Tuesday, June 14, 2011

While preparing to invade a stronghold w/ some comrades, I ask our commander (who reminds me of Daro) if I can get a more accurate long range rifle as we are parachuting or coming in on hot air balloons. He tells me to deal with what I have.

Later, I arrive at the hotel of our target and walk around trying to look in conspicuous. When I get back to the hotel, there is a crowd gathered outside. I ask someone if the martial artists have come by yet and they tell me yes. I'm frustrated that I missed them and go inside the hotel to track them down.

Later, I see Ilona and ask to use her car to track down our target. We get to her car and I ask to drive and put my gun in her glove box. Her dad is standing nearby and Ilona pulls a .22 out of the glove box & gives it to him.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

I'm traveling on the back of a truck talking to Adam Hartzell about the mission I'm going on. We're to rescue some POWs or French civilians from a prison camp at the end of WWII. "It'd be a shame for them to be killed in the last days of the war." I say.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm carrying a large stuffed lizard toy trying to find my way somewhere. In a school yard, a kid points me to a door and I go through it into a political skate shop. One of the owners points out that my toy looks exactly like the ones they sell. I actually noticed it before they told me and tell them I had it when I came in. As we're talking, I hear what sounds like rapid gunfire from below. We go out back & onto a 2nd story and see men shooting submachine guns & automatic rifles into a small shack. Two other men are walking about behind the shack, dangerously close to the hail of bullets. I comment that where I shoot, they would have my ass for shooting that recklessly.

...something about zombies...

...something about getting to/through Chinatown.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm with Tim & Joy and some other friends exploring a foreign city. We end up on boats out on a beautiful river/lake/ocean. Logan is riding his own jet ski. Our guides are professional explorers who have done research in the Antarctic. We see a world map of their accomplishments.

Later, we get back into town and look for dinner. We're in a market/food pavilion looking at a meat vendor. They have some lunch specials and I inquire into their "Meat & Side" special. As I approach the counter, a giant burger with fried egg is served up for someone else. I really want it but feel guilty getting something so unhealthy. Susannah encourages me and I order it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's late at night & I'm at home in the living room w/ Susannah & Sofia when there's a knock on the door. I turn on the porch light & try to look through the door but can't see exactly who it is. I open the door w/ some trepidation & Brad Rust walks in (though he is 7' tall and super-thin). "What do you want?" He asks me tersely, "Just tell me what you want." I ask him what he's talking about & he's tells me it's about the $500 I gave him to play (and which he lost). I tell him that since we never discussed going halves on it, it's a loan. He turns & storms out & I go out after him, telling him to stop. "Can I ask you a question?" I say twice. He's pissed at me and starts berating me about betting into him & taking a big pot from him when he was up. I ask him "At what point did you think we were in halves? All you had to do was text me and ask." We're making so much noise on the porch that Ben Medley comes out to calm us down.

Friday, March 04, 2011

I finally wake up around noon and look out to see it's somehow dark outside with a blueish winter tone. I walk around the huge house looking for Susannah. I find her stirring in a large bed and talk to her about the day's plans. Next to her Heather also wakes up. I see the dresser drawers full of DVDs and ask Heather if they're hers. I notice a DVD of Black Swan and comment that the cover art is kinda lousy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's the middle of the day and I'm in front of a large old house setting up for Halloween. As I'm standing behind some sheer curtains on the front porch, I see 4 teenage black boys come up with Halloween bags. I come down the steps & ask them what they're doing. They tell me they're trick or treating. I tell them they're about 8 hours too early and they don't have costumes. They give me a lot of attitude and continue to loiter. I ignore them & get back to setting up. I notice there are expensive art supplies (paints, 6-foot paint brushes) on the lawn by the porch. As I start to gather them up, the boys try to take some of the supplies. I yell at them and a few of them run into the back yard while a couple others stand firm and taunt me.

I tell them I'm calling the cops and they don't seem to believe me. I step inside and ask someone for my phone. One guy is on his phone and can't help me. Kenn Minter hands me his Blackberry and I step off the porch to use it. It takes me a second to figure out how to unlock it (CTRL-FNCT). As I explain the situation to the 911 operator, the boys all run into the back yard. The operator sounds like she already knows the situation (as if others have already called her). As I step in the street to narrate the increasingly chaotic situation, the kids run through the cul de sac while other neighbors chase & berate them. A couple of men from 2 doors down are following them with large TV station-type video cameras. Things escalate & people begin to scuffle. I can no longer tell who is who and I try to break up a group of people. One person I grab is a short middle aged man I know. He is agitated & asks me why I interfered. I tell him I just didn't want anyone to get hurt.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

There's been some sort of werewolf outbreak & I'm with a room full of people discussing strategies. I tell everyone we need silver tipped bullets. I load up my 9MM but somehow don't have a clip. I go around trying to borrow a clip and a holster, asking several people, including Ben Medley.

