Friday, June 24, 2005

I'm talkinh to a coupleof college guys outside a house theyre renting. one says tot he other, why don;t we just tell the guy we can;t afford to pay the rent?" yeah, says te other, "we eveen have tits in there that aren;t ours (referring to some girls they'd brougth with them).

Once nside the house, the guys have gone to bed or something. I try to slip out the back porch. I walk by another deck where two coules are lazing about. As I pass by quuetly, one of tyhe girls wakes up and comes towards me. She's asking me to perform a boy-band song. I keep walking towards a tall fence to get away. Therough the cracks of the gence I can see more your coeds. I begin t see a song and the girls following me takes over.


We're in the Bay Area (or somewhere) for Wei Ming's wedding. It's morning a few days before the ceremony. I go outside to call Adam or Wei Ming to see if they can skip out on work & hang out with us. It's raning very hard & I run from the house to a covered deck. I run back inside and sit down at a breakfast table with Susannah and some other guests.


I'm standing on a commercial street at night with a gunch of big Brazilian wrestler-type guys. a couple of them are hacing an argument and one picks up a guitar & smashes it. Along with a few others, I'm yelling for them to stop fighting. One of them takes a big disco ball over to a music shop's glass store front and throw the ball to smash the glass. The first attempt fails as the ball bounces off the glass. We continue watching but walk away from the scene, all the while complaining about how stupid this all is. Another guy takes t he ball and smashes the window. We continue walking away and watching from a higher vantage point.

Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm in Vegas or Reno trying to get to the Borgata (or another casino) on foot. it's 20 or 30 minutes before a big tournament begins and I'm on a bus (except it's a moving train platform). I consider taking a cab so I won't be late. As the platform moves, I start walking quickly forward. I call John and tell him I'm in the middle of a big hand with a monster pot building. He asks me what I'm waiting for and I tell him that some people at the table aren't here and I'm tempted to call time on them.

I'm now running up some stairs inside the casino. I get to a landing and notice lots of small tacks & nails in the plush carpet. I'm barefoot and try to walk through them very gingerly.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I'm a character in a Star Wars movie trying to escape from some enemies. As the main hero is planning his escape, I try to take out some Emperial bad guys. I'm injured sitting on the ground and take a shot at a bounty hunter. He shoots at the same time and we're both hit, though I'm hit critically.

I run back inside and tell the hero, A young Filipino Jedi, that I'm dead. We say our farewells and the Jedi tells another ally (we're the only 3 left) that he'll contact him in some form in the future. We all shake hands and I (as the Jedi) make a break for it. As I run outside, I see RW overseeing several tables piled with boxes of comics. I use my lightsaber to destroy some of the comics as a distraction & leap towards my vehicle. I also yell sorry to RW.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I'm walking around a flooded park where lots of people are hanging out. There's a bandshell at the center of the park and a lawn divided into two halves. People are sitting on the benches and walking around the wet ground. I'm sitting and talking with an acquaintance. We both know the administrator of the park. As we talk, she tells me that she occasionally takes the small gazebos home. I abruptly say "Chiao" and walk off. I wonder if she's insulted I didn't say "Chiao Bella."

I head over to the indoor part of the park and pay my $10 admission to get inside. There's an exhibit of an outsider artist/manga artist similar to Jason Shiga. I'd seen his work at another museum but more of his work was on display here. After walking through the show, I wander back out.

Getting a little bored, I head back inside. I walk through a couple of small shooting ranges where people are target shooting and throwing footballs. I get excited at the prospect of shooting guns for free.

I'm suddenly in a classroom where some other park-goers are lounging. I tell them that I'm off to shoot guns and some of them groan and grimace at the prospect. I tell them that nobody knows why a liberal like me is into guns. I tell them that since I started shooting, I've actually consider gun ownership. Some of the people are aghast. I quickly try to let them know that if the government seized all guns & made it illegal to own them, it'd be okay with me.

A couple of mentally handicapped kids run in to play and I recognize them.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I've let into my house a group of people I don't really like. After overstaying their welcome and messing up the house, I'm trying to kick them out. I look in the fridge and find all the baby bottles filled and filed together. I start yelling at them, trying to find out who did it. They all deny it and begin getting agitated. I find my cell phone & call Susannah. She's having lunch and tells me she started organizing the bottles ealier before she left. The call is cut off and I go and apologize to the people. I tell them I'm sorry about the accusations about the bottles and goodbye. They take their time leaving, insulting me all the while. My patience runs thin and I start yelling and throwing things at them as they leave.

I stand in the doorway as they get in their car, an '80s model police cruiser. There are a few cops sitting in it and they tell the people that parking is for residents only. I tell for the cops to tow them but they don't and the people drive off.

Back inside, one of the people is still there. I ask him if he felt I helped him or not. A video screen shows a graphic of his personal improvement and that it only went up slightly in my care. The video narration also says he married a Blood, not a singing member of G-Unit.