Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm in an apartment building at the beginning of some sort of zombie-like outbreak. People are becoming obsessed with and following other people while chanting/mumbling their names. I head downstairs & run across a few women neighbors and try to warn them. We are are being followed by slow-moving neighbors & strangers. We lead them to the basement and then try to double back to the ground floor & shake them.

Out in the street I meet a guy and we start comparing theories. We run into a bakery and the woman there seems to have no idea what's been going on. She pregnant & friendly and has a display of replica weapons on her wall. We ask to take a few words and a container of rice on her counter. I tell her to come w/ us but she won't leave her store.

He head out & down the commercial street. i tell the guy (or think to myself) that I wish I knew some more people on this street.

We duck into a Mediterranean restaurant and head to the back. The owner brusquely tells us to go in the back & change (as if we worked for him). In the kitchen I see a young Asian boy kneeling & going through his bag, pulling out weapons. I ask him in Chinese if he's Shaolin warrior and he shakes his head. I then ask him if he';s a Buddhist student and he nods yes. We compare weapons (all dull-edge replicas/toys). I walk around the room looking for a good weapon. I joke about using the large paper cutter.

Soon, the room (not a warehouse) begins filling up w/ people. As I talk to people about their experiences w/ the outbreak, some of them suddenly begin changing. Vines (like sugar pea tips) come out of their mouths and I make some distance between me and the changing people. I run to the paper cutter & remove the large handled blade.

The recently changed are slow and somewhat compliant as if they're aware of their fate. I take a swing at one and behead them with a few awkward strokes. Soon others are offering themselves to the blade to avoid becoming one of the ghouls.

I keep putting people out of their misery and yell that I'm "taking care of people with little or no pain." Parents start lining up their kids and I have a moment of doubt and sadness soon replaced with rage. I start killing the kids as their future stats flash before me. Most are preteen boys who would've grown up to become military men (and Republicans) and I silently blame them for not protecting us (as a way to justify killing them).


I'm entering a large radio station. There are 3 or 4 metal musicians types waiting in a small lobby. They try to ask me something as I rush by. The music director, a crass Hollywood type, asks me to give the musicians back a couple of DVDs and tell them that we're not interested. He wants me to be particularly cruel and wants to see their reactions. He ends up coming with me and tells the musicians that we loved the CD but had problems with the DVD. We end up jerking their chain for some time before the musicians realize we're being ridiculed. They threaten to ruin our name on their website and I suggest to one of them that they hyperlink our web address to the word "sucks." "You can have that one for free." I say.

After they leave, I leave the lobby w/ the MD & Jessica Walter who is recounting her back book reviews. She is rambling about Italian book reviews and I find myself bemoaning her lack of comic timing.