Most of the men go off somewhere and I tell the women they'll need a minimum of 9MM, preferably .38, .40 or .45 caliber. A woman holds up something that looks like a wheatie and starts suggesting/selling it. I ask her what it is exactly and she sheepishly admits she doesn't know. "I just htink it's cute." She says. "I'm sorry," I say, "I'm a little worried about the end our species and can't really think about cute things right now." I start a group discussion and call on an older woman in the back, apologizing for not knowing everyone's names.

As we exit the building, I hear some movement below us. I get down on the floor & look through the cracks in the floorboard & see lots of werewolves in their human forms in the basement below. Most are stand or moping around slowly. I spit into a crack and watch as the werewolves notice and try to leap up at us. The basement is over 20 feet below and we are safe.

I lead the group out of the warehouse and into the yard where there is a train stalled on a track. An old Asian/Hawaiian man is thrusting a large bundle of steel rods towards the front of another train on a perpendicular track. I watch curiously, no idea what he's doing. An older lady walks up and steps onto the 2nd train. As I'm about to warn her not to, the 2nd train movies forward and somehow pushes the stalled train back & clears the obstruction. Impressed, the group cheers.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I meet up w/ an African immigrant about getting him some citizenship paperwork. Since I've never done it before, I ask him how much he wants to spend. He tells me he has $80,000 to last him his first year here. I offer to do it for $2000 (knowing the going rate is $3000) since it's my first time. We talk about it about his work (he works at a bar).

After a montage of paperwork & dates going by, I finally get his paperwork after almost a year.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm @ a poker game but instead of sitting at a table, all the players are standing in a line on the sidewalk. I'm about the 5th person in line. We're in hand (the table, cards & chips are projected nearby and) and I'm in middle position with JT offsuit. I limp in along w/ several others & it gets raised & called by everyone. The flop comes out TT8 rainbow and I decide there's so much money in the pot that I have to go all in. As I wait for it to come to me, I look back at the board and somehow all five cards are out & they are different cards (JTJJ2 with 4 improbable hearts). The dealer (we're dealing ourselves) then proceeds to rake up the cards. I start protesting loudly & ask what the hell just happened. Someone tells me the original flop was somehow messed up and a new board was put out. I begin asking loudly how the original flop was messed up, why the entire board had to be replaced and why no one was allowed to act the entire time. I also ask if the original flop was put at the bottom of the deck or shuffled back into the deck (not remembering the suit of the Tens on the first flop).

No one is willing or able to answer my questions I get really upset. I turn to the dealer (who is not standnd behind me & looking both sheepish & coy and ask, "Please, please, please, for the love of god tell me what the hell happened here!"
I'm watching a friend walk into a gang area and unintentionally mouth off to the gang members. They rape him & tattoo him to mark him as their slave. I watch as a young woman is also marked by a gang member, his red marker tattooing her quickly & neatly on her back. She showers & turns around, looking very neat & beautiful.

We (my gang & I) talk to her about what she'll do next. She's a prostitute and tells us she'll probably find somewhere nice to walk the streets. We suggest she go to Lonny's where she'll at least be treated well. She laughs and walks off cheerily. We shout to her, asking, "You're going back to Mc___'s, right?(referring to the gang that subjugated her). She turns & smiles sadly. I start to cry for her and for the member of our gang who's also been turned out.

Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm at Tim Walker's game for the first time in a long time. I see Tim May and some others I know (along w/ a lot of new faces). There are 2 tables set up, one with 9 players, the other with 3 players. I sit down at the short-handed table & chat w/ the players. Tim Walker comes by and someone asks if he's playing. Tim says and no and leaves. A woman comes by and tells us to take our seats & begin. I realize we're not drawing seats and I take my chips off the table & put them back in the chip box and go to the open seat at the full table.

