Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm at Tim Walker's game for the first time in a long time. I see Tim May and some others I know (along w/ a lot of new faces). There are 2 tables set up, one with 9 players, the other with 3 players. I sit down at the short-handed table & chat w/ the players. Tim Walker comes by and someone asks if he's playing. Tim says and no and leaves. A woman comes by and tells us to take our seats & begin. I realize we're not drawing seats and I take my chips off the table & put them back in the chip box and go to the open seat at the full table.

The cards are dealt & I get KK. I tell the dealer I bet $250 (we have $5000 in chips to start) though I don't have chips in front of me. As everyone folds to me, the woman running the game tells me My hand is no good and I can't play because I don't have chips in front of me. I tell her I can just go to the chip box & get them and she tells me I can't. I'm incredulous & we start arguing about it. I loudly tell her (and everyone else) that I've been playing here for years and have never had a problem w/ Tim. She stands her ground and refuses to let me play. Everyone else listens to the drama but stays out of it. As the game continues, I alternate stalking around & yelling at the woman. She says, "How do I know you won't take more chips than you're supposed to when you go the box?" I'm insulted & furious. "Then watch me do it!" I yell. I begin screaming at her and she stops speaking. "What if on my way to the bathroom and I go into Tim's bedroom and start stealing shit?! Jesus Christ! You're unbelievable!" I get in her face and start threatening to call the cops on her & sue for discrimination.

A bit overwhelmed, she goes into the bathroom. I follow her & pound on the door, asking loudly if she's stealing toilet paper in there. I storm over to the box & pull out my starting chips (there are barely enough left) and set them in front of my seat at table 1. The players are on break & I try to find enough chips. Someone points out they had written my chip stack on the chalk board - $6500. I think briefly about calling Tim to settle this. As I leave the table, I try to find Tim May or someone else I know to watch over my stack so the woman won't take it away or mess with it.

As I search for Tim May, the room now looks like part of a large Halloween store. The woman returns & I watch her to see what she's up to.


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