Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I meet up w/ an African immigrant about getting him some citizenship paperwork. Since I've never done it before, I ask him how much he wants to spend. He tells me he has $80,000 to last him his first year here. I offer to do it for $2000 (knowing the going rate is $3000) since it's my first time. We talk about it about his work (he works at a bar).

After a montage of paperwork & dates going by, I finally get his paperwork after almost a year.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm @ a poker game but instead of sitting at a table, all the players are standing in a line on the sidewalk. I'm about the 5th person in line. We're in hand (the table, cards & chips are projected nearby and) and I'm in middle position with JT offsuit. I limp in along w/ several others & it gets raised & called by everyone. The flop comes out TT8 rainbow and I decide there's so much money in the pot that I have to go all in. As I wait for it to come to me, I look back at the board and somehow all five cards are out & they are different cards (JTJJ2 with 4 improbable hearts). The dealer (we're dealing ourselves) then proceeds to rake up the cards. I start protesting loudly & ask what the hell just happened. Someone tells me the original flop was somehow messed up and a new board was put out. I begin asking loudly how the original flop was messed up, why the entire board had to be replaced and why no one was allowed to act the entire time. I also ask if the original flop was put at the bottom of the deck or shuffled back into the deck (not remembering the suit of the Tens on the first flop).

No one is willing or able to answer my questions I get really upset. I turn to the dealer (who is not standnd behind me & looking both sheepish & coy and ask, "Please, please, please, for the love of god tell me what the hell happened here!"
I'm watching a friend walk into a gang area and unintentionally mouth off to the gang members. They rape him & tattoo him to mark him as their slave. I watch as a young woman is also marked by a gang member, his red marker tattooing her quickly & neatly on her back. She showers & turns around, looking very neat & beautiful.

We (my gang & I) talk to her about what she'll do next. She's a prostitute and tells us she'll probably find somewhere nice to walk the streets. We suggest she go to Lonny's where she'll at least be treated well. She laughs and walks off cheerily. We shout to her, asking, "You're going back to Mc___'s, right?(referring to the gang that subjugated her). She turns & smiles sadly. I start to cry for her and for the member of our gang who's also been turned out.

Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm at Tim Walker's game for the first time in a long time. I see Tim May and some others I know (along w/ a lot of new faces). There are 2 tables set up, one with 9 players, the other with 3 players. I sit down at the short-handed table & chat w/ the players. Tim Walker comes by and someone asks if he's playing. Tim says and no and leaves. A woman comes by and tells us to take our seats & begin. I realize we're not drawing seats and I take my chips off the table & put them back in the chip box and go to the open seat at the full table.

The cards are dealt & I get KK. I tell the dealer I bet $250 (we have $5000 in chips to start) though I don't have chips in front of me. As everyone folds to me, the woman running the game tells me My hand is no good and I can't play because I don't have chips in front of me. I tell her I can just go to the chip box & get them and she tells me I can't. I'm incredulous & we start arguing about it. I loudly tell her (and everyone else) that I've been playing here for years and have never had a problem w/ Tim. She stands her ground and refuses to let me play. Everyone else listens to the drama but stays out of it. As the game continues, I alternate stalking around & yelling at the woman. She says, "How do I know you won't take more chips than you're supposed to when you go the box?" I'm insulted & furious. "Then watch me do it!" I yell. I begin screaming at her and she stops speaking. "What if on my way to the bathroom and I go into Tim's bedroom and start stealing shit?! Jesus Christ! You're unbelievable!" I get in her face and start threatening to call the cops on her & sue for discrimination.

A bit overwhelmed, she goes into the bathroom. I follow her & pound on the door, asking loudly if she's stealing toilet paper in there. I storm over to the box & pull out my starting chips (there are barely enough left) and set them in front of my seat at table 1. The players are on break & I try to find enough chips. Someone points out they had written my chip stack on the chalk board - $6500. I think briefly about calling Tim to settle this. As I leave the table, I try to find Tim May or someone else I know to watch over my stack so the woman won't take it away or mess with it.

As I search for Tim May, the room now looks like part of a large Halloween store. The woman returns & I watch her to see what she's up to.