The cards are dealt & I get KK. I tell the dealer I bet $250 (we have $5000 in chips to start) though I don't have chips in front of me. As everyone folds to me, the woman running the game tells me My hand is no good and I can't play because I don't have chips in front of me. I tell her I can just go to the chip box & get them and she tells me I can't. I'm incredulous & we start arguing about it. I loudly tell her (and everyone else) that I've been playing here for years and have never had a problem w/ Tim. She stands her ground and refuses to let me play. Everyone else listens to the drama but stays out of it. As the game continues, I alternate stalking around & yelling at the woman. She says, "How do I know you won't take more chips than you're supposed to when you go the box?" I'm insulted & furious. "Then watch me do it!" I yell. I begin screaming at her and she stops speaking. "What if on my way to the bathroom and I go into Tim's bedroom and start stealing shit?! Jesus Christ! You're unbelievable!" I get in her face and start threatening to call the cops on her & sue for discrimination.

A bit overwhelmed, she goes into the bathroom. I follow her & pound on the door, asking loudly if she's stealing toilet paper in there. I storm over to the box & pull out my starting chips (there are barely enough left) and set them in front of my seat at table 1. The players are on break & I try to find enough chips. Someone points out they had written my chip stack on the chalk board - $6500. I think briefly about calling Tim to settle this. As I leave the table, I try to find Tim May or someone else I know to watch over my stack so the woman won't take it away or mess with it.

As I search for Tim May, the room now looks like part of a large Halloween store. The woman returns & I watch her to see what she's up to.

Monday, August 09, 2010

I'm at a newly renovated WRFL and trying to find my way around. I see Steve in the new training room and I ask if he can take my Thursday morning shift. He seemed a little confused about me asking.

The room starts to fill up with people and the group spills out into the street as a woman tries to conduct a staff meeting in the middle of a closed-off street. Before she can begin, someone asks about the "Black Panther Incident." Apparently they had a run-in with the law and some people were killed. She turns to one of the Black Panther members for explanation and some confusion ensues. After a while of this, I get irritated that the WRFL meeting has been hijacked by this topic and wished the WRFL head would get the meeting back under control.

Suddenly, we hear a little music and turn to see a band (comprised of several bands) begin a Ramonesque number. All the musicians are women and they are situated in different rooms in the studio (some visible, some out of sight). The lyric-less song keeps changing volume & speed.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm inside the kitchen preparing some food as a bunch of friends are gathering outside. They are all lined up and I yell to them to come inside for food or just to visit. As they file in, Jean and Chris are there and I tell them I'm trying to sell their records for them. The LPs are spread on the table and I give some away while I try to sell others. A young man brings me 4 LPs and I price them at $54 all together. He tries to give me a credit card and asks for a discount. I tell him I can go down to $45 but I need cash as I don't do this all the time.

Outside there is loud noises of protests and police firing tear gas. The young man asks me what's going on and I tell him it's the anniversary of Stonewall. I ask him if he knows what it is and he nods. We go outside to see the commotion. There are people milling about in costumes and I see down the street police and demonstrators mixed together. We are in the Cole Valley neighborhood of San Francisco and I tell the young man that it's usually very mellow in this neighborhood. I point him to the nearby laundromat to get cash.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm at home looking over the portfolio of a male babysitter. I'm pretty impressed by the drawings and comic sketches and would like to work with him on a comic strip. When I approach the (female) artist and suggest working together on a comic strip, she is excited and suggests a western like Rawhide. "I was thinking more like something funny & political, somewhere between Calvin & Hobbes & Doonesbury." I suggest. She looks skeptical and asks how political it will be, "birth control and everything?" she asks. I tell her it won't be THAT political. She goes outside to smoke and I want to keep talking to her but she won't open the window so we can hear each other.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I'm in a warehouse building investigating the deaths/disappearances of several people. I suspect there's some supernatural thing happening inside as I pursue some suspects. A young woman enters a class room just as I'm frantically packing up to leave. She asks me about Amy Sohner and I tell her that I'm trying to find out how she disappeared. I point to a single rain boot that belonged to her and run out of the room.

I run out onto a fire escape and see a woman fleeing. As I leap down to the street, she fires at me and I return fire, hitting her twice in the chest. She goes down and I run to her, laying myself on top of her. She's not wounded and pulls a scarf/blanket from inside her coat & complains to me about it being damaged. I lay on top of her and look back toward the building. Several armed people are approaching and I realize they're my back-up.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm in an apartment building at the beginning of some sort of zombie-like outbreak. People are becoming obsessed with and following other people while chanting/mumbling their names. I head downstairs & run across a few women neighbors and try to warn them. We are are being followed by slow-moving neighbors & strangers. We lead them to the basement and then try to double back to the ground floor & shake them.

