Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm back in Lexington (or San Francisco) wandering around some building. I suddenly run into several classmates from Henry Clay. Some of them I recognize immediately, some of them only look vaguely familiar. we walk out of the building together. I ask them if they are visiting or if they live here and they all tell me they live here. I marvel out loud at the magnetic pull that New Orleans had on all of them. I tell them I resisted the pull south and moved to New York City.

We walk through a back yard and through some abandoned resort. Eventually we wander by a subway entrance and I see Susannah rushing down into the station. I get her attention and tell her I've run into old classmates. She's on her way to her old job to show off the baby to Chris since she didn't get to see the baby yet. We're trying to figure out if I should go with her or hang out with the classmates.

Susannah tells me that we're supposd to be staying with Elise but that she may not have enough room for both of us. I want to find George & Beth's phone number to see if they have room for us.

We sit down on the steps where the classmates are waiting for me. I want to ask everyone about their jobs, marital status, etc. I tell them I'm sorry for holding them up. One of them says in a southern accent, "As Slidel would say, I've never been held up in my life." I joke about his referrance to a Democrativ leader, "Isn't he one of them, you know, rare creatures?" We all joke about the weakness of the Democratic party. We also comment that all the internal criticism within the party is all based on the desire to criticize Bush.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm at a large family reunion talking to some people. A grandfather is trying to set up a sparring match between two of his grandsons. We clear an area in a room and the father goes to round up the kids. The grandfather keeps wondering out loud if we should have this match. I tell him that it's up to him but that someone could get hurt. The father returns to the room and the grandfather tells him that "The long-haired guy over there (referring to me) thinks we shouldn't have the match." The father is distracted & leaves again before grandpa can finish talking to him. I go over & tell grandpa to make the decision himself & that "I don't have a dog in this fight." This amuses a couple of black guys nearby.

When the father returns, the grandpa starts telling him that "Long-haired wisdom says that the match will cause many sacrifices" that "calves may be slaughtered." I'm amused by his Native American mumble jumble & make faces at Doyle Brunson sitting nearby. I pretend to blow smoke & Doyle blows a bunch of red smoke rings from his cigar. I continue mocking grandpa by throwing some tortilla chips into the air. Then I scramble to gather them back up.

Monday, May 23, 2005

I'm playing a game that's part video game & part real. A man has left me instructions & a Beretta in front of a TV screen. I shoot my way through a few levels of the game. In one level, I spot some enemies in a forest & open fire with a SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) but manage to miss despite unloading dozens of rounds at them. They get the drop on me. In another round, I discover some items under the TV. I sort through the trash heap & find some medicine and some Chinese preserved vegetables. I sort them out and stuff a plastic bag full of the garbage. I realize that my hands are wet & dirty and get up to wash them.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sussannah & I are walking down the sidewalk when a giant garbage truck/domesticated creature stops and begins to park itself on the sidewalk. It tries several times to get a good angle against the curb and wall and we can't seem to pass. I begin jumping up & down to get the attention of the drivers/handlers in the cockpit. I spot a bored looking Edie Falco and some other people we know. They see us and pull the monster creature aside.

As they dismount, they're excited to meet the baby. I realize that I've been carrying her way too low on my sling and she's almost been smooshed. I pull her up and show her off to an Asian woman (either a friend or a customer). The baby's head looks like a cartoon duck, its mouth & lips elongated. I tell the woman that it happenes to babies when they're in certain positions for too long. As we look at the abby, her head already begins to return to its normal shape.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

We're trying to makeplans for our friends who are in town. Lynnette tells me that we've got big dinner plans for tomorrow night but that everyone also wants to do brunch. I roll my eyes and say that I'm tired of all the brunch options in the neighborhood. She says, "Yeah, I think we're down to bagels & bananas." I say, "Yeah, bagels & bread & butter & jam." I tell one of our friends that we're tired of paying $12 for brunches and mimosas we don't drink. One friend asks if there are good breads available and we tell them that there are plenty of good bakery offerings nearby.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

I'm at my parents' house surrounded by friends & family. My dad wants to watch some home videos and starts up the TV. I grab the video camera and head to the bathroom to watch some of the porn I've shot. In the bathroom, I can't get the camera to work and I hear my dad outside the door yelling for me. He's shouting about the camera or TV not having batteries and wants me to run out & get some more. He's yelling and cursing at me and I ignore him.

