Sunday, May 09, 2010

I'm in a warehouse building investigating the deaths/disappearances of several people. I suspect there's some supernatural thing happening inside as I pursue some suspects. A young woman enters a class room just as I'm frantically packing up to leave. She asks me about Amy Sohner and I tell her that I'm trying to find out how she disappeared. I point to a single rain boot that belonged to her and run out of the room.

I run out onto a fire escape and see a woman fleeing. As I leap down to the street, she fires at me and I return fire, hitting her twice in the chest. She goes down and I run to her, laying myself on top of her. She's not wounded and pulls a scarf/blanket from inside her coat & complains to me about it being damaged. I lay on top of her and look back toward the building. Several armed people are approaching and I realize they're my back-up.


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