Sunday, April 05, 2009

I'm at the store trying to talk to the employees.  I go out back and see 3 of them sitting and chatting.  I tell them that I need two of them in the store now since it's unmanned.  They continue sitting around and don't take me seriously.  I get pissed and tell them all to go home.  They seem shocked and I tell them again to go home.  "If nobody values their jobs enough to actually work, then just go home!"  I head into the store thinking about what I have to cancel in order to work the rest of the night with Roark.

In the store, there are some customers browsing but no one working.  The shelves have been moved and some are missing.  I go down the stairs to the back and onto the street and see a man moving shelves full of merchandise into two cars.  I begin to confront him but then quickly run off to find a cop.  He sees me and also begins to look for someone.  I come across two security guards but continue to look for a cop.  I try to dial 911 but it takes me several tries to get it right.  I explain that I'm being robbed but the operator tells me there aren't enough cops on duty to respond to me.

I finally come across a real cop and I usher him to the thief's cars.  The thief has convinced a security guard to man one of the cars and is planning a getaway when we approach.  The other car has driven into a nearby parking garage.  I give the cop the description of the other car.

The cop takes the thief into a building for question (with the help of a detective).  We stand around inside this warehouse waiting for something to happen.  I start getting impatient and suspicious.  I go up stairs to see what one of the cops is doing and see a younger Robert De Niro dressed in a strange S&M outfit with a chainsaw.  I fear that there's a police plot to kill us all and cover it up and I flee.

I climb out the window on the roof of another building and make my way into another warehouse.  Inside are a group of people I know playing cards and wasting time.  I'm anxious and pissed about the thief not getting justice.  I tell some of the card players to let me know when a seat opens up.  Looking for a restroom, I go into a narrow hallway that connects to an outdoor Caribbean club.  The bathroom door has a sign about getting a key from the club.  It's hard to open but I attempt it anyway.  A large grizzly bear out on the club patio charges towards me and I run like hell.  I hear the club patrons laughing.

Friday, April 03, 2009

I've kidnapped a young black woman who's offended me.  She's riding on my back as we make out way through Chinatown to the airport.  Once inside the airport, I put her down near some escalators and try to explain my actions.  "Nothing can excuse what I did to you but please understand why I did it."  (I must've also assaulted or done something horrible to her)  There's an abandoned purse next to where we're sitting and I rifle through it briefly, finding nothing.  We continue upstairs to the terminal.

Later, I'm on a plane and we're flying extremely low.  The captain/stewardess comes on and says we're looking for dry land.  I look out and see we're practically skimming the water over a canal in an industrial part of town.  We continue to veer about, trying not to crash into anything.  We're so close to buildings on either side that I think we've lost our wings.  Finally Jake Gyllenhaal on a motorcycle guides us in for a landing.

Once on the ground, we exit the plane (now a bus) and wonder where we are.  The plane's crew tells us we're just outside Toronto and all the passengers are livid (we were supposed to fly to Lexington or Cincinnati).  I start yelling at the crew and they don't seem to care.

Now inside the terminal, I'm wandering around, ranting about the flight and no one seems to care.  I see lots of debutantes and women in gowns in tiaras putting up signs and decorating as if for a ball or beauty pageant.  "This is just perfect," I say to no one in particular, "My flight's all fucked up, there are trixies all around, it's a good thing I'm not armed."

I start down the terminal (which looks like Grand Central Station or a large mall with skylights) to find another flight.  I think to call Susannah to see if she and Sofia got home.  I wonder if they're in flight when I check the time.  It's 10:30pm but still light out.  I ask someone for the local time and he seems perplexed by the question.  He keeps trying to check without success and I get fed up and leave.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I'm in my bedroom looking for some lotion when several house hunters come up and start looking around.  I go from irritated to enraged & tell everyone to get the hell out.  They are slow to respond and I begin yelling and pulling on them.  Now there are even more people and among them I spot a Corcoran agent.  He tells me that he scheduled this open house and I scream at him and everyone else that this place is not for sale and that everyone has 10 minutes to leave before I call the cops.  

I go into the bathroom and see some goth/punk teens climbing into the drop ceiling.  I yell at them to get down and one jumps down.  A girl drops down and almost hits her head on the bathtub faucet but I catch her.  I proceed to catch each kid as they drop down.

I look out the window and see a foot of slow on the ground.  I start planning the day, from shoveling the front porch to going out with Sofia.