Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm in a school building (Reynold's?) w/ Rachel Schankula. She filled in for an WRFL show but asked if I could do the 4-6pm slot. The weather outside is ominous and there's a storm/tornado warning being issued. We run upstairs to the art studios & out onto a patio to look at the weather. It looks clear but strange cloud formations are changing rapidly in the sky. I tell Rachel that if I were to die I'd want it to be in the WRFL studio or Arturo's room. She sees the weaving room and says she'd like to be there. I decide to go with her.

I tell her if I'm to do the show I need to go downstairs to get my iPod. Instead, we head up one more flight of stairs & enter a small, posh conference room. I peek out the window and see police redirecting traffic.


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