Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's early in the morning & Susannah has to leave for work. I look out the window & see that two guys have parked their SUVs in our driveway. They're snooping around Hal & Nancy's place, lookingin the windows & making notes of things. One of the cars is dark green and the other is maroon with "Brinks" on the side. One guy moves the green car but the other guy continues to look through windows. I'm nervous about confronting them but finally open the window and say, "Hey, you're in my driveway & we need to get out." The guy looks at me defiantely & says, "So?" "So, you need to move or I'll call the cops." I reply. He considers this for a moment but still doesn't act to move the car. I head out the side of the house to take down his license plate number.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm in a hotel with an ex-girlfriend and AJ. The ex and I are having sex in her room. She's thin and I fondle her small, firm breasts. Afterwards, in the middle of the night, I sneak into her room to have sex again. We're trying to do it secretly and not wake up AJ or have anyone else find out. We're trying to figure out where to do it. I suggest we have anal sex in one of the bathrooms. I scout around the hotel suite and make sure it's not too close to AJ's room. Suddenly a short, middle-aged man bursts in and says something & leaves. I'm startled and follow him out, asking, "What did you say?" Out in the hallway I see him and several cleaners going into hotel rooms to clean. I lock the door behind me. AJ is also awakend by the commotion. I search the suite for privacy in vain. I suggest to the ex that she wait for me and that we can have sex at my house after I take my wife to work.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm on a boat or in a house talking to my grown teenage daughter. She's tall and slender, smart and reserved. I feel nervous talking to her since I've been astranged from her for some time. I make awkward small-talk for a bit until I get the nerve to be real with her. I tell her that I want to have real conversations with her. Some of the awkwardness between us stems from me being married to her ex (or some other young woman who has a history with our family). She's married or betrothed to some guy I don't really like.

Later, I'm in my car going to see my daughter. I park the car awkwardly a few blocks from her house and walk.

Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm in bed with a girl named Alicia and we're both fully dressed. I begin to reach under her clothes & fondle her but she tells me to "stop exploring." I get cranky with her and turn away.

Later, I'm at an aquarium or zoo watching some octopusses through a glass. Several small ones have slipped out of a large pool and are sliding around slowly on the ground. I alert a zookeeper and he comes out, not looking too worried about them. I joke that it's a shame to let perfectly good octopus tentacles go to waste. The zookeeper nods and begins to cut tentacles off and bag them up for me. He then decides that they're too old or not fit for eating. Meanwhile, he's flaying a medium sized fish in his hands. The flesh is a deep red & reminds me of tuna. I ask him if it's albacore tuna (since I know it's too small to be ahi tuna). He doesn't say but hands me a piece. It tastes salty, savory & delicious like smoked salmon or smoked tuna.

In the distance, I hear a woman yell my name. I run outside and meet her. She tells me we have to go and starts running into a building & up the stairs. She keeps heckling me to keep up and I catch up to her, nearly overtaking her. I start yelling for Doris (an older lady) and her daughter to keep up. As the woman (who reminds me of Arlene) continue up the stairs, she slows down near the top and can't seem to go on. I get up close to her and tell her that I want to get together with her later. She looks surprised and excited like a kid promised candy. I hold her close and tell her I want her, maybe after dinner in my room, no, her room. We're boarding a boat and I don't want me other companions (Greg & Wade included) to know about our affair.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm playing poker when someone places Sofia on the table. She's extremely sweaty & I bring her to me.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm in a Deadwood-like town trying to divide up use of a large building with the three other owners, all young men.

The space is now a butcher shop/provisions store where I'm stocking up on meat & food. As I box up my wares, a woman greets me and says, "You know, I was just beginning to feel better when..." "I know," I interrupt her, "Until they did that horrible thing. I'm referring to someone making a plastic action figure of Mr. Ellsworth, her husband, with a noose around his neck. (He'd been killed recently and the effigy stood to remind her of it). I tell her that I will confront of the maker of the effigy & berate him.

I ask around the shop for a handtruck to help me get my things back. Someone I'm taking to drops a large frozen turkey and I joke that it's "free turkey with purchase day."

Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm in a penthouse apartment having sex with Susannah on the couch. I get the feeling I'm being watched and I stop. I find a photo album that someone had sent me and I flip through it. There are many pictures of me taken by someone else, many of them are of me having sex. There are several of me, Darth Vader & Bossk in a mirrored elevator. I realize most of the photos are taken through the window from the building across the street. I look towards the apartment building across the street and catch an Asian guy with a camera. I pound on the glass to get his attention and gesture that I want him to meet me in my building. He and his cohorts grab their gear and run out the door.

I run out of my room with a friend & we head to the elevator. I dial 911 while the friend calls someone who might be able to help us. I hear an answering machine message & I say, "It's Dan, I need your help. Call me back." I look on my phone & see I dialed 611 instead of 911.

We take the elevator to the ground level & run out into the street looking for a cab. I see my agent Ari GOld laughing in a cab with some other friends/clients. I consider whether or not to tell him about everything.


I'm in the video store with Sofia. It's larger than the actual store and there are 2 guys working, one I know and one I don't. I'm briefly annoyed and then remember that I let them do their own hiring. I go behind the counter to run a report but decide I don't really need to. I notice a shelf with country music DVDs for sale. I assume it's Nick's idea to put them there. The babies start to fuss (I have Sofia in her stroller and a boy toddler in one seat of a double stroller). Colin Farrell (an employee) pushes the boy out and push Sofia out. I'm now Ridley Scott and I ask Colin what projects he has lined up ( having worked with him before).