Monday, August 09, 2010

I'm at a newly renovated WRFL and trying to find my way around. I see Steve in the new training room and I ask if he can take my Thursday morning shift. He seemed a little confused about me asking.

The room starts to fill up with people and the group spills out into the street as a woman tries to conduct a staff meeting in the middle of a closed-off street. Before she can begin, someone asks about the "Black Panther Incident." Apparently they had a run-in with the law and some people were killed. She turns to one of the Black Panther members for explanation and some confusion ensues. After a while of this, I get irritated that the WRFL meeting has been hijacked by this topic and wished the WRFL head would get the meeting back under control.

Suddenly, we hear a little music and turn to see a band (comprised of several bands) begin a Ramonesque number. All the musicians are women and they are situated in different rooms in the studio (some visible, some out of sight). The lyric-less song keeps changing volume & speed.


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