Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm watching a friend walk into a gang area and unintentionally mouth off to the gang members. They rape him & tattoo him to mark him as their slave. I watch as a young woman is also marked by a gang member, his red marker tattooing her quickly & neatly on her back. She showers & turns around, looking very neat & beautiful.

We (my gang & I) talk to her about what she'll do next. She's a prostitute and tells us she'll probably find somewhere nice to walk the streets. We suggest she go to Lonny's where she'll at least be treated well. She laughs and walks off cheerily. We shout to her, asking, "You're going back to Mc___'s, right?(referring to the gang that subjugated her). She turns & smiles sadly. I start to cry for her and for the member of our gang who's also been turned out.


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