Tuesday, June 14, 2011

While preparing to invade a stronghold w/ some comrades, I ask our commander (who reminds me of Daro) if I can get a more accurate long range rifle as we are parachuting or coming in on hot air balloons. He tells me to deal with what I have.

Later, I arrive at the hotel of our target and walk around trying to look in conspicuous. When I get back to the hotel, there is a crowd gathered outside. I ask someone if the martial artists have come by yet and they tell me yes. I'm frustrated that I missed them and go inside the hotel to track them down.

Later, I see Ilona and ask to use her car to track down our target. We get to her car and I ask to drive and put my gun in her glove box. Her dad is standing nearby and Ilona pulls a .22 out of the glove box & gives it to him.


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