and walk into a kid's room. I approach a boy and start talking to him about his toy collection. He's a little reticent to talk but tells me that he's almost completed one collection of toys.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I'm in my parents' old house on Otter Creek visiting some friends. Through the front window I see Mark Camichael & someone else approaching. As I go to answer the door, I call for my mom to come see. She's a large black woman and it takes her a long time to get out of th ekitchen (which is newer & fancier than our old kitchen). I tell to to hurry & come see my old high school buddies.

Once inside, I'm talking to Mark while his friend keeps getting into trouble. He asks what the fork & knife are for in the dip bowl. We tell him it's for serving, rolling our eyes at the uncultured guy. He scoops up some runny yellow dip from a bowl & shovels it into his mouth. A second later, he realizes it's mustard and begins to gag.

Mark & I walk to the front door and I hear his friend causing a fuss back in the kitchen. I can also hear a female friend of mine cursing at him. I tell Mark to please get him out of here, to make up an excuse & get him out before he causes more trouble. Mark is hesitant but finally does so.

I go to the back porch an dgreet my other friends. They are all KY natives who live in New York (none of them look familiar, inclusing one who looks like Annabella Sciorra). I tell them how great it is to have them all here for a poker game. I try to find a spot to stand on the deck but it's covered with insects, snakes & frogs. I keep skipping around, trying not to step on anything. It's half comical, half frightening for me. I say, "I guess I'm not use to all the wildlife anymore." I finally sit down but can't put me feet down because of some frogs and a slithering snake. I wonder out loud if the snake is poisonous.


We're evacuating the house and venturing out into a dangerous world. I run back into the darkened house & try to find more useful items to take. I grab the boken and a flashlight & try to find a leather suitcase to put them in.

Later, My mom & I are trying to figure out how to get all of our items moved. The house has no furniture, only boxes of clothes & items. I suggest we hire a moving van with movers to pick up everything. She tells me that we're very short on money and may not be able to afford it. I suggest we use the car we've been borrowing. She says we'll have to get it over here from China. I'm confused by that statement since the car is obviously already here. We walk towards the car in a darkened gravel lot.

Along the way I'm reading an article about Natalie Portman. It recounts how she prepared for her role in a movie. "I just focused on (Thomas Haden Church) and opened up my bags (tear ducts) and let it all out." We get to the car & I start driving us to our new home.