I walk out of the bathroom and into his bedroom where I find him sitting with my mom. I go off on him in Chinese, telling him that he's never been a good father to me. Outside the window, it's night and rain is falling hard. A few young Chinese women walk up to the outside window and I yell at them, saying, "This is none of your fucking business!"

Later, I'm walking up a ramp on the waterfront to my friend's floating house. It 's a sprawling complex built on a waterfront. As I greet my friend, he picks up an infant. I immediately take the baby, noticing that he's covered with drool (the baby's dark and looks Indian or Sri Lankan while tht father is white). I tease my friend, "What, you see drool on his face and decide that you should wait a few days before cleaning it up?"

I take the baby and get set to wak up a few steps into another part of the house. The bamboo steps to the next level are broken and I can't get up. I joke to my friend, "What, you think this baby can get up there?"

In the kitchen, there are lots of South East Asian women working. One of them hands me a piece of warm roti. I walk over to another group of women talking to my friend. He's checking on the progress of the crab fishing operation. They're looking into the water at a hugecatch of giant crabs. Among the catch are strange bug-like creatures crawling out of their shells. I ask one of the women what they are and she calls other women over to try to explain. It sounds like they're speaking Vietnamese or Thai. I marvel at what a large operation this is.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I'm watching a group of people riding towards me on horseback. They're being chased by some cops, including Danny Glover who's on a bicycle. As they make their way through a valley, Danny falls behind. Around a bend, the pursued group form a ambush. A young boy is the lookout and announces when the pursuers are in sight. He's shot in the leg though he doesn't seem to notice. One of his comrades has to point it out to him.


I'm in the basement of someone's house looking at items in a garage sale. Sam Waterston and his Asian wife and kids come in. His wife is holding a huge Optimus Prime toy. I take it and play with the wings on its back. There's a button that makes them flap but one of the wings is broken and doesn't work. She says they got it at a stoop sale. I hand it back and they begin to leave. I almost ask Sam to say hi to Dith Pran.


I'm carrying Sofia in a sling trying to get somewhere to meet Susannah. I'm walking down a ciy street and past a tree. I grab the low-slung branches to avoid getting wet and let go the branches as I pass. The branches fling water onto the gay couple behind me and I hear one ofthem curse. I turn and say I'm sorry. As I continue walking, I approach another tree. One of the guys runs past me and holds the branches still to prevent me from touching it. I turn to him and say sorry again.

After walking two blocks, i reazlie I've gone the wrong way. Annoyed, I quickly head back.

I make my way into a jewelry store and tell Susannah we should get going. As I walk through the narrow aisles, I try not to let the sling knock things off the tables. I'm holding 3 necklaces in my hand and the store cat is jumping up and swiping at them. Near the door of the store, I turn and ask the owner if the necklaces are hers or Susannah's. Susannah says they're not hers so I hand them to the owner. Somehow, I knock over a tray of jewelry and little beads and things scatter all over the floor. I'm very irritated as I bend down and start picking them up. I ask the owner if there's anything I can do to make it up to her. She says something but I can't quite make it out. Susannah says that the owner is also letting us use her jeep to get where we're going. I tell her that it's close enough to walk.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm at a big dinner party for Josh Davis. I go upstairs into a bedroom to find something when his two attractive sisters follow me in. The more attractive younger sister sits on the bed and starts flirting with me. I rebuff her but she gets more aggressive. I push her off me and pin her on the bed and begin making threats, "I am a married man who's just had a child, you WILL leave me alone or I will make you pay!"

I leave her upset on the bed and head back downstairs. I decide to get my jacket and leave when I run into Josh. I greet him and he tells me he doesn't remember who I am. As I try to remind him, he tells me that he recently lost his memory. I tell him about his sister coming onto me and how I had to aggressively rebuff her.

As I'm about to leave, I see the sisters sitting on the couch with their husbands. The one that came onto me seems visibly upset. Josh comes into the room and makes an announcement that he's going to keep his trust fund and leave here forever. His relatives are stunned and crestfallen. I'm very happy for Josh and try to usher him out of the house with me. I sense that he finally realized his relatives were trying to take advantage of him.


I'm sitting down at a table in a library-like store. A young Asian guy and his friends walk up and surround me. The guy starts taunting me and showing me a kung fu manual. He struts and tells me about his awesome technique. He tries to poke me in the eyes ut I grab his hand and snap his fingers back until they crack. I begin walking away, a little parnoid he's attack me. Once to another section of the huge Joseph Beth's-like store, I try to look through a window to see if he'd been following me. Next to the window is the restroom but the line is so long, I decide to wait til later.