Friday, August 23, 2002

Friday, August 23, 2002

I dreamt I was reading a book. The words ran together and I had a notion that some of it was in French. A voice narrating the book talked about a young Anthony Hopkins (early 20s?) marrying a 12-year-old French princess. It said that they we shy at first but eventually had sex. The sex on the first night was said to include "organ-sucking" and something else. As I read on, the book became a comic book, with an illustration of the sex act.

Woke up humming Cranberries' "Will You Remember"

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Sunday, August 18, 2002

I'm in a Chinatown-like area looking for a specific restaurant to get some dim sum. I end up at a different place. I walk up to the counter and read the menu. I take a little while deciding but eventually order Shanghai dumplings and a noodle dish with shrimp. I'm intrigued by many of the unique dishes on the menu. I also order an individual "steamed shrimp." I head to the bathroom, where there is a line, but find there's no water in the sink. I walk back to the counter, pick up some of my food and walk out to a picnic bench outside (where some friends are) and sit down. I tell them about the unique food and the fact that the bathroom has no water.
Saturday, August 17, 2002

I'm in a dark hotel room on the computer. I'm setting up a game of multiplayer Starcraft against Tom & Lynnette. I turn away from the game briefly and come back to find that I'm already under attack. I panic and try to put out my fires while typing to T & L to stop attacking me. I tell them I'm not ready yet. My mom is watching me play. They stop attacking and I start rebuilding (though I'd rather just start over). Lynnette (who looks like Allison Janney) comes in and sits on the bed. I'm on the bed with the laptop trying to create lots of Cobra Commanders and Vipers.

woke up humming Guns N' Roses' "Rocket Queen"

Thursday, August 15, 2002

I'm Denzel Washington. I'm looking at my left hand, it's encased in a bowl under some opaque, colored, jello-like plastic. I can wiggle my fingers, and with effort, pull free slightly. I'm afraid to pull my hand out completely.


AJ and I are walking in a parking lot in a Japanese part of town. An Asian guy comes up and starts talking to us. At first I think he's speaking Japanese, then I realize it's Mandarin. He says "You've got to stay healthy, right? Keep your breathing normal?" I nod but keep walking, trying to ignore him. We walk up to a book stand run by another Chinese guy. We're looking at a thick cookbook. It's in CHinese and English and printed on brown tissue-like paper. I'm hesitant to get it, distrustful of the translation. AJ wants it, saying "I thought we'd discussed this..." As I flip through the book, I come upon a box of candy Mah Jong tiles. AJ says "Now we have to get it." I agree but tell AJ to find one without a sticky cover. He shows me one with two hard, metal covers. I say "As long as it's not expensive, it's fine." I also ask him to buy it. He takes it up to the seller to buy.

Monday, August 12, 2002

Chris Rock and I are on the run from the cops. They're shooting the car we're in & we (and maybe one other guy) get hit. Chris melodramatically yells about being shot. We eventually make it to an apartment building, only slightly injured. We decide to go back out for revenge. I'm not sure if we have weapons but a few of us run around the house, trying to piece togather disguises/costumes. We run around this apartment, trying to find closets. There are lots of people living in this place. AJ is also there.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

I was talking to my mom about opening a Subway on S. Limestone in Lexington. I was trying to tell her how this stretch of street was where students walked to get to classes. I pointed out other successful restaurants on the strip. Then I suddenly realized there was already a Subway nearby.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002


I'm in a large house that we (my parents & I) just moved into. I'm in my dad's room which only has a mattress, TV and a few boxes. I'm looking for his porn videos. I go to close all the curtains.


I'm with a woman (my girlfriend or wife) who just ordered a large steak at a restaurant. They bring out a thick cut of raw beef with a hole in it. She wants to use it to masturbate with (she has a penis). We're debating the best way to do it (with olive oil?). She also wants to stick a carrot up her ass. We discuss these things very casually.


I'm on a subway platform waiting for the train. It finally gets here and I get on. We're travelling above ground on city streets (like a San Francisco streetcar). The driver swerves to miss a group of Muslim girls standing on the tracks and almost hits another group of young people.

AJ & I are standing in the hallway of an older building (the FCC). He's dressed in tux pants and no shirt and listening to a variety of suveillance devices. He's trying to catch a woman who has a crush on me. It's late and he can't hear much. He tells me to go to the edge of Golden Gate Park and he would try to get some sound from the equipment he had set up there. I head out, barefoot, through the large building. After going through a busy airport-like concourse, I run into Susannah & Oliver, also going outside. We approach each other suspiciously. Susannah says they're just going out for a little bit. Susannah & I walk out together. As we cross a huge intersection, it begins to snow - most of it melting as it lands (it's still hot & muggy out). As Susannah & I enter the park, the snow turns into a heavy rain. We run for a moment, Susannah is on her cell phone talking to someone. We run back toward the building.

Monday, August 05, 2002


We're on a farm or ranch with Tom, Lynnette & Chris. I went to get food from the kitchen and ended up in a Chinese restaurant kitchen. They made me some braised fish with Chinese broccoli. A couple of the chefs (on a raised platform area) were making stuffed grilled fish. I started to wonder what was taking my dish so long.


Back at the house, we were getting ready to set off for the beach/pier. Tom walked through the house (with some difficulty navigating through it) and went into the garage. There was a smaller run-down car and a minivan. Tom opened the van doors and 3 kids (who'd been sleeping in it) woke up and ran into the house. As the rest of us started to leave the house, Tom's parents tried to give us more leftovers (shrimp) to take home. When we get outside into a wide open field, Tom's chopping firewood with an enormous chainsaw. He has trouble turning it off and has to ride it like a mechanical bull. I'm afraid that he'll fall off and get cut to pieces. He finally manages to turn it off.


We're on a highway with lots of traffic and see pedestrians walking between the lanes in the opposite direction. I say "I hope these stupid asses get themselves killed, it'll just mean more food for us." We also see a few cars driving backwards. We're heading for a coastline (like in Maine). There are tons of people around.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

I walk into a mall (back home - wherever that is) and see a few of my old Amoeba co-workers at a table by the door. i asy hi to them and keep walking, heading towards a movie theater. I walk into an area & I'm given a choice of toy weapons. I shoose a plastic hockey stick over a slimsy plastic samuria sword. Another guy (ex-co-worker?) and I are supposed to defeat a bunch of opponents in order to go where we need to go. Another old co-worker walks up, also holding a toy weapon. I spar with him. A few seconds later, I jab him in the back witht he hockey stick and ask "Should we go on (fighting) even though I finished him?" A bystander declares me the winner, to my opponent's dissappointment. I go to the door and open it. A voice announces the next opponent is Seinfeld's Kramer. He appears, very tall and wearing a colorful mesh shirt. I grab a towel in my left hand and try to spar with him. I start wishing I didn't have to fight him, knowing I would most likely lose.

Susannah and I had three baby bunnies, all black & white. They were playing and all fell into a full laundry basket, landing on their backs. I tried to point out to Susannah how cute they were, but she wasn't paying any attention.