Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm exited to have been cast in a movie with Jennifer Connelly and Mark Ruffalo. It's directed by Terry George and written by Mira Nair. They show up at my hotel/apartment for the initial read-through/rehearsal/blocking. I'm handed the script which is only a 4-page photocopied mess. I have trouble finding my lines (I'm the 5th or 6th lead named Miguel).

Later, I'm telling this story to Jennifer Connelly. We're in the audience of a local newscast as it's wrapping up. I'm sitting next to Josh Weill and his girlfriend shows up to give me a mix tape Josh made me. "It's in the other drawer." Josh tells her and she leaves to look for it. The broadcast ends with members of the audience holding up placards with their names on them.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm cleaning the fireplace and mantle as Susannah is complaining to me about something. I get fed up with her and start yelling back, "I don't know what it is you want from me!" while my mom stands by and listens. I'm putting lots of leaves and pieces of coal/charcoal into garbage bags. I notice my fingers are black but my palms are clean.

Later, I'm at a party doing a kung-fu demonstration. I'm using large pirces of wood as the various weapons (staff, double broad sword, sais). A guy at the party throws a star at me and walks away. I try throwing it back and he apologizes half-heartedly.

I open the freezer and find a frozen head. It's red and dry (it's someone we killed and dismembered). I consider throwing it out.

I see AJ and tell him I really enjoyed doing the double-swords.

Later, I'm in bed when I hear a knock on the door. I try to ignore it but suspect it might be the police. I peek out the window and see a car and a wrecked car in the driveway. I consider putting on my pants and answering the door when I hear someone in the house. I get up and see through the opaque door a man carrying an open suitcase quietly through the house. The case is full of glow-in-the-dark forsenic equipment and I start to panic.


I go into a room where some toddlers are playing. There's a bedframe filled with M&Ms and the kids playing and napping in the bed. I eat a few M&Ms out of my hands. I check the time and comment to the other parents, "Wow, with the time change, it's staill light out at 9." We all notice some hot air balloons rising and falling quickly outside.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm wanted for murder and I'm trying to elude the police. I push trash bags into a basement window and throw my gun down as well. I sneak into the house but the cops call me out. On the porch, they ask me about the blood on my hoodie and I reply, "So?" I head back down to the basement and can't find the gun.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Dubya speaking in front of a small group when I break down in tears and begin blubbering about lying to the American people. I sob and recount all the lies I've told. I lower my head and recite the names of the soldiers killed in Iraq, "Sgt Johnson, David; killed by a grenade in Fallujah..." I tell everyone that I can suggest a successor but congress doesn't have to vote for him/her. I officially announce my resignation and walk out of the room.

headlines start spinning not about the resignation but about Subya's relationship with Gorbachev. The newspaper/TV blares: "If you think married life is hard, wait til you see life with kids." and shows a teenager running around with girls and being followed by the press.


I'm in a Chinatown supermarket looking for groceries. I notice lots of customers taking meat into a huge open smoker. A sign instructs customers to hang raw marinated ribs up to smoke for 10-12 minutes. A man stands inside the smoker tending to it. I also see some deer hides tanning/drying on tables.

I wander out into a food court/picnic area and see white tourists waiting for food. It's raining outside and I try to stay dry.

Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm in a literature class being taught by Troland/Ligert (looks like Sam Waterston or Frank Langella) when Lili Taylor peeks in the window. She pulls herself in and admits to being the professor's daughter. She sits across from me and we exchange a few looks. The professor gives me a hard time about not having any notebook paper and asks me about a book I haven't read. He asks me condescendingly what kind of hormones are coursing through my veins and I tell him none. He thinks I'm 21 and I thank him for thinking so and the class laughs. He asks his daughter to assess me and she tries to (though we have a romantic history).

Later, I go to an Indian guy's house to ask him some questions. He doesn't let me in but leads me to his extension in the back. We walk through a den that's in the midst of renovation. He shows me his room full of telescopes leads me into the very back room that has floor-to-ceiling windows. The view is spectacular and calming and I comment, "You must come out here alot." The view changes to that of a lot of people swimming and playing on a cruise ship. He tells me his place is on the back of a cruise ship and another docks onto his.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I'm with a teenage Sofia (who looks like Malena) and I'm asking her where she wants to eat. I start dancing with her and ask her what her favorite restaurant is.


I'm exiting a museum with a handicapped man (who reminds me of Mos Def) when security stops and tries to search us. As they scrutinize my camera, I tell them I also have a gun that I left inside and ask permission to retrieve it.

Monday, March 03, 2008

I arrive @ Panda Garden for their New Year's Buffet. The place looks different and has lots of interior rooms. I run into my dad and Sofia. I walk into another room and see a place-holder on a table that reads Klein-Noar so I bring Sofia into this room. A Chinese man is smoking a tiny cigarette at the table and I get irritated. I go out to find a waiter to complain. I run into a white waiter and ask him in Chinese to remind the smoker that there's no smoking in any restaurants. He seems to understand and follows me back. The food piled on our table isn't getting eaten and people being to clear out of the restaurant. I finally find a seat and try to go find Susannah or Ilona. Ilona tells me that Susannah has decided to hang out with a new group of friends instead of her old friends and I get annoyed.