Out in the street I meet a guy and we start comparing theories. We run into a bakery and the woman there seems to have no idea what's been going on. She pregnant & friendly and has a display of replica weapons on her wall. We ask to take a few words and a container of rice on her counter. I tell her to come w/ us but she won't leave her store.

He head out & down the commercial street. i tell the guy (or think to myself) that I wish I knew some more people on this street.

We duck into a Mediterranean restaurant and head to the back. The owner brusquely tells us to go in the back & change (as if we worked for him). In the kitchen I see a young Asian boy kneeling & going through his bag, pulling out weapons. I ask him in Chinese if he's Shaolin warrior and he shakes his head. I then ask him if he';s a Buddhist student and he nods yes. We compare weapons (all dull-edge replicas/toys). I walk around the room looking for a good weapon. I joke about using the large paper cutter.

Soon, the room (not a warehouse) begins filling up w/ people. As I talk to people about their experiences w/ the outbreak, some of them suddenly begin changing. Vines (like sugar pea tips) come out of their mouths and I make some distance between me and the changing people. I run to the paper cutter & remove the large handled blade.

The recently changed are slow and somewhat compliant as if they're aware of their fate. I take a swing at one and behead them with a few awkward strokes. Soon others are offering themselves to the blade to avoid becoming one of the ghouls.

I keep putting people out of their misery and yell that I'm "taking care of people with little or no pain." Parents start lining up their kids and I have a moment of doubt and sadness soon replaced with rage. I start killing the kids as their future stats flash before me. Most are preteen boys who would've grown up to become military men (and Republicans) and I silently blame them for not protecting us (as a way to justify killing them).


I'm entering a large radio station. There are 3 or 4 metal musicians types waiting in a small lobby. They try to ask me something as I rush by. The music director, a crass Hollywood type, asks me to give the musicians back a couple of DVDs and tell them that we're not interested. He wants me to be particularly cruel and wants to see their reactions. He ends up coming with me and tells the musicians that we loved the CD but had problems with the DVD. We end up jerking their chain for some time before the musicians realize we're being ridiculed. They threaten to ruin our name on their website and I suggest to one of them that they hyperlink our web address to the word "sucks." "You can have that one for free." I say.

After they leave, I leave the lobby w/ the MD & Jessica Walter who is recounting her back book reviews. She is rambling about Italian book reviews and I find myself bemoaning her lack of comic timing.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm in a mall helping a superhero fight off escaping supervillains. Some of the action I'm narrating & some of it I'm seeing & feeling. Mall cops surround us and one of them throws us a set of keys. Marshall (from work) takes a set and locks one of the kiosks. As we leave the mall, we see pink smoke streaming out and I ask if it's a diversion/smokescreen or one of the villains in smoke form.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's pre-dawn & I'm a soldier driving a military vehicle (Humvee the size of a fire truck) when I realize there's a problem. I can't seem to go very fast & as I turn a corner I see that one of the tires is completely blown. "Great," I thought to myself, "Time for 'Mad Olympics (what we call changing a tire or making a repair in a combat zone).'"

I get out to walk escort while the vehicle looks for a safe place to park. It keeps driving along the city streets and I try to keep up at a trot. It goes down a hill and I start falling behind. I suspiciously eye every person we pass.

As I run downhill to catch up, I see a truckload of fresh recruits/cadets pull up by my vehicle. I feel a huge sense of relief as the recruits unload to help my vehicle. Maggie Grace is among them (dressed in jogging shorts & an Army t-shirt). She smiles when she sees me and says she got my "press release" (I must've contacted her). I introduce myself to one of her classmates and Maggie tells me I need to walk back to base while they repair the vehicle.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm in a school building (Reynold's?) w/ Rachel Schankula. She filled in for an WRFL show but asked if I could do the 4-6pm slot. The weather outside is ominous and there's a storm/tornado warning being issued. We run upstairs to the art studios & out onto a patio to look at the weather. It looks clear but strange cloud formations are changing rapidly in the sky. I tell Rachel that if I were to die I'd want it to be in the WRFL studio or Arturo's room. She sees the weaving room and says she'd like to be there. I decide to go with her.

I tell her if I'm to do the show I need to go downstairs to get my iPod. Instead, we head up one more flight of stairs & enter a small, posh conference room. I peek out the window and see police redirecting